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Contract Opportunity
Nov. 21, 2019
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Assessment, Exercise, and Modeling & Simulation Support (AEMSS)

Industry Day
14 November 2019
Business Approach

Karen Ralston
Contract Specialist
Acquisition Options
Establish BPA Pool against GSA Schedules
Task Orders against GSA OASIS
Comprehensive DTRA ID/IQ
Large Pool and Small Pool
Large Pool, Small Pool, 8(a) Pool

541690-Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
541990-All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Size Standard is annual receipts of $16.5M

Request for Proposal - Unclassified
Contract - Unclassified
Contract Performance Top Secret with possible SCI caveatContract Structure
Contract Types
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)*Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)
Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF)
Time and Materials (T&M)*

*If BPA FFP and T&M only
Contract Structure Cont.
Period of Performance
Base Period 5-Years
One Option Period 5-years
Total of 11-years

Procurement Integrity
Organizational Conflict of Interest
252.209-9000 - Contractors in performance of other DTRA contracts with access to information shall not compete for work based on such information for six (6) months after completion of the contract.
During Market Research Phase
Open dialogue allowed with Contracting present
After Draft RFP release
No more exchanges between Vendors and Program Office
All Communications must go through Contracting Office
Acquisition Timeline
Dates are notional and subject to changeFAR Part 5 Publicizing Contract Actions
Contracting Opportunities - https://beta/sam/gov
New governmentwide point of entry
Deployed 12 November 2019
Contractor Quick Start guide y/QSG%200pportunities%20Part%204%20of>/o204%20-%20Contractors.pdf
Issues? Contact the Federal Service Desk at

Points of Contact
Primary: Ms. Karen Ralston
Alternate: Ms. Tammy Feige All communication must be directed to the DTRA Contracting Office POCs listed above.
Nuclear Enterprise (NE) Directorate

Gerald Baird
Senior Program Manager

Expand our collaboration with the USG and Allies to exercise and test world wide in the most challenging scenarios to ensure a safe and secure nuclear deterrent
Provide cutting edge education and training to the warfighter through tailored and increased offerings to enhance USG capabilities
Build expertise and capacity to support the largest modernization in 30 years while sustaining current weapons systems & stockpile
NE Primary Missions
Preform rigorous Nuclear Surety Inspection oversight and increase the fidelity of assessments to provide a more holistic risk analysis against emerging threatsConducts mission assurance assessments of critical missions/assets to reduce risk to DoDs mission essential functions
Tracks the nations nuclear weapons and related systems to ensure total accountability
NEs Support to the Nuclear Deterrent
Validates and verifies that Services inspection programs comply with Joint Staff and DoD requirements
Provides nuclear and CWMD education/training to >30K students annually to enhance CBRN expertiseExercises and tests USGs response capability and preparedness to threats against the nuclear deterrent
Provides unique capability required to locate and analyze/confirm CBRN threats
NE Contingency Operations (CO) Department

Matt Kershner
SOFTSB Branch Chief
NE-CO Mission Set
The Contingency Operations Department trains, advises, equips, assists, and employs combating WMD support to the Combatant Commanders and, upon SecDef approval, to other U.S. Government agencies, in order to provide national authorities a unique capability that can assist in the search for, identification, and recovery of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in all operational and physical environments.
Special Operations Forces Training
Support Branch (SOFTSB)
The Contingency Operations Departments (CO) Special Operations Forces Training Support Branch (SOFTSB) provides tailored training and exercise support, including subject matter experts (SMEs), academics, equipment, and training cycles to Geographic Combatant Commands (GCCs), Theater Special Operations Commands (TSOCs), and other designated commands and supported organizations, in order to increase U.S. Forces capabilities to respond to CBRN/CWMD threats.
Support for this mission includes personnel, material, logistical, and programmatic support to assist in the planning, execution, and evaluation of CBRN / CWMD training cycles, exercises, and similar developmental efforts.
Requirements Summary
Draft Statement of Work Overview
Historical LOE
Draft Statement of Work Overview
NE-CO SOFTSB supports a multitude of CBRN / CWMD training events and exercises for GCCs, USSOCOM, TSOCs, other organizations
The contractor shall provide qualified personnel, technical support, planning, and program management to NE-CO throughout the full life cycle of these training events and exercises. Support will include
Evaluation of conduct, performance, and execution of the exercises
Draft Statement of Work Overview
The contractor shall also provide:
Logistics and setup
Training materials (including print, audio/visual, or other media as required)
Development and documentation of exercise control systems
Exercise execution management
Collection of quantitative and qualitative data on participant activities (as required)
Breakdown and packing of equipment post-event
Conducting and documenting all closeout actions
Personnel Requirements
All Contractor personnel shall have, or shall be able to obtain, a DoD SECRET clearance. Higher security clearances or additional caveats may be required, up to TOP SECRET/SCI, CNWDI, NATO, ATOMAL, ACCM, etc., depending on the specific requirements of the respective exercises.
Clearances must be in place prior to contract award
Personnel Requirements
Contractor personnel will be made available to attend training to obtain certifications and/or qualifications as deemed necessary and directed by the COR. These may include, but are not limited to, All-Terrain Vehicle training, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle certifications, Forklift certifications, Exercise Planning Courses

All SOFTSB Team Members (except for Logistical Specialist) shall be from:
U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF)
Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
CBRN technical expertise community

NE Mission Assurance (MA) Department

Brandon Thompson
Program Manager

Emulates foreign intelligence service/terrorist organization capabilities in order to assess mission vulnerabilities of selected national assets
Conducts cyber vulnerability assessments with a unique suite of tools with multiple sensors
Assesses mission survivability of U.S. and allied systems against a broad spectrum of threats focusing on critical national mission systems
Assesses risk to DoD missions and provide remediation/mitigation to include training
Our Assessments

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SAMPLESOFTSB Historical Support - LOE
8 FTEs
Contract Task Lead (1)
SOF Training / Exercise Planners (7)
2 FTEs
Program mgmt. support
7 FTEs
Part-time SME support
Optional work
7 FTEs