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Posted: March 8, 2023 • Type: .pdf • Size: 1.12MB


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industry day presentation for the Air Force Auto Parts (AFAP) Industry Day scheduled for March 8, 2023. The presentation includes key personnel involved in the AFAP multifunctional team, such as Ms. Lisa Gross, Daniel Byard, Jason Davis, Joe Anderson, and others. The rules of engagement for the event are outlined, including instructions for asking questions during the Q&A session and scheduling one-on-one appointments. The document emphasizes that the industry day is for information and planning purposes only and does not constitute a request for proposal (RFP) at this time.

The presentation provides an overview of the current issues with auto parts procurement within the Department of Air Force (DAF), highlighting inefficiencies and lack of standardization in purchasing processes. It details the scope of the DAF fleet, including the number and types of vehicles maintained, budget allocations, and challenges faced in procurement.

The document also outlines the scope of the Auto Parts Industry Day, focusing on maintaining the general-purpose vehicle fleet with specific examples of parts needed annually. Market research findings, a decision map for auto parts procurement, and milestones for future procurement processes are discussed, along with contact information for points of contact involved in the event.

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