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Contract Opportunity
June 3, 2022



11 May 2022



SUBJECT: Enterprise Essential Engineering Capabilities Program (E3CP) Industry Day Announcement

1. The Warner Robins Air Force Sustainment Center (WR-AFSC) is hosting an Industry Day on 22-24 June 2022, to solicit feedback from industry regarding an initiative by the Enterprise Acquisition Branch (AFSC/PZIE-R) to acquire enterprise-wide essential engineering services. E3CP is anticipated to be an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Contract (MAC) to various Educational Institutions and/or Nonprofit Research Centers, in support of Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) essential engineering needs. Interested parties must have experience in at least one of the multiple technology areas identified, to be included in the awardee pool for this contract. E3CP will be comprised of research & development (R&D) requirements, to include redesigning/re-engineering obsolete components and systems, prototype development, system support operations, and sustainment and R&D studies. The technology areas on E3CP include, but are not limited to, Fixed Wing Aircraft Systems Technology, Rotary Wing Aircraft Systems Technology, Support Equipment Systems Technology, Facility Operational Systems, Information/Communication Systems Technology, Materials/Manufacturing Technology, Armament/Munitions System Technology, Digital Engineering Transformation Technology, Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence (C3I) & Network Systems Technology, Depot Maintenance System Technology, Propulsion System Technology, Automation/Robotics Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Technology, Modeling & Simulation Technology, Sensors System Technology, Directed Energy System Technology, Space Systems Technology, Missile System Technology, Test & Evaluation System Technology, Training Systems, Software Systems, Data Science Systems Technology, Cyber Security/Software Systems, and Other DoD Systems Technology.

2. Your company has been identified, through our market research activities, as a potential business interest in this unique marketplace. We welcome collaboration with industry, to critically review our requirements and discuss mutual issues and concerns, relative to our technical requirements and acquisition strategy approach. On the morning of the first day, we will brief the requirement and the construct of the E3CP contract. We will also hold an open session for general discussion. The next morning we will commence pre-scheduled, virtual one-on-one sessions, to discuss specific questions, issues, and concerns relative to each interested company. These closed door sessions will last 30 minutes. Each vendor will be allowed 15 minutes of presentation time, or they may spend their time posing questions to the government. The remaining 15 minutes will be allocated for government personnel to direct questions to the vendor. Sessions will be scheduled on a first come-first-served basis. If there is more interest and requests for one-on-one sessions then what can be held on the 23rd, a second day of one-on-one sessions will be held starting the morning of the 24th. Please reach out to the individuals, identified below, for one-on-one scheduling.

3. If your organization is interested in participating in the subject Industry Day, please contact the Program Manager, Mr. Tim Kijawski, and Engineer, Mr. Russell Dukes, at for more information and/or to schedule a one-on-session. Please be advised that due to the expected level of interest in this program, company participation is limited to two representatives each.