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CUI Project 1105306 Whiteman Air Force Base Extend Parachute Room Back Wall in B32 Page 1 of 6 CUI STATEMENT OF WORK 20 July 2021 1105306 Extend Parachute Room Back Wall Building 32 The Contractor shall provide all services, materials, supplies, labor, studies, management, travel, and other resources in connection with the work described herein. The Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining and maintaining any registration or certification as required by the various federal, state, and local regulatory agencies, and any other registrations, certifications, or other credentials or permissions required to perform the contracted tasks. This construction project is in Building 32 located at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. The attached drawing of record shows the current layout of rooms 101, 112, and 110. DESCRIPTION OF THE PROJECT This project will delete the inspection office, room 112, and open a breezeway between rooms 110, the current folding room, and room 101, the current flotation room, within building 32. This building is located in a restricted area. Using the provided documentation, take the existing schematic drawings above through development of both conceptual and for construction drawing sets, to the completion and CUI Project 1105306 Whiteman Air Force Base Extend Parachute Room Back Wall in B32 Page 2 of 6 CUI closeout of construction of this project, in accordance with approved documents with details described below. The construction duration for this project shall not exceed 45 days and the total Period of Performance for this project is estimated to be 75 days. PROJECT SCOPE The project shall include, but is not limited to, the following: a) Design a. Conceptual and “For Construction” Drawing design approval prior to construction start. b) Construction a. Exterior work A current ¾ inch water line will be capped in the South wall of office 112 and the tap will be removed on the exterior the building. An appropriate water-tight cap will be introduced to the wall. b. Interior work The contractor shall remove two (2) 13.5’ x 19’ slugged and re-barred CMU walls. One wall has been determined structural and will require bracing during the removal and be permanently structurally sound for this effort. After the removal (floor to roof), an engineer-evaluated lintel shall be installed with two wall-hugging support columns and verification will be required that the floor/footer is appropriate to safely support these or if piers are needed to be installed. The second wall, which is non-structural and currently labeled as a fire-wall, has been de-classified and will be opened with the same size opening but not require support columns and lintels. Both walls will have current doors removed during the demolition process. With the removal of the office, the current office drop ceiling will need to be removed. Current office lighting will be removed and replaced with LED lighting appropriate for the newly created space. Current fire control systems will be raised to meet the elevations of the heads in rooms 110 and 101. Existing HVAC supporting this demoed office will be removed and reinstalled. The floors where the CMU is removed will match surrounding areas to the furthest extent possible via new VC Tile similar to that in room 101 to existing tile in room 110. KICKOFF a. For the project kickoff, the contractor shall develop a project schedule that includes major milestones, with critical path identified, and keep this updated with scheduled/actual dates the milestones have been reached. b. Additionally the contractor will provide primary PoC (Project Manager, Site Superintendent, etc.) information, and a list of subcontractors to be utilized. c. It is the contractor’s responsibility to ensure all contractors and subcontractors utilized are on the EAL for access to the job site. d. The contractor shall prepare the agenda, minutes, and presentation materials (if any) for this kickoff meeting. CUI Project 1105306 Whiteman Air Force Base Extend Parachute Room Back Wall in B32 Page 3 of 6 CUI PROGRESS UPDATES: The contractor shall update the government bi-weekly, unless otherwise noted, on the progress of the project. This update shall include work completed in the past two weeks, as well as work planned for the next two weeks. SUBMITTALS The contractor shall submit for review, to include but not limited to the following, for Government approval prior to construction, on an AF Form 3000 Material Approval Submittal form: a. Project Schedule b. Construction Plan Narrative c. For Construction Drawings, including at a minimum: i. Project & Area site plans ii. Utility plans iii. Demolition plans iv. Construction Plans as required: 1. Architectural floor plans that consider functional relationships, work area use, physical security requirements, and traffic flow patterns 2. General interior finish selections 3. Exterior elevation drawings showing principal exterior finishes 4. General preliminary mechanical, electrical, and information systems layouts 5. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing schedules, to include capacities, sizes, and requirements 6. Fire protection plans 7. Layout showing principal features of the proposed structural system 8. Structural Footer modifications and associated concrete design (if required) 9. Lintel and Column Detail with associated temporary shoring plan (if required) 10. Other plans necessary to present the “For Construction” design in a clear and accurate way d. Material & Product Specifications e. Submittal Register – AF Form 66 The contractor shall submit the following which includes, but is not limited to, for Government approval after construction, within two weeks of construction final inspection: All applicable O&M Manuals Final as-builts Closeout documentation (AF1354), release of claims, and a Warranty Letter CUI Project 1105306 Whiteman Air Force Base Extend Parachute Room Back Wall in B32 Page 4 of 6 CUI SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS All submittals are to be sent by secure electronic methods, as determined by the government, or other expeditious means on AF FORM 3000. Distribution of each design submittal will be made by the contractor directly to 509 CONS. Partial submittals will not be accepted Drawings Shall include: a. The AF Form 3000 shall include, at a minimum: the project title, project number, location, base map, execution year, and the solicitation number. b. The contractor shall be responsible for delivering the drawings in AutoCAD (latest version) with the .dwg file format, as well as converted PDF. c. A table of drawings sheets, file names, layers, views, etc., shall be provided indicating which files, layers, etc., are needed to reproduce each sheet of the drawings. These files should be provided to the government on CD or sent via secure electronic method, as determined by the government. d. All drawings shall be legible and easily readable when reproduced at half-scale. The CAD files shall be provided at the final submittal as the as builts along with their converted PDF counterpart. e. A single set of half-scale hardcopy For Construction drawings shall be submitted for review along with an electronic pdf version. f. The contractor shall translate and provide all drawings in a PDF format. These files shall be the electronic duplicates of the final hard copy submittal. g. The PDF and dwg files shall be fully functional when delivered with no editing required by the Government. COORDINATION OF PLANS AND SPECIFICATIONS Deficiencies, ambiguities, conflicts, and inconsistencies in submittals shall be rectified prior to their official submittal to the government. The letter of transmittal shall certify that all documents have been reviewed, checked, and approved internally by the contractor and shall be signed by the contractor’s project manager. DESIGN CRITERIA The project shall be designed and built in accordance with, but not limited to, the following criteria: the Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC), Whiteman AFB Installation Facilities Standards (IFS), energy conservation considerations, and appropriate codes (i.e., Uniform Building Code, National Fire Protection Code, National Electrical Code, National Plumbing code, et. al.) and Air Force regulations, Manuals, and Engineering applicable Technical Letters, DOD minimum antiterrorism standards, and the Whole Building Design Guide. i) Any planning, design and construction, renovation, repair and affixed equipment installation that result in DOD real property assets shall comply with the Federal sustainability requirements as detailed in UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. CUI Project 1105306 Whiteman Air Force Base Extend Parachute Room Back Wall in B32 Page 5 of 6 CUI b) Whiteman AFB Installation Facilities Standards is located at This replaces the previous Whiteman AFB Design Guide. 2) GENERAL REQUIREMENTS AND STANDARDS a) OSHA REGULATIONS: If at any time during the design of the facility it becomes apparent that a violation may exist as a result of the design, the contractor shall notify the Contracting Officer in writing requesting consultation to resolve the possible violation as soon as possible. b) SITE INSPECTION: The contractor is responsible for making the necessary field visits to assess existing conditions and to obtain such detailed information as is required to both submit their proposal, as well as complete this project. c) SITE AND UTILITY PLANS: Site plans shall depict sufficient bench marks and monuments to serve during actual construction, proposed site boundaries, location of proposed construction sites, and locations of proposed utility systems. 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