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FA2521-21-R-0023, Attachment L-01

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Attachment L-01 Question and Answer Template





RPF Section/Exhibit/

Can the government explain the differences between the ABOS and ROS
contracts? Specifically, can you summarize the conceptual changes and
contract vehicle differences?

Were currently in the Market Research phase, and will be posting
the draft RFP, PWS, and other attachments, as well as draft Sections
L&M, which will summarize the changes.


No the intent of ABOS is an accelerated acquisition structure, to
move as fast as possible within the best interests of the Government
to decrease cost as much as possible. Our schedule is independent of
the runway project schedule.


This paragraph is not listed in the ABOS PWS.

3.1 Paragraph

Regarding the procurement schedule, does the government intend to maintain
the ROS contract until the runway construction project is complete?

Regarding the DD1354 requirement PWS paragraph, the
government should consider moving this paragraph under PWS Section

Regarding PWS paragraph and the requirement to reduce space by
a minimum 20% over 5 years. The government should modify this mandate and
allow the contractor to take into account recently completed projects that have
eliminated excess space. Also, the government should allow the contractor to
exclude new space added to meet expanded mission requirements.

Please consider clarifying the role of the Det 2 COR on ABOS, particularly
PWS paragraph

Please describe the current GIS geodatabase installation and AFCEC mandate
compliance that requires any changes during the ABOS period of performance.


This paragraph is not listed in the ABOS PWS.

3.1 Paragraph

3.1 Paragraph

This paragraph is not listed in the ABOS PWS.
GEOBASE is centralized and managed by AFCEC. For Ascension,
CE and the contractor has a 'copy' of the GIS geodatabase to
maintain/update GIS info. The contractor worked with
45CES/CENPL to send updates to AFCEC to update their centralized
system as required. The CE 'copy' geodatabase has the most updated

Under PWS 1.3.3. Provide a broad range of civil engineering
services, including real property management, facility engineering,
corrosion control, antenna maintenance, and infrastructure work.
Under PWS The Contractor shall maintain the capability of
providing timely response to multiple project design tasks in all
Architectural Engineering disciplines. Implement a Project
Management Plan (PMP) covering a cradle-to-grave concept and
baseline construction design standards. Coordinate design packages
with other agencies for compliance with technical criteria and all
relevant statutory requirements. All charges for architecture
engineering support shall be charged back to the Contractor Acquired
Services (CAS) CLIN. Other engineering services not provided by the
ABOS contractor, such as designs, will be completed by the
governments A&E contract (currently TRACES).

Engineering services are not included in the PWS. When engineering services
are required, how does government intend to procure these services?


This paragraph is not listed in the ABOS PWS.

3.1 Paragraph

Regarding PWS paragraph and the Engineering Documentation
Center (EDC), please clarify the contractors requirements to support EDC.

To maintain data integrity across contracts, we encourage the government to
consider adding the Ascension CE data (projects, comprehensive planning, real
property, etc.) to government-owned and operated share drives, then provide
the contractor access to these share drive.

Does the Government know at this time, the types of services and support
which may be on-ramped? Does the Government have an anticipated timeline
or frequency in which services may be on-ramped?

Are there specific ports of embarkation or shipping lines, or any transportation
agreements that the BOS contractor is required to utilize for sealift
transportation to Ascension Island?
Are there any requirements to provide vehicles, tools, equipment, material, or
facilities that are not otherwise provided by the Government or under a
reimbursable CLIN?

There is currently an Ascension Government Sharedrive for CE data
that is shared with the awardee.


This is intended to give Government the flexibility in place, once the
runway is completed, that if additional tenants or support appears for
AAAF, then that support can be provided. Ramp-up would be either
new customers or additional support to current customers, but it will
be a process with some notice and planning. Any change to Level of
Effort or new customers would include an updated support agreement
that could take 6 months 1 year, and would be communicated to the
awardee. Additionally, any new Customers would have their own
Task Order.

Through TRANSCOM, 5 vessels a year depart from Port Canaveral
and arrive at AAAF. Once every other week a flight leaves from
PSFB to ferry supplies to AAAF.

The GFP/GFV listing will be part of the RFP and have all the
vehicles, tools, equipment or materials that will be provided.

What are the current/historical Contractor Acquired Services (CAS) under CR
CLIN X004?

The work captured would be IAW the PWS sections which call out

Are we correct to assume that the ABM tools/enablers will be Government

Does the Gov assess that managing via ABM will cause a requirement for
additional resources (i.e. Labor)?

The Agile Business Model is simply an Excel spreadsheet used to
model CPFF task order labor. It will be provided with the draft L&M,
and any comments associated with it should be submitted with
comments on the L&M.
No; the ABM as a tool reduces workloads, and has seen significant
improvements in processing time on another contract.

Agile Business Model (ABM).

Agile Business Model (ABM).

16 Will the contractor responsible for maintenance of the ABM system?

No, any changes to the ABM will be initiated by the Government.

Agile Business Model (ABM).

17 Will costs associated with ABM be covered within the CAP?

There will be no costs associated with the ABM.

Agile Business Model (ABM).

Our experience is that the continuance of COVID quarantining adversely
affects contractor productivity. Will the Gov expect contractors to estimate
losses of efficiency into the proposal (i.e. bid based on a COVID scenario), or
will the RFP be sanitized of the COVID situation and potential impacts not
priced by offerors?

Does the Government anticipate segregating airfield support from the ABOS

If the COVID scenario is identified within the RFP, will the Gov address the
specific impacts and efficiency factors to be considered by offerors?
Will the Government reconsider the requirements on Key
Personnel? (concern over Program Manager requirements, taken as written its
difficult to meet that in a literal sense).
Will the Government relook at the RCM requirements identified in
the PWS? These requirements were called out in the ROS PWS and after
discussion, was withdrawn to current levels.

The government is progressing as if there will not be any impacts
from COVID.
It is currently very dynamic, were anticipating the possibility of
having the demobilization and ABOS transition occurring at the same
time, and if support were necessary it would be handled under Project
Support via a separate Task Order on that CLIN.

The government is progressing as if there will not be any impacts
from COVID.

The Government will reconsider the requirements for Key Personnel
and update accordingly.

Draft PWS requirements

The RCM requirements will be reviewed and updated requirements
will be released with the Draft RFP.

Draft PWS requirements

FA2521-21-R-0023, Attachment L-01

Section 1.0 -Over
time there must be an
ability to on-ramp
Base Operations
Services and Mission
Support from other

Over time there
must be an ability to
on-ramp Base
Operations Services
and Mission Support
from other areas

3.2.2 Sealift Support

Section 3.5 Vehicle

CLIN X004 PWS 1.6.11

Airfield (AAAF)
Construction Support

Quarantine scenario

FA2521-21-R-0023, Attachment L-01

Will the Government consider the release of a draft Section L&M prior to the
release of final RFP?

Does the Government intend to follow a similar multi-step source selection
process on ABOS as was used on AIMS?

Draft Sections L&M will indicate the structure of our Source
Selection Process.

Are there any other Industry Days planned for this solicitation?

No next steps will be posting draft documents for review and

Does the Gov have a projected RFP timeline leading to an intended award time-
frame, and will they share that estimate with potential offerors?

Answered during Industry Day, located in the Slides.



Will Cost Reimbursable (CR) CLINs allow recovery of all incurred costs, to
include indirect expenses?

CR CLINs will allow for material and handling and G&A. The
cost/price workbook will provide information regarding the CLINs. ABOS Draft CLIN Structure_rev2

28 Will the Phase-In CLIN be excluded from the Total Evaluated Price?

Phase-In CLIN will be included to the TEP.

ABOS Draft CLIN Structure_rev2

Define the Airfield Operational Hours?
Define the term "cash" basis? Is the contractor responsible for physical
currencies per PWS 2.6 Lodging. Dose this include electronic forms of
payment? Is the contactor responsible for the accounting of the reimbursable