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A.02.10 Vendors List From Industry Day.xlsx

Posted: April 1, 2021 • Type: .xlsx • Size: 0.02MB


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detailed list of participants and their engagement details during an industry day event. The session was held in Central Daylight Time and included various participants joining via different audio methods such as call-ins and VoIP. Each participant is listed with their name, email, date of participation, start and end times, duration of engagement, company affiliation, title, phone number, address details, and the network they joined from.

Notable attendees include David Best, Reed Brown, Bradley Pettijohn, Geoffrey Henggeler, Kelly Rotert, among many others. The document provides a comprehensive overview of the attendees' involvement in the industry day session on March 31st.

It is evident that the industry day event had a significant turnout with numerous participants engaging through various audio channels. The list includes individuals from different companies and regions who participated in the session hosted by David Best. The detailed breakdown of start and end times for each participant's engagement allows for a clear understanding of their involvement duration. This information can be valuable for tracking attendance, assessing participation levels, and potentially identifying key contacts for future collaboration or follow-up discussions related to the industry day event held on March 31st in Central Daylight Time.

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