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A-10 CICU Upgrade Industry Day Aug 20.pptx

Posted: Sept. 23, 2020 • Type: .pptx • Size: 0.24MB


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This presentation is related to the A-10 Central Interface Control Unit (CICU) Upgrade Industry Day held on August 25-28, 2020. The presentation includes key information such as the daily schedule for the industry day sessions, rules of engagement, objectives of the industry day, and the purpose of soliciting industry feedback for the Central Interface Control System (CICS). It also outlines the contracting strategies, pricing arrangements, and communication protocols for potential contractors.

Additionally, it details specific engineering requirements for the CICS, including system location and dimensions, vibration and temperature specifications, compatibility with aircraft modifications, and replacement of various components like the Source Control Unit (SCU) and Digital Data Processing Unit (DDPU). The software section requests feedback on requirements related to software architecture, model-based systems engineering standards, and processing loads for the CICS.

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