4. SFRC Industry Day Base Access Instructions.pdf


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Dec. 5, 2022



Visitor Center Control Center (VCC) instructions for accessing Patrick Space Force Base (PSFB), Cape
Canaveral Space Force Station (CCSFS), and Vandenberg Space Force base (VSFB)

1. Each attendee requiring access to CCSFS and PSFB must fill out the attached document and save
using the following naming convention, Name Company Name 45 SFS Badge Request
Form. Please follow instructions on page 2.

2. List each attendee requiring access to VSFB on the attached spread sheet using the following

naming convention, Company Name CAGE CODE EAL Excel Spread Sheet. Please include all
attendees per company on the same sheet.

3. No Later Than 19 Dec 22 submit registration by sending one email per company containing all

completed Badge Request Forms and one EAL Spread Sheet to both and
4. Use Subject Line CUI//PII SFRC Industry Day Request Company Name
Instruct all attendees requiring access to provide the following at both CCSFS and VSFB VCC:

a. Drivers License (If driving on base) or valid photo I.D. (if not driving)
b. Vehicle Registration and Insurance (If driving on base)

6. Retrieve Badges at CCSFS 9 Jan 23 at 0730 at address: 1068 FL-401, Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

a. Attendees in the local area encouraged to retrieved badges 5 Jan 23 or 6 Jan 23 (hours

7. Retrieve access at VSFB 17 Jan 23 at 0630 at: Santa Maria Gate (Main Gate by VSFB Visitor

of operation 0730-1400)