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AE Services III Industry Day Presentation Public v2.pdf

Posted: Nov. 18, 2022 • Type: .pdf • Size: 2.32MB


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industry day presentation for the United States Coast Guard's National A-E III Virtual Industry Day, focusing on the DHS strategic sourcing contract vehicle. The presentation covers various topics such as USCG introduction, Coast Guard shore infrastructure, Strategic Solutions Office, USCG AE IDV, and National A-E III procurement. Presenters include CDR Laura Smolinski, Melvin Tiglao, and Nettie Straub. The document highlights the importance of advancing operations and supporting personnel through shore facilities, emphasizing the mission to expertly build and sustain the right facilities.

Additionally, it provides insights into the USCG Civil Engineering Program's workforce and operational assets, showcasing the extensive shore infrastructure portfolio that includes over 41,000 assets comprising buildings, structures, aids to navigation, sites, and acres.

The presentation also discusses the National AE III program's objectives to augment mission capability for shore infrastructure projects and develop specialized designs. Furthermore, it introduces the Strategic Solutions Office (SSO) led by James Lewis, which focuses on enhancing mission performance through efficient contract vehicles and collaboration across DHS and federal government stakeholders.

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