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March 17, 2021, 2:44 p.m.
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U.S. General Services AdministrationEV Infrastructure Industry DayMarch 17, 2021 Agenda2➢Welcome➢The Federal Fleet ➢Executive Orders & Federal Requirements➢Future Federal Needs & Opportunities➢Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract➢Q & A from Industry Federal Electrification➢7/14/20 - Biden releases Clean Energy Plan ahead of the election➢9/29/20 - Presidential Debate ○We’re going to turn [the Federal] Fleet into a fleet that’s run on electric vehicles... we’re going to put 500,000 charging stations on all of the highways we are going to build…”➢1/25/21 - Prepared opening remarks on Exec Order 14005 - Ensuring the Future is Made in All of America by All of America’s Workers○“We will replace the federal fleet with clean electric vehicles made right here in America”➢1/27/21 - Exec Order 14008 -Tackling the Climate Crisis at Home and Abroad ○CEQ/GSA/OMB must establish a Federal Clean Electricity and Vehicle Procurement Strategy plan which includes providing clean and zero-emission vehicles due by 4/27/213 4Federal Acquisition ServicePublic Building ServiceGSA Fleet & Center for Vehicle AcquisitionOffice of Project Delivery / Special Programs DivisionFederal AgenciesStaff OfficesGSAOffice of Government-wide Policy●Mandatory source for vehicle purchasing●End-to-end non-mandatory leasing program 226K+ vehicles●~50,000 vehicles acquired annually for GSA Fleet Leased & agency-owned ●Professional contracting, engineering services●Multiple Award Schedule Contracts●224K+ USPS owned vehicles●Domestic, In house maintenance●Scalable A/E contracting●Fee-for-service●Regionally-based IDIQ GSA contracts for A/EFederal EV Infrastructure Deployment Landscape●Federal Procurement Policy●Federal Personal and Real Property PolicyFacilities Management●Areawide Agreements●Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Utility Energy Services Contracts●221K+ agency owned vehicles (Civilian, DoD)●Responsible for acquiring & installing EV InfrastructureU.S. Postal Service Agency-Owned & GSA-Leased Federal Fleet InventorySource: 2019 Federal Fleet Report419K vehicles totalExcludes USPS Agency Owned & LSEVs5 Federal Purchases by Vehicle Type6 Federal Fleet Electric Vehicle (EV) Purchases7Federal EV sales make up a smaller % of Light Duty sales than total U.S. Light Duty sales. The Federal Fleet is a working truck fleet and does not historically buy luxury brands (the brands which currently dominate U.S. EV sales).Federal EV sales make up <1% of Light Duty federal sales. Over the past few years, EV sales in the U.S. have comprised .39-2.1% of total Light Duty Sales. 8First GSA EV PurchasesFederal Fleet Sustainability200520082011201420172020TodayEPAct 1992 amendedNational Defense Authorization Act 2008Energy Independence & Security Act (EISA)GSA Launches First EV PilotAmerican Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA)E.O. 13693 & FAST ActElectric Buses offered to GSA through MASE.O. 13693, EV Deployment Initiative & EVSE BPAHEV Pickup & SUV offeredBiden Announces plans to electrify the FleetFirst non-sedan PHEV offered by GSAE.O. 13693 replaced with E.O. 13843Federal Fleet service cards accepted at ChargePointElectric Shuttle Buses available on standard Bus ContractEV Infrastructure & EV RFISecond EV Pilot Federal Fleet Sustainability in Recent Years➢“Right-Sizing”➢Buying 75%+ of Light-Duty vehicles as Alternative Fuel Vehicles○Dual fuel E85 and CNG vehicles○Dedicated CNG vehicles○Gasoline Hybrids○Plug in-hybrid electrics○Electrics➢Buying all Light-Duty vehicles as “Low GHG emitting” (top 25% most efficient) unless there is a functional need for a non-Low GHG Light-Duty Vehicle9 EV Infrastructure to Support EVs ➢Buy through:○Multiple Award Schedule/ GSAAdvantage Products○GSA’s EV Charging Station BPA (○Open market procurements○Partnering with other agency/existing vehicle○Other: ESPCs, Assisted Acquisition, Utility Programs➢Install through:○On-site installers ○Utilize preferred installer network○Performance- based contracting○Fee-for-service: DOT Volpe Center, Clean Cities, GSA etc.○Areawide agreements, Utility Programs & Grants10 What to Offer11HardwareInstallationSoftwareTurnkeyL1, L2 & DC FastPedestal/Wall 1/2 PortsSolar, battery-poweredInnovative, easy to deployAllows for management acrossHelpful fleet data Ability to control access & paymentfleets/hierarchies Federal Actions➢What is GSA doing?○Request for Information on EVs & EV Charging Stations○Provision in vehicle contracts allows GSA to onboard new technology as it becomes commercially available○Advising leadership on cost estimates and vehicle scenarios○Promoting actions to ensure increased model availability○Pursuing future EV Infrastructure contracting actions➢What are other Federal Partners doing?○Training○Informal EV deployment Planning Working Group○Budgeting○Planning12 What’s Important to Agencies Regarding Infrastructure➢Cost➢Turn-key Solutions➢Scalability & Standardization➢Timely solutions , installation etc.➢Ease of obtaining and installing➢Unique/flexible financing ➢Customer Service➢Longevity/reliability➢Networked services; ability to manage hierarchical fleet levels➢Acceptance of Government Credit Cards13 Break14 Current Opportunities➢GSA Multiple Award Schedule Contract•3361E - Electric and Autonomous Vehicles & accessories➢Partner •with a vehicle supplier - make your station optional equipment on a GSA Fleet Standard Ordering Program•with an existing MAS contract holder•with an existing Architectural and Engineering contract holding firm15 Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract161.Register in betaSAM2.Check out the most recent version of GSA’s MAS solicitation, specifically Attachment 12 and SIN 3361E3.More resources for becoming a Schedule vendor here Things to Know➢National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2019 Section 889•Part A - Effective August 13, 2019, contractor cannot provide certain telecommunications equipment or services produced by the following companies and their subsidiaries and affiliates:–Huawei and ZTE, Hytera, Hikvision and Dahua•Part B - Effective August 13, 2020, a contractor cannot use prohibited telecommunications➢Preference for domestically made/sourced➢FedRAMP Certification17 Resources➢GSA Alliant 2 GWAC Contracts➢Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTACs)➢DOE AFV Data Center➢➢Energy Star○ Questions for Industry➢What have you found is the best way for fleets to deploy infrastructure?➢Which cost models work best for government fleets?➢Which processes are most efficient or scalable?➢Which data systems or attributes of a data system are most essential?➢How to account for regional/geographical/site-specific differences?➢If you were the federal government, how would you contract for/deploy infrastructure and/or installation? 19 Q&A20 21