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April 26, 2021, 11:30 a.m.
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Meeting Notes Page 1 B.F. Sisk – Industry Day #3 Phase I – Construction of Shear Keys and Berms April 22, 2021 Invitees BOR – California-Great Basin Region BOR – Mid-Pacific Construction Office (MPCO) X Sarah Rall X Reynaldo (Henry) Garcia X Richard Welsh BOR - TSC X Caleb Rudkin X Meaghan Peters Contractors James Waller, Flatiron Todd Orbus, Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. Craig Briggs, Kiewit Casey Patterson, NW Construction, Inc Eric Ownby, Ames Construction Jeff Grimm, Granite Construction Derek Morley, Geosyntec Consultants Emily Young, Fisher Sand & Gravel Co Ian Broste, ASRC Industrial / Brad Cole Construction Colin Crawford, Chief Estimator, Granite Construction Damon Halsey, UFP Industries Chris Conkle, Geosyntec Consultants Ben Schoonover, Fisher Sand & Gravel Ken Epps, Estimating Manager, Skanska USA Civil Kelley Hall, Barnard Construction Lillian Simon, Flatiron West Inc. Paul Lopez, Fisher Sand & Gravel Agenda Purpose Purpose of Industry Day is to reach out to Industry and present the upcoming work on the B.F. Sisk Project. Page 2 Link to the presentation can be found at the following link. Discussion started at minute 12:00: Questions and Discussion • Why is there a requirement (for sand) to come from a commercial source? o Investigations in Basalt Hill showed that the specified requirements for sand were not able to be met with onsite production. • What is the Engineers Estimate for this project? o The expected price range will be announced in the solicitation. • Will the commercial aggregate/sand source be specified or is it up to the contractor? o This is up to the contractor. • Can the PowerPoint and drone footage be made available? o Presentation is being recorded and will be available (see link above). • Do you have results from the rippability study? If so, can you share the results? o Yes, these will be shared during the solicitation. • What are the primary drivers for issuing this RFP instead of IFB? o There are a lot of technical challenges with this contract that warrants a best value approach. • Are you going to post a list of attendees from this meeting? o Yes. • Why was Phase 1 of the project scaled back from the previous industry day presentations? Funding? Permits? Risk reduction? o All of the above. • Will this be hard bid or best value or prequalified bidder solicitation o Best value. • Do you have any anticipated dates for future contracts? o Not currently. Dates for Phase 1 were identified in this presentation. • Have you determined what the criteria for BV will be? o BOR is working through the criteria. They will be presented in Sections L and M of the solicitation. • Are you going to prequalify contractors? o No. • Will phase 2 encompass the remainder of the project or do you foresee several more phases? o Not yet determined. • Will there be a site walk? o There will be a live, in person site visit that will be scheduled and announced in the solicitation.