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Contract Opportunity
Sept. 16, 2020



Assessment, Exercise, and Modeling & Simulation Support (AEMSS)

Industry Day Draft RFP Review
Sep/Oct 2020
House-keeping Items
Conflicts of Interest Organizational/Personal
Acquisition Approach
Acquisition Schedule
Draft RFP
Previous Contracts
Feedback and QuestionsHouse-keeping Items
If we lose connection, please give us 10 minutes to try to re-connect. If we cannot re-establish connection, DTRA team will send an email to re-schedule this session.
Were unable to accommodate one-on-one meetings. Please consider written Q&As as an alternate way to engage with us.
Please rely on written instructions or responses from the Government.
The RFP is still in draft form, and terms are subject to change.
House-keeping Items
The RFP is long, but please pay attention to everything.
Section K - Representations and Certifications
Prohibited Telecommunication Equipment, Combatting Trafficking In-Persons
Section L Instructions to Offerors
If the Q&A period is closed, para L1.2 allows you to ask for clarification if during your proposal preparations you find a critical error or inconsistency in the RFP.
This is not to be used lightly. It is not an extension of the Q&A period, but we prefer you pose the question rather than having to deal with the inconsistency.
Pay attention to the responses if we refer you back to a previous response, it is because we believe the question has already been answered. If we are not answering the question you think you are asking, please re-phrase the question and ask it more directly (bluntly).Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI)
If you hold an A&AS contract with DTRA, you may have a potential OCI issue
Conflicts apply to subcontracts for A&AS support
Includes 1102 contracts, finance/accounting contracts
We recommend you:
Evaluate your current portfolio for any potential OCIs
Submit a request for a determination to the AEMSS CO that includes:
contract number
description of the scope and nature of work
any potential OCIs
Look for OCI clauses in your contract (e.g. DTRA Clause 252.209-9000)Personal Conflicts of Interest
Do not contact the acquisition team personally to talk about this acquisition.
Do not add us to your LinkedIn or other social media platforms.
Please send inquiries to our mailbox; we actively monitor it.
Do not ask who the SS team members are; we cannot tell you.
If you query another DTRA person, it is not deemed an official response.
Every time you make contact with us through non-official means, we have to make disclosures to our legal office.
Every team member has to make disclosures prior to or upon receiving proposals to make sure there are no conflicts.Acquisition Approach
Multiple Award IDIQ
Two pools: Large Business (LB) Pool and Small Business (SB) Pool
Up to 3 contractors will be selected for each pool
Two distinct RFPs; two distinct competitions
$850M ceiling shared among two pools
NAICS code 541330 - Engineering Services
$41.5M size standard for the Military and Aerospace Equipment and Military Weapons exception will apply
Acquisition Approach LB Pool
Requirements over $4 million/year will be solicited under LB pool
AEMSS will be used if it is the best vehicle to fulfill the requirement
For this RFP, contractors need to show:
Wide range of capability to fulfill entirety of the SOO
Acceptable accounting & estimating systems
Commitment to small business subcontracting
Capability of performing sample task
TOs may be Cost, CPFF, CPAF, T&M, FFP, and/or FFP LOE
Minimum order guarantee is $500K
Acquisition Approach SB Pool
Requirements $4 million/year and under will be solicited under the SB pool
AEMSS will be used if it is the best vehicle to fulfill the requirement
For this RFP, contractors need to show:
Wide range of capability to fulfill entirety of the SOO
Capability of performing sample task
TOs may be T&M, FFP, FFP LOE, and may include CPFF or CPAF IF the contractor has acceptable accounting system
Minimum order guarantee is $250KAcquisition Approach - LB vs SB Pool
Acquisition Schedule
Dates are notional and are subject to change Draft RFP - Sections A - F
Section A - SF33
Section B - CLIN structure
Section C - Descriptions and Specifications (references SOO)
Section D - Packaging and Marking (instructions at TO level)
Section E - Inspection and Acceptance (both at and by the Govt)
Section F - Deliveries or PerformanceDraft RFP - SF 33
Requesting 270 days validity period
Each amendment to the RFP will be issued on SF30
Proposal submission must acknowledge all amendments
CAGE code entered on SF33 will be the CAGE code used to verify business system statuses and facility clearances
Be careful of which RFP number you submit your proposal underDraft RFP - Sections B and F
Draft RFP - Sections B and F
Draft RFP - Section C
Sample Task Order
Anticipated change - option for performance at contractor TS cleared facility

Future Task Orders may require
Onsite performance
Performance at contractor cleared facilitiesDraft RFP - Section G through K
Section G - Contract Administration Data (funding at TO level)
Section H - Special Contract Requirements
Section I - Contract Clauses (will flow down/apply to TOs)
Section J - List of Documents, Exhibits, and Other Attachments
DD254 - Must possess a TS Facility Clearance at time of award
See Cyber Assessment PWS
Section K Representations, Certifications and Other Statements of Offerors
Reps and Certs from will be incorporated
Reps IAW FAR 52.204-24 and 26 must be submitted with proposal
Draft RFP - Section H
Small business subcontracting commitment

Unless otherwise prescribed at the TO level, small business subcontracting goals will follow goals specified in IDIQ Section H
Draft RFP - Section H
Section H includes options for ramping-on and ramping-off contractors from IDIQ
Based on mutual agreement
DTRA may elect to ramp-on one (1) additional contractor from the SB Pool if a contractor no longer qualifies as small
Contractor must have required security clearances and business systems
Flows down to all TOs unless otherwise noted
Draft RFP - Section L
Submission will be via Solicitation Portal (SP) in PIEE
Must register for a Proposal Manager role in PIEE -
Final RFP will be posted on the SP and Contract Opportunities
Draft RFP - Section L
Please do not reiterate the SOO
See paragraph L1.4, [e]xtraneous, repetitious, or wordy submissions are not desired and could result in lower ratings. Do not simply rephrase or restate the Governments requirements, but provide convincing rationale to address how the Offeror intends to meet the requirements.
Example: SOO paragraph 2.1.1. quickly mobilize to support DTRA projects
L3.3 The Offeror shall submit a comprehensive and detailed management approach for managing the IDIQ contract vehicle.
How can you quickly mobilize?
What do you have that puts you in a readiness posture to respond?
How will you handle all paperwork/approvals for site access or deployment?Draft RFP - Section M
Section M1.2 states, The Government will evaluate all compliant proposals against the solicitation requirements and criteria defined by the evaluation factors and subfactors
Compliant proposals will be evaluated IAW the evaluation factors
Evaluation factors and subfactors:
IDIQ Mission Capability
IDIQ Management Approach
IDIQ Technical Approach
IDIQ Past Performance
Socio-Economic Commitment
LB Pool Sample TO 01-Cyber Assessments Mission Capability
Sample TO 01 Management Approach
Sample TO 01 Technical Approach
LB Pool Sample TO 01-Cyber Assessments Cost
Factor 1 > Factor 5 > Factor 2
Factor 1 = Factor 4
Factor 3 is pass/fail

All evaluation factors, other than socio-economic commitment and cost, when combined, are significantly more important than cost.

Within Factor 1 and Factor 4, subfactors A and B are of equal importance.Previous Contracts
There may or may not be follow-on efforts for these contracts
NO guarantee these contracts will be competed under AEMSSWhen asking questions . . .
Try not to ask vague questions, e.g. Will you clarify the scope of this requirement?
From our perspective, we cannot tell what is confusing or unclear or which part of the SOO you would like us to expound on

Instead, try asking the question this way:
Will you provide examples to illustrate what you mean by quickly mobilize to support DTRA projects in section 2.1.1 of the SOO?
This question requires us to provide examples or an illustration of what quickly mobilize means
BTW, we mean that the contractor should be ready with a staffing, materials, and all required paperwork/approvals sufficient to begin the project as soon as practicable

PLEASE provide references back to the paragraph/section number
Questions and responses will be posted on Contract Opportunities and leaving those fields blank makes it harder for everyone to organize
Leaving those fields blank will delay our responsesConclusion
Thank you for your patience so far!