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Agenda - Dashields Industry Day 2022-11-15.pdf

Posted: Nov. 16, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 0.15MB


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agenda for the Dashields Lock and Dam Upper Guide Wall Slope Stabilization Industry Day, organized by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The key USACE attendees and contacts listed include Connie Ferguson (Contract Specialist), Mayss Saadoon (Project Manager), Alex Kassick and Prem Itani (Geotechnical Engineers), and Dave Conrad (Resident Engineer).

The agenda outlines the schedule for the industry day, starting with a meeting outside the gate at 8:00 am for a PPE check and safety brief, followed by opening remarks from Connie and Mayss providing a scope overview, schedule, and general contracting guidelines. The day includes a site walkthrough, general Q&A session, and opportunities for one-on-one meetings in person or via Webex.

This document provides crucial details about the structure and timeline of the industry day event, including specific time slots for various activities such as presentations, site walkthroughs, Q&A sessions, and individual meetings. It also highlights the key personnel from USACE who will be present at the event, indicating their roles in the project. Additionally, it mentions the availability of additional appointments via Webex on November 16, 2022, ensuring that interested parties have multiple opportunities to engage with the project team.

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