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July 7, 2022, 1:09 p.m.
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Conference, Catering & Lodging Services

1.0 General:

1.1 Scope: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, and quality control necessary, except as specified in Paragraph 3.0 as Government Furnished, to perform conference, catering, and lodging Services, as defined in this PWS.

1.2 Background: This acquisition is for a TY22 Soldier Reintegration Program on 10SEP22. Members of the Ohio Army National Guard will be present in the Austintown, Ohio area to receive benefit information.

1.3 Period of Performance (PoP): 9-10 September 2022

1.4 General Information:

1.4.1 Quality Control (QC): Reserved

1.4.2 Quality Assurance (QA): Reserved

1.4.3 Recognized Holidays: Reserved

1.4.4 Place and Performance of Services: Austintown, Ohio area.

1.4.5 Security Requirements. Reserved

1.4.6 Physical Security. The contractor shall safeguard all Government property provided. At the close of each work period, Government facilities, equipment and materials shall be secured.

1.4.7 Special Qualifications: Reserved

1.4.8 Post Award Conference/Periodic Progress Meetings: The contractor agrees to attend any post award conference convened by the KO in accordance with FAR Subpart 42.5. The KO, COR, and other Government personnel, as appropriate, may meet periodically with the contractor to review the contactor’s performance. At these meetings, the KO will apprise the contractor of how the Government views the contractor’s performance and the contractor shall apprise the Government of problems, if any, being experienced. The contractor shall resolve outstanding issues raised by the Government. Contractor attendance at these meetings shall be at no additional cost to the Government.

1.4.9 Contract Manager (CM): The contactor shall designate a CM who shall ensure performance under this contract. The name of this person, and an alternate who shall act for the contractor when the CM is absent, shall be designated in writing. The CM or alternate shall have full authority to act for the contractor on all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract. The CM shall work through the KO to resolve issues, receive technical instructions, and ensure adequate performance of services. The CM shall ensure that contractor employees do not perform any services outside the scope of the contract without an official modification issued by the KO. The CM shall ensure contractor employees understand that services performed outside the scope of the contract are performed wholly at the expense of the contractor.

1.4.10 Identification of Contractor Employees: Reserved

1.4.11. Combating Trafficking in Persons: The United States Government has adopted a zero tolerance policy regarding trafficking in persons. Contractors and contractor employees shall not engage in severe forms of trafficking in persons during the period of performance of the contract; procure commercial sex acts during the period of performance of the contract; or use forced labor in the performance of the contract. The Contractor shall notify its employees of the United States Government’s zero tolerance policy, the actions that will be taken against employees for violations of this policy. The contractor shall take appropriate action, up to and including termination, against employees or subcontractors that violate the US Government policy as described at FAR 22.17.

1.4.12 Contractor Travel Reserved

1.4.13 Data Rights Reserved

1.4.14 Organizational Conflicts of Interest (OCI): The contractor and subcontractor personnel performing services under this contract may receive, have access to or participate in the development of proprietary or source selection information (e.g., cost or pricing information, budget information or analyses, specifications, or work statements, etc.) or perform evaluation services which may create a current or subsequent OCIs, as defined in FAR Subpart 9.5. The contractor shall notify the KO immediately whenever it becomes aware that such access or participation may result in any actual or potential OCI and shall promptly submit a plan to the KO to avoid or mitigate any such OCI. The contractor’s mitigation plan will be determined to be acceptable solely at the discretion of the KO. In the event the KO unilaterally determines that any such OCI cannot be satisfactorily avoided or mitigated, the KO may impose other remedies as he or she deems necessary, including prohibiting the contractor from participation in subsequent contracted requirements which may be affected by the OCI.

1.4.15 Phase In / Phase Out Periods Reserved

2.0 Definitions and Acronyms:

2.1 Definitions:

2.1.1 Contractor: A supplier or vendor awarded a contract to provide specific supplies or service to the government. The term used in this contract refers to the prime.

2.1.2 Contracting Officer (KO): A person with authority to enter into, administer, and or terminate contracts, and make related determinations and findings on behalf of the government. Note: The only individual who can legally bind the government.

2.1.3 Contracting Officer Representative (COR): An employee of the U.S. Government designated by the KO to monitor contractor performance. Such appointment will be in writing and will state the scope of authority and limitations. This individual has authority to provide technical direction to the Contractor as long as that direction is within the scope of the contract, does not constitute a change, and has no funding implications. This individual does NOT have authority to change the terms and conditions of the contract.

2.1.4 Defective Service: A service output that does not meet the standard of performance associated with the PWS.

2.1.5 Deliverable: Anything that can be physically delivered and includes non-manufactured things such as meeting minutes or reports.

2.1.6 Key Personnel: Contractor personnel that are evaluated in a source selection process and that may be required to be used in the performance of a contract by the PWS. When key personnel are used as an evaluation factor in best value procurement, an offer can be rejected if it does not have a firm commitment from the persons that are listed in the proposal.

2.1.7 Physical Security: Actions that prevent the loss or damage of Government property.

2.1.8 Quality Assurance: The government procedures to verify that services being performed by the Contractor are performed according to acceptable standards.

2.1.9 Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP): An organized written document specifying the surveillance methodology to be used for surveillance of contractor performance.

2.1.10 Quality Control: All necessary measures taken by the Contractor to ensure that the quality of an end product or service shall meet contract requirements.

2.1.11 Subcontractor: One that enters into a contract with a prime contractor. The Government does not have privity of contract with the subcontractor.

2.2 Acronyms:

AEIArmy Enterprise Infostructure

ARArmy Regulation

AT/OPSECAntiterrorism/Operational Security

BIBackground Investigation

CMContract Manager

CMRAContractor Manpower Reporting Application

CORContracting Officer Representative

DADepartment of the Army

DD254Department of Defense Contract Security Classification Specification

DFARSDefense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

DoDDepartment of Defense

FARFederal Acquisition Regulation

GFP/M/E/SGovernment Furnished Property/Material/Equipment/Services

HQDAHeadquarters, Department of the Army

HSPDHomeland Security Presidential Directive

IAInformation Assurance

ISInformation System(s)

KOContracting Officer

NGBNational Guard Bureau

OCIOrganizational Conflict of Interest

PIIPersonally Identifiable Information

PIPOPhase In/Phase Out

POCPoint of Contact

PRSPerformance Requirements Summary

PWSPerformance Work Statement

QAQuality Assurance

QASPQuality Assurance Surveillance Plan

QCQuality Control

QCPQuality Control Program

SSNSocial Security Number

TETechnical Exhibit

USD(I)Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

3.0 Government Furnished Property, Material, Equipment and Services (GFP/M/E/S): The Government will provide the property, material, equipment, and/or services listed below solely for the purpose of performance under this contract:

3.1 Property: Reserved

3.2 Materials: Reserved

3.3 Equipment: Reserved

3.4 Services: Reserved

3.5 Utilities: Reserved

4.0 Contractor Furnished Property, Materials, and Equipment (CFP/M/E):

4.1 General: Except for those items specifically stated to be Government-Furnished in Paragraph 3.0, the contractor shall furnish everything required to perform these services as indicated in Paragraph 1.1.

5.0 Requirements: The contractor shall:

5.1 Location: Austintown, OH area

5.2: Parking: All venues must have ample parking accommodations for attendees. This is estimated at approximately 250 vehicles. Venue must provide parking at no cost to conference attendees. Voucher systems are acceptable.

5.3: Lodging: Must provide 25 room block at the government per diem rate in with check-in 9 SEP 22, check-out 10 SEP 22. Rooms must be king or queen sleeping rooms.

5.3.1: Per Diem rates may be accessed at

5.3.2: Guests will check-in with personal credit cards to cover incidentals. The lodging guest shall be responsible for any and all incidental charges incurred during the stay.

5.3.4: Room Lock Date: Final room count will be locked in on 19 AUG 2022 but is subject to change after that date. A free 20% cancelation / no show window will be honored for guests that cancel or are no show after 26 AUG 2022. Equitable reduction / increase will be made for change in required lodging.

5.3.5: Lodging vendor must offer free continental breakfast to lodging guests.

5.3.6: Lodging vendor shall provide a final document of c