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Jan. 25, 2021



Contractor Logistics Support for the B-1B Advanced Digital Test Station
Jerrie Schack
Automated Test Systems Division
Office: 478-222-2125

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CLS for the B-1B ADTSB-1B ADTS
CLS for B-1B ADTS Industry Day Disclaimers
The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of the information received at this event.

Discussions are for informational purposes only. The contents of any future RFP take precedence over the information provided during this briefing and one-on-one breakout sessions.

Questions and answers will be posted to and are considered public record. No proprietary data will be posted.

Costs incurred as a result of this meeting are considered bid and proposal cost and will not be reimbursed by the Government.

All information in this briefing is current as of today but is subject to change.CLS for B-1B ADTS Industry Day Overview
ADTS Program Description
ADTS Technical Requirements
Contract Strategy
Proposals and EvaluationsOne-on-One Session Discussions
Industry Day Participants CLS for B-1B ADTS Industry Day Agenda
Friday 5 February 2021CLS for B-1B ADTS IPT POC ListingCLS for B-1B ADTS Program Description
CLS services include Supply Chain Management (SCM) activities within the areas of:
Spares management and procurement
Repair and maintenance
Failure reporting and
Obsolescence forecasting

CLS services SCM activities support a best estimated quantity (BEQ) of 35 stations located at Tinker AFB (OK), Dyess AFB (TX), Ellsworth AFB (SD), and Sheppard AFB (TX). (PWS Para 1.1)
Technical Requirements
ADTS parts requisitions shall meet Turnaround Time (TAT) of one (1) business day or less from receipt of the requisition. (PWS Para 4.3.1)

All repaired parts shall be configured properly for use within the ADTS tester, free of quality defects and meet the performance specifications of the OEM. (PWS Para 4.3.5)

Government Furnished Property and Equipment will be provided to facilitate this requirement. (PWS Para 3.2 and Attachment A)
CLS for B-1B ADTS Contract Strategy
Anticipated 5.5 Year Period of Performance
One 12-Month Basic Period
Four 12-Month Options
One 6-Month Extension of Services, FAR 52.217-8

Single Award Indefinite Quantity (IDC) Requirements

Pricing Arrangement
Firm Fixed Price (CLS)
Not Separately Priced (Data)
TBN/TBD (Spares Procurement)

Commercial item IAW FAR 2.101

Estimated contract value: $8.5M (Basic plus all option years)CLS for B-1B ADTS Proposal & Evaluations

Written Proposals
Submission method is via DOD SAFE

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)
No trade-Offs

Pricing Arrangement:
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)
To Be Negotiated/To Be Determined (Spares)
Not Separately Priced (Contract Data Requirements List)

Past Performance
Will not be a determining factor
CLS for B-1B ADTS 1-on-1 Discussions
Collaborative discussions to include:
Industry-prepared questions/comments
Industry-prepared suggestions for improvement

Key topics include but are not limited to:
Contractor Logistic Support Technical Approach
Source Selection Strategy

One-on-one breakout sessions are limited to 30 minutes

Unless specifically identified as proprietary, questions and answers from one-on-one breakout sessions will be captured and posted to for transparency purposesIndustry Day ParticipantsQuestions?