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Dec. 31, 2019



Notice of Funding Opportunity
NFO 72044020RFA00001
December 19, 2019
Hanoi, Vietnam
Christopher Abrams

Director, Environment and Social Development, USAID/Vietnam

Overview of Disability Program
Competition Structure
Technical Evaluation
Pre-Award Survey
Next steps
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Vietnam Disability Assistance Project started in 1989 with war victims assistance activities, under Leahy War Victims Fund.
From 2012 USAID funding focused on provision of direct health/rehabilitation service in combination with system strengthening in provinces that were heavily sprayed by Agent Orange
Current Implementing partners: 5 local NGOs, 3 INGOs, working in 8 provinces: Quang Tri, Thua Thien-Hue, Quang Nam, Binh Dinh, Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh, Dong Nai, and Kon Tum
Government stakeholders engaged: Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Provincial People Committees and Provincial Departments, and other relevant Agencies, universities, hospitals
Overview of Disability Program

2. Disability Program Result Framework

Goal: Improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in USAIDs priority provinces
Objectives: 1) Rehabilitation services expanded; 2) Social services expanded; 3) Disability policies improved
Geographic coverage: provinces that were heavily sprayed with Agent Orange during the U.S-Vietnam War
Beneficiaries: persons with severe disabilities, including persons with disabilities who are victims of Agent Orange
Government stakeholders engaged: Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defense and its delegated agencies, Provincial People Committees and Provincial Departments, and other relevant Agencies, universities, hospitals, Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange and its provincial chapters
Program in Brief
3. What is USAID looking for?

USAID is soliciting for one or more qualified organizations to manage sub-awards. Successful Prime Awardees are responsible for:
Sub-award making,
Financial management,
Monitoring - evaluation - learning,
Quality assurance and
Building capacity
Co-creation: potential Prime Awardees will be participating in co-creation process to develop full project description with relevant Government of Vietnam stakeholders
Disability service implementation will be provided via sub-awards will be determined in consultation with relevant Government of Vietnam Agencies
Program in Brief
Section C.1 of the NFO: Applications may be submitted by local Vietnam entities only

The definition of local Vietnam entity means an individual, a corporation, a nonprofit organization, or another body of persons that: (1) Is legally organized under the laws of; (2) Has as its principal place of business or operations in (3) Is majority owned by individuals who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of; and (4) Is managed by a governing body the majority of who are citizens or lawful permanent residents of the country of Vietnam.

For purposes of this section, majority owned and managed by include, without limitation, beneficiary interests and the power, either directly or indirectly, whether exercised or exercisable, to control the election, appointment, or tenure of the organization's managers or a majority of the organization's governing body by any means.

If an organization has a question concerning their own eligibility, please contact us ASAP.

3/7/2019Eligibility - Who May Apply

STAGE 1: Submission of Summary Application (Section D.6.b)

Only the Most Highly Rated will be invited to Stage II

STAGE II: Collaboration on Program and Validation of Capabilities

Recipient Submission of Full Application (Attachment A)
3/7/2019Competition Structure
Organization Commitment and Prior Success
Experience/success in areas listed in D.7.1.A

II. Organizational Capability
Present Capability in areas listed in D.7.1.B
3/7/2019Technical Evaluation - Organization Qualifications
DUNS Registration

Format and Page Numbering


3/7/2019Other Key Reminders
An evaluation of a prospective recipients ability to perform in compliance with USAID regulations
Adequacy of accounting system
Efficiency of Internal control
Reporting capability

Documents Needed
Management Policies
Financial Information
Chart of Accounts
Books of Accounts, Supporting Documentation
Bank Reconciliation Statements
Copies of Audited F/S (for the last 3 years if available)
Financial Reports
Procurement Policies & Procedures
Organizational Structure & Personnel

3/7/2019PRE-AWARD SURVEY (Continued)
ADS 591: Annual Audit Requirements
Award requirement
USAID Financial Audit Guidelines for Non-US Organizations
Audit Threshold ($750,000)
Annual audit requirements also applied for sub-awards

Recipient Responsibilities
Provide USAID financial reports
Prepare financial statements
Select audit firm among eligible firms
Contract audit firm
Provide comments to draft audit report
Implement audit recommendations
Maintain supporting documentation (books and records open for 3 years)

3/7/2019AUDIT (Continued)
Application Due (February 04, 2020 @ 1600 Hours Hanoi Time)
Estimated Timeline Attachment G

3/7/2019NEXT STEPS
Thank You!

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