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Contract Opportunity
May 22, 2023




Does the District value firms that have a headquarters in Alaska higher than those that are

Geographic location is one of the tie-breaker criteria.

Are there incumbents under a current contract?
HQ in the lower 48?

Architects Alaska

KPB Architects

McCool Carlson Green, LLC (MCG)

PDC Black & Veatch JV

KPB Coffman JV

3. Will the PPT be provided after the call, via email or SAM?

Yes, attached. Please note that the acquisition strategy is not yet finalized and there have been
changes since the Industry Day. The MATOC will include a small business reserve of three
small businesses and the $1.5M threshold will be removed. All MATOC holders will be
considered for each task order requirement unless a determination has been made to set aside
the work specifically for the small business pool.

4. Will experience in Thule be considered equal to Alaska?

Cold climate experience in Climate Zone 7 or 8 will be considered without regard to specific

Yes, see attached.

Is the conversation supported by a slide?

6. What did blue mean in the slide?

The projects in blue are new projects/changes from the AGC presented in the fall.

Specific SB goals to hit?

See draft synopsis language below.

Is the intent to sunset the current contract once this new one is awarded?
moving forward or will the TORN process be eliminated all together like other Districts are

Recognizing the TORN process is changing, what changes will the Alaska District adopt

The TORN process is NOT being eliminated; the following TORN process will be utilized by

Contracting Officer will issue a TORN to all firms in the pool, or just to those firms in the
selected MATOC reserve pool, as applicable. ( For MATOC pools having a small business
reserve, the contracting officer in consultation with the Selection Board Chair and local Small
Business Specialist will determine if the requirement should be set aside to small business).

Two TORN versions:

Simplified TORN: used when the selection board already has sufficient information in the
existing SF 330s to determine the most highly qualified firm to perform the task order
requirement and that supplemental information is not needed.

Request for Supplemental Information (RSI) TORN: used when the selection board determines
that available information within the existing SF 330s is insufficient to determine the most
highly qualified A-E firm to perform the task order requirement. This version will not be used

10. Will licensure in AK be required or preferred?

Typically not, though some disciplines are required by the State of Alaska to be registered in the
State (eg water and wastewater).

11. Since the current IDIQ will most likely still have capacity when the new one is awarded,
how will the District decide which IDIQ to utilize for future work?

The capacity on the current IDIQs will be utilized.

12. Could you provide a list of the USACE representatives on this call? It was very difficult
to hear their names.

USACE representative names to contact for questions regarding this contract are:

Michelle Mandel - Deputy Chief of Contracting

Theresa Afrank Contracting Officer

Tammy Davis Contract Specialist

13. Some USACE districts have expressed concerns with JVs (and score them lower in the
selection process), does POA have such concerns?


Is DOR on a DB project considered equal to DBB design development?

The design standard of care is typically different between government issued DBB documents
and partnering designs in conjunction with DB construction entities.

15. Limited to the 10 in the SF330 or do we expand a database of locations once IDIQ
awarded? projects.

Per the Brooks Act and FAR 36.603(d), A-E firms will

be encouraged to amend their SF 330s to showcase relevant, recently completed

projects, to update the resumes, and to provide an updated SF 330 (Part II) for their

team around the anniversary date of the base MATOC award. Any changes in key

personnel and subcontractors from what was approved in the SF 330 on file shall be

reviewed for formal approval by the Contracting Officer as soon as practical

16. Re licensure in AK, do you mean each discipline has to be registered in the state or the
firm has to be licensed in the state?

There are only specific disciplines that will be required to be licensed in the State of Alaska
(due primarily to State regulations) (see answer for 10).

IN the spirit of "Partnering", will POA meet with AE firms for 1-on - capability briefs?

18. Can subcontractor experience be provided as part of Section F and will that be considered
less valuable?

Subcontractor experience can be provided as part of Section F experience.

19. Will POA post a draft synopsis?

See draft below.

20. When SF330s are updated post award, are the incumbents still limited to the 10 project
limit are do they have the latitude to add more than 10 projects?

Per the Brooks Act and FAR 36.603(d), A-E firms will be encouraged to amend their SF 330s
to showcase relevant, recently completed projects, to update the resumes, and to provide an
updated SF 330 (Part II) for their team around the anniversary date of the base MATOC award.
Any changes in key personnel and subcontractors from what was approved in the SF 330 on
file shall be reviewed for formal approval by the Contracting Officer as soon as practical.

21. What will the proposal response timeframe be for this synopsis?

30 Days

Related to the previous question, will incumbents be allowed to update other sections of
their SF330 during an annual update, such as Section H?

This is an update process; it is a substitution of older information for newer information and is
not an additive process whereby the SF330 increases the number of key personnel or example
projects beyond what was originally required.

23. Will POA post a draft synopsis to allow industry to be better prepared?

See below.

24. Do you anticipate this being used for more renovation work or new construction?

The IDIQ will be used for both renovation and new construction.

25. Any emphasis/favor on energy resilience?

Only as specified in current UFC guidance.

26. When do you anticipate release of the synopsis? If you said this already, I didn't hear it.

July 2023.

Is there any consideration for Civil or I&IS on this contract?

28. Next Zero Carbon?

Only as specified in current UFC guidance.


(1) CONTRACT INFORMATION: This Indefinite Delivery multi-discipline contract(s) is
being procured in accordance with the Brooks A-E Act as implemented in FAR Part 36 and the
supplements thereto. Firm(s) will be selected for negotiation based on demonstrated competence
and qualifications for the required work. This announcement is open to all businesses regardless
of size; there will be a small business reserve of three small businesses. North American
Industrial Classification System code is 541310 Architectural Services.

To receive award contractors must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM).
Register via the SAM Internet site at If a large business is selected
for this contract, it must comply with FAR 52.219-9 regarding the requirement for a
subcontracting plan on that part of the work it intends to subcontract. The subcontracting goals,
which will be considered in the negotiation of this contract are: at least 25% of the contractor's
intended sub-contract amount be placed with small businesses, with a minimum of 5% of that to
small disadvantaged businesses, 3% to woman-owned small businesses, 1% to HUB Zone small
businesses, 2% to veteran-owned small businesses and 1% to service disabled veteran-owned
small businesses. The subcontracting plan is not required with this submittal but will be
required with the fee proposal of the firms selected for negotiations.

Anticipate award of seven (7) multiple award task order contracts with a shared capacity of
$249 million. The contract type shall be indefinite delivery, firm fixed price over a term of 7
years. The anticipated size of task orders for this contract are expected to range between $25K
and $20M. All responders are advised that this contract may be revised or canceled at any time
during the solicitation, selection, evaluation, negotiation and final award. In addition, no
projects are yet authorized (See FAR 52.232-18). This solicitation does not guarantee work to
the selected firm. Award of the contracts are anticipated for the first or second quarter of FY 24.
Telephonic interviews will be held with all of the most highly qualified firms.

(2) PROJECT INFORMATION: The AE selected would be required to have sufficient staff,
flexibility, and capability to be available on an as-needed basis. Typical types of services to be
provided include: the design of new structures, the renovation of existing structures, studies to

include life safety code compliance, interior design, programming studies, energy analysis,
landscape architecture, technical reviews (on behalf of the government) of other AE developed
products, construction phase services, commissioning services (LEED both Fundamental and
Enhanced) and development of Design/Build RFPs. Design of utilidors, airfield pavement, and
communication systems may be required but are incidental to facility design. AE may be
required to provide master planning services such as: facility master planning for various
federal customers such as Army and Air Force, Installation and Real Property Master Planning,
facility allowance analysis,