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May 26, 2021, 1:08 p.m.
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Forest ServiceU.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTUREGAOA Information Breakout SessionArchitect -EngineeringUnited States Forest Service5/20/2021 Corrie KegelR1 Facility Program Manager•15 years Federal Service•11 yearsUSFS experience•COR III, FAC P/PM•Mechanical Engineer by training•Team memberR1 GAOA technical team•Project COR during AmericanRecovery Reinvestment Act•COR for R1 A/EIDIQ•ManageW/WW engineers, historic preservation team, and facility portfolio consisting of 10 Forests and Grasslands Judy MartinIntermountain Zone Chief•28 years Federal Service with the USFS•Warranted & FAC-C Level III Certified Contracting Officer•Performed cradle-to-grave contracting•Service, supply, construction, A&E, stewardship, and incident•Contracting Officer for the AmericanRecovery Reinvestment Act Agenda•Disclaimers•Announcements•Project Overviews•Common Methods of Procurement•Where to find information•Where to find help/assistance•Q&A’s•Closeout Disclaimers•These slides are not to be interpreted as acomprehensive description of all requirementscontained in the Agency’s GAOA Solicitationsand RFPs.​•Offerors should not place any added emphasisbased on the content of this informationsession.​•Offerors are Cautioned to Carefully Read theRequirements of the Solicitation and Complyaccordingly. Announcements•Please remain on mute​ unless called upon to speak•Questions•Chat Area•Raise Hand•Questions about current solicitations will not be addressed Project Overviews•Campground Projects –multi-faceted•civil, MEP, geo-tech•examples:survey, water/wastewater,transportation, boat ramps•Roads& Trails•predominately civil•examples: survey, resurfacing,bridges,culverts,etc•Facilities –public facing•architect andengineering•examples: visitor centers, lookout towers, cabins•Other specialties•inspection services (CA), interpretive services, heritage/culturalassessment,environmental services Common Methods of Procurement•Existing Agency Contracts –Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) or Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) •Set Asides –Preference Goals for Small Business, 8(a), HubZone, SDVOSB, & Women Owned•RFQ –Request For Quote –uses simplified acquisition procedures•RFP –Request for Proposal –uses formal acquisition procedures•Trade-off -. This method permits tradeoffs among cost/price and technical factors. It allows the Government the opportunity to accept other than the lowest priced proposal. An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of proposals is conducted to determine which offer represents the best value to the Government or which offer represents the best combination of quality and price.•Lowest Price Technically Acceptable -award is made to the technically acceptable proposal with the lowest evaluated price. •A&E –falls under the Brooks Act, Competitive process where a technical evaluation is performed to determine the most technically qualified firm(s), then price negotiations are conducted only with the most highly qualified firm or firms.•Utilizes the SF 330 form (Part I & Part II) Where to find Information•BETASAM.GOV –search under Contracting Opportunities•FS GAOA Site (•US Fish & Wildlife (•NationalParkService( Where to get help•Local Procurement Technical Assistance Centers •(•Small Business Administration (•GAOA Procurement Questions: Q&A•Type questions in the chat•Use the “Raise Hand” feature in Teams•REMINDERS•Remain on mute unless called upon for your question•Don’t forget to lower your hand after your question is asked CloseoutThank You!