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Industry Day Presentation: The 2020 Industry Forum for IT Programs & Support Services Division of the United States Transportation Command took place on December 2, 2020. The agenda included key sessions such as an update from TCAQ-D, USTRANSCOM Small Business Program Overview, Contract Cybersecurity Updates, USTRANSCOM and the Cloud Discussion, Transportation Management System (TMS) Update, and insights into upcoming acquisitions. Notable speakers included Ms. Tamara Thouvenot, Ms. Jill Muskopf, Ms. Suzanne Mudd-Yarber, Ms. Keri Lindsco, Mr. DJ Cook, Mr. Scott Borchers, Mr. Andy Dawson, Ms. Rebecca Connor, Mr. Matthew Hellmann, Ms. Kimberly Mattingly, Mr. David Swaney, and Ms. Andrea Mouser.

The Industry Day provided a platform for industry professionals to engage with key stakeholders from the United States Transportation Command and gain insights into current and upcoming IT programs and support services initiatives within the organization. Attendees had the opportunity to hear directly from division chiefs and program leads regarding cybersecurity updates, cloud integration strategies, transportation management system advancements, and future acquisition plans within the command.

The event concluded with administrative remarks and closing comments from Ms. Andrea Mouser.

Key takeaways included updates on small business initiatives, cybersecurity protocols, cloud technology utilization, transportation management system enhancements, and upcoming acquisition prospects within the command's procurement framework.

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