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May 24, 2023



Kwajalein Industry Day Feedback Request

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, would like to thank you for
your participation in our 2023 Kwajalein Industry Day on May 23, 2023. At this time,
we would like to solicit your feedback. The program on Kwajalein continues to grow
and your feedback is important to us.

Name and Company:

1. Describe your interest in the Kwajalein program.

2. Describe the constraints / challenges you see that will affect the execution of the

Kwajalein program?

3. What barriers / obstacles must be removed / addressed before executing the

work? With current conditions described, do you think the atoll can accommodate
the ongoing and projected workload? Why or why not?

4. What impact do these barriers / obstacles have on the overall execution of the


5. What materials / commodities would be in demand that would have an impact in

executing the Kwajalein program?

6. What materials / commodities are volatile in todays market that are required to

execute the Kwajalein program?

7. What changes do you anticipate in relevant material costs and supply-chain

snarls that may impact the cost and completion time for a project?

Is there concern with the stability of market or labor conditions that will exist
during an extended period of contract performance?

In your opinion, what could the Government do to assist in the reduction of Contractor
risk involved in construction in remote locations?

10. Please provide continuation on any questions above or any other thoughts about

the program.

Please submit completed forms via e-mail no later than 31 May 2023, to:

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