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Contract Opportunity
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March 2, 2022, 4:13 p.m.
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Multiple Award Indefinite-Delivery Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) Task Order Contract for Construction,
Repair, and Alteration, with Design-Build and incidental Abatement for GSA/PBS Region 7

General Description of Scope of Services:
This contract is to provide repair, alteration, and design-build construction services. In addition, design and/or
abatement incidental to construction are included.

1. Contract Services - Construction and design-build services consist of interior and exterior building
construction, and repair and alterations, including but not limited to: electrical, carpentry, masonry, plumbing,
mechanical, architectural, landscaping which is incidental to repair or alteration, storm drainage, exterior
renovations, demolition services, earthwork, pavement repair, and other miscellaneous civil work. Abatement
services which are incidental to repair and alteration projects are also included. The work to be performed
under the terms of this contract includes, but is not limited to: renovations, wall partition construction,
modification and alteration of floor and wall mounted signal and power outlets to be included in the modification
of associated conduit, surface mounted raceway, and various underfloor duct systems; installation of new and
the alteration of existing power panels; carpet and carpet tile installation; painting; HVAC ductwork modification
and repair; door, door frame, and door set hardware installation; communications cabling; grid ceiling and
lighting installation and modification; modification of existing building fire sprinkler systems; and other such
related work which would be outlined in task order and job drawings. The design-build requirements of a project
can include, but are not limited to, review and evaluation of the concept, design development and construction
document submission for constructability, value engineering or alternate means and methods recommendations,
identification of any problems or errors in the design documentation, consultation/coordination with GSA during
construction document production, project schedule development, primary cost estimates during design
development and construction documents, and development of subcontractor and supplier interest. Abatement
when incidental to construction can include asbestos, lead, mold, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB).

2. Project Specifications and Requirements - The technical specifications, statements of work, drawings and
other technical documents associated with each task order will be issued at the time of issuance of individual
Task Order Request for Proposals (TO RFP) for said task order. Each task order under this contract will be
different and therefore specifications and requirements will be unique to each task order. Adherence to general
requirements associated with the base IDIQ contract is required. GSA design specification PBS-P100 (Facilities
Standards for the Public Buildings Service) has basic design requirements for GSA facilities and can be found at
Agency design requirements will be provided with each TO RFP, as applicable.

3. Firm-Fixed Price Contract - This will be a firm-fixed price contract. All work to be acquired under the
contract will be accomplished by the issuance of individual firm-fixed price task orders. An IDIQ contract can be
in the primary pool for the Small Projects Pool, for the Large Projects Pool, or for both pools. The individual task
orders to be placed under the contract can range in dollar value from approximately $2,000 up to $1,000,000 for
contracts which are primary only in the Small Projects Pool, and from approximately $2,000 up to $3,500,000 for
all other contracts. Task order values will NOT be spread evenly across these ranges, and most projects are
expected to be less than $50,000. Contracts which are primary in just one project pool will act as secondary
contracts for the other project pool in that geographic zone; however, a contract can be primary in both project
pools. The annual Maximum Order Limitations (MOL) are shown in the table in Section 4, but this upper
limit per contract per year in no way commits the Government to issue orders to that magnitude, and it
should NOT be interpreted as an anticipated spend level. MOLs have been set at inflated values to allow
for potential unanticipated requirements. These contract vehicles may be utilized by GSA R7 Regional and
Field Office personnel. These contracts will be solicited as one (1) year contracts, with four (4) one (1) year
option periods, for a total potential contract period not to exceed five (5) years.

Contracts will be solicited and awarded by zone in a staggered schedule. The solicitation will be amended and
posted to when each successive set of zones to be solicited and awarded is opened for proposals. All
zones and pools will serve as secondary sets of contracts that can be used throughout the five-state region. If a
zone does not have a set of zonal contracts awarded under this procurement at the time of Task Order
issuance, any secondary zone’s set of contracts throughout the region can be used, and those task orders will
be competed among all the IDIQ holders in that zone(s).

4. Minimum Guarantee and Maximum Ordering Limitation - The guaranteed minimum for the base year only
is $2,000 per IDIQ contract. There is no guaranteed minimum for each of the four one-year option periods (if
exercised by the Government). If the contractor receives a task order during the base year, a unilateral
modification will be issued to deobligate the minimum guarantee from the base contract. If the contractor does
not receive a task order prior to the end of the base year, the contractor may submit an invoice for the minimum
guaranteed amount immediately following the expiration of the base year provided the contractor fully complied
with active RFP participation. The Government makes no representation as to the number of task orders or
actual amount of work to be ordered. Contractors are not guaranteed work in excess of the minimum
guarantee. The Maximum Ordering Limitation (MOL) under these contracts will be in the amounts shown below,
per contract, per year. If an Offeror has a contract which is primary in both pools in the same zone, the MOL for
that zonal contract will be $5,000,000 per year. The MOL is applicable for the sum of all task orders awarded
under that contract per year, regardless of the value of individual task orders. The MOL includes the value of all
task orders placed under that contract during that period of performance (including changes in task order value
due to modifications issued at any time), regardless if the orders were for work in the primary zone or in any
secondary zone.

Large Projects Pool

Small Projects Pool
Annual MOL per IDIQ Annual MOL per IDIQ

Both Project Pools

Annual MOL per IDIQ
(primary in only this pool) (primary in only this pool) (primary in both pools)



Border El Paso
Border McAllen
Border San Antonio
Dallas to Shreveport
Fort Worth
North New Mexico
West Oklahoma
Tulsa to Fayetteville
West Texas



5. Task Orders and Project Pools - Services will be required under these contracts on an as-needed basis, up
to a single task order limit of $3,500,000. Task orders will be prepared based on defined statements of work for
specific projects and issued as fixed-price task orders awarded to the zonal contractor who provides the best
value to the Government. The contractors awarded task orders under this IDIQ are expected to have
experience and expertise in all project delivery methods (per Section 1 above) included in this program. The
prime contractor bears all responsibility to deliver awarded task orders on time and at the required quality level
specified in each individual task order.

“Small Projects Pool” means the group of contracts within a geographic performance zone which are primarily
intended to support projects initially estimated by the Government to be valued at or below the Simplified
Acquisition Threshold (SAT), but contractors which are primary in only the Small Projects Pool can compete for
and potentially be awarded a task order of any value up to $1,000,000 (annual MOL). “Large Projects Pool”
means the group of contracts within a geographic performance zone which are primarily intended to support
projects initially estimated by the Government to be valued above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT),
but contractors which are primary in only the Large Projects Pool can compete for and potentially be awarded a
task order valued as low as $2,000. A contractor can be awarded an IDIQ contract which is primary in either or
both project pools. Contracts in a geographic zone other than the primary geographic zone for a project can be
used as secondary zone contracts for projects of any value up to $3.5M when the Task Order Contracting
Officer (TO CO) determines that it is in the best