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Oct. 20, 2022, 1:24 p.m.
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US Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Statement of Work

Project 3

General Information 3

1.0 Scope of Work 3

2.0 Background 3

Contractor Requirements 3

3.0 Technical Requirements / Tasks 3

4.0 Government Furnished 3

5.0 Deliverables / Schedule 3

6.0 Travel 3

7.0 Contractor’s Key Personnel 3

8.0 Security Requirements 4

9.0 Data Rights 4

10.0 Section 508 – Electronic and Information Technology Standards 4

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APHIS, USDA RVSS Biorepository support; replacement of -70 C freezer.

General Information
1.0 Scope of Work
Provide a brief statement of the overall project, including goals and objectives.

The CryoCart will serve as a sample handling system to contain and transport cryogenically frozen biological samples
between freezers during our biorepository transfer activities at the Plum Island Animal Disease Center. Expedited
transfer of materials along with maintenance of cold chain will be critical to ensure the viability, stability, and
integrity of mission critical materials for transfer and future use at the National Agro and Bio Defense Facility (NBAF)
in Manhattan Kansas.

2.0 Background
Provide a general description of the requirement, describing the acquisition history (if applicable), the current environment, and the
vision of the future of the requirement. If information technology is a factor, provide pertinent technical facts.

This unit is designed for transporting large quantities of samples from one freezer unit to another while maintaining
cold chain for 18 hours with the cover closed. This device proves efficient to support the biorepository transfer
activities within the BSL3 laboratory space on plum island to ensure the mission critical biological materials arrive at
the new facility suitable for future diagnostic and research use at NBAF.

Contractor Requirements
3.0 Technical Requirements / Tasks
• Upon arrival this unit will be transported in the biocontainment lab space.
• The unit will be filled with LN2 based on manufactures instructions to ensure the required temperature is

stable for the end user. The Omega temperature monitor will be checked to ensure its functional.

• The end user- government personnel will ensue the device is added to the BRT equipment list for inventory

and calibration schedule if required.

4.0 Government Furnished
List any government-furnished support, data, property or facilities. Describe government responsibility for reviewing and approving
reports and final products generated under the contract. If the contractor will require access to government facilities, identify the
facility location and specific area. Identify any federal holidays or other times when access may be restricted.
Insert Government Furnished Here

• AFFS Contractor will provide mechanical support if needed.
• PIADC Biosafety office will provide guidance for LN2 usage and appropriate lab space for off gassing and


5.0 Deliverables / Schedule
All written deliverables shall be phrased in layperson language.

• Upon arrival, the unit will be evaluated prior to delivery into the biocontainment lab.
• The omega temperature monitor will be annually monitored for calibration in the USDA, NVSL equipment

database managed by USDA personnel onsite.

6.0 Travel 7.0 Contractor’s Key Personnel Insert Contractor’s Key Personnel Here

• AFFS Lab maintenance workers cleared for BSL 3 refrigeration work. The cryocart will work in conjunction
with all freezers to maintain cold chain. Ensure AFFS contractor is aware of units use and limitations.

8.0 Security Requirements
Specify security requirements that apply to the contract performance. Specify the level of clearances required and identify positions
that are applicable.
Insert Security Requirements Here

• BSAT Cleared personnel through DHS & USDA

9.0 Data Rights
If data is to be produced, furnished, acquired, or used in meeting contract requirements, delineate the respective rights and
obligations of the government and the contractor regarding the use, production, and disclosure of that data.
Insert Data Rights Here

10.0 Section 508 – Electronic and Information Technology Standards
When information technology is to be acquired, include language describing Section 508 requirements.
Insert Section 508 Here

• N/A

• N/A

If applicable, include an Attachment stating Evaluation Factors and significant Subfactors representing the key areas of
importance and emphasis to be considered in the source selection decision.

• This unit serves to satisfy the temperature and specifications needed to manage biomaterials of high

consequence for packaging and transfer to NBAF.