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11 OCT 23 Industry Day - NWS FY24 Program.pptx

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Industry Day Presentation Summary:

The Industry Day presentation on the NWS FY24 program provided an overview of the Seattle District MILCON program. Victor M. Ramos, PMP, Chief of Military and Interagency Support Branch at the US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District, highlighted key details.

The FY24 MILCON program includes 8 projects totaling $280 million, with an anticipated acquisition strategy of stand-alone construction contracts. Additionally, there are 2 minor MILCON projects amounting to $10.7 million, with an acquisition strategy involving the Seattle District DB Construction MATOC.

One specific project mentioned is the construction of a dining facility at YTC for the WAARNG Regional Training Institute to accommodate over 125 students, with supporting facilities such as electric, water, sewer, gas, paving, walks, curbs/gutters, and storm drainage.

For further inquiries or questions, contact Victor M. Ramos at the provided office and cellular numbers.

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