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1.2 Background. The Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville is an airbase that is part of
the overall Jacksonville Naval Complex, a collection of Navy Bases in the Jacksonville
Metropolitan Area that include Naval Station Mayport, the former Naval Air Station
Cecil Field (now Cecil Airport), Naval Outlying Landing Field Whitehouse, and the
Pinecastle Range Complex.

1.1 Description of Services/Introduction. The Contractor shall provide all personnel,
equipment, supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other
items and non-personal services necessary to perform warehouse and storage support
services at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida (NAS JAX) as defined in this
Performance Work Statement (PWS) except for those items specified as Government
furnished equipment and services. The Contractor shall perform to the standards in this

1. General. This is a non-personal services contract to provide warehouse and storage support
services. The Government will not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service
providers performing the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable
solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government.

1.3 Scope. The purpose of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to obtain storage
and warehousing services for aviation and aviation-support customers, including a full
range of physical distribution services that provide the warfighter with excellent support.
The Government encourages the Contractor to identify efficiencies and propose those
changes, in writing, to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), who will research
the feasibility and provide a written response to the Contractor.

1.5.1 Normal Duty Hours. Contractor personnel shall be on the scene to
manage/perform the functions listed in this PWS in accordance with Exhibit 3.
The Contractor shall provide the COR with the name and phone number of the
Contractor employee that is designated weekly for call back duties outside of the
typical work hours of 0700 to 2300 Monday through Friday, which include, but
are not limited to, issuing, delivery, packing, and shipment of emergency

1.4 Period of Performance. The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Period
of 12 months and four (4), 12-month, option periods. The Period of Performance reads as

29 September 2021 - 28 September 2022
29 September 2022 - 28 September 2023
29 September 2023 - 28 September 2024
29 September 2024 - 28 September 2025
29 September 2025 - 28 September 2026

Base Period
Option Period I
Option Period II
Option Period III
Option Period IV

1.5 Hours of Operation.

requirements. When called back by the Government’s Aviation Support
Detachment duty personnel, the Contractor shall be on site within one hour, and
the material shall be issued/delivered/packed/shipped immediately.

NOTE: Emergency call backs shall be a separate line item when the firm-fixed
price quote is submitted, and shall be priced at a cost per call back.

1.5.2 Federal Government Holidays.

a. New Year’s Day

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday

Presidents Day

Memorial Day

Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

1st day of January
3rd Monday of January
3rd Monday of February
Last Monday of May
4th day of July
1st Monday of September
2nd Monday of October
11th day of November
4th Thursday of November
25th day of December

b. When one of the above designated legal holidays falls on a Sunday, the
following Monday will be observed as a legal holiday. When a legal holiday falls
on a Saturday, the proceeding Friday is observed as a legal holiday. This list of
holidays relates to Government duty days and is not intended to supplement or
otherwise alter the provisions of any Wage Determination regarding applicable
paid holidays.

c. If Government personnel are furloughed, the Contractor shall contact the
KO or the COR to receive direction. It is the Government’s decision as to
whether the contract price/cost will be affected as a result of Government
shutdown and/or furloughed Government employees. In the event of a

Government shutdown or furloughed Government employee(s) impacts contract
price/cost, a negotiated settlement will be reached as deemed appropriate by the
1.5.3 Inclement Weather Operations. In cases of severe weather, the KO may
authorize exceptions. When exceptions are granted, the Contractor shall make up
all missed services within twenty-four (24) hours after the severe weather has
terminated, unless the KO authorizes additional time. Rescheduling to provide
make-up services shall not be a basis for a claim by the Contractor for additional

1.6 Place of Performance. The work to be performed under this contract will be
performed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville Bldg 111 Door 24 and Bldg 110
Jacksonville, Florida, 32212.

1.7 Type of Contract. The Government will award a Firm-Fixed Price Contract.

1.8 Quality Control. Quality Control is the responsibility of the Contractor. The
Contractor is responsible for the delivery of quality services to the Government in
accordance with (IAW) the terms and conditions contained in Federal Acquisition
Regulation (FAR) Subpart 52.212-4 entitled, “Contract Terms and Conditions -
Commercial Items” (52.246-1 entitled, “Contractor Inspection Requirements” for non-
commercial under SAT, 52.246-1 for over SAT) and applicable sub-clauses pertaining to
quality control.

1.8.1 The Contractor shall develop, implement and maintain an effective Quality
Control System which includes a written Quality Control Plan (QCP). The QCP
shall implement standardized procedure/methodology for monitoring and
documenting contract performance to ensure all contract requirements are met.
The Contractors’ QCP must contain a systematic approach to monitor operations
to ensure acceptable services are provided to the Government. The QCP, as a
minimum, shall address continuous process improvement; procedures for
scheduling, conducting and documentation of inspection; discrepancy

identification and correction; corrective action procedures to include procedures
for addressing Government discovered non-conformances; procedures for root
cause analysis to identify the root cause and root cause corrective action to
prevent re-occurrence of discrepancies; procedures for trend analysis; procedures
for collecting and addressing customer feedback/complaints. The Contractor shall
provide to the Government their quality control documentation with the
Contractor’s proposal for use as an evaluation factor, three paper copies and one
electronic copy of a comprehensive written QCP, electronic copies shall be in
Adobe PDF or MS Office]; changes to the QCP after award shall be submitted to
the KO and COR in an electronic copy within five (5) calendar days prior to the
proposed changes thereafter. After acceptance of the quality control plan the
Contractor shall receive the Contracting Officer’s acceptance in writing of any
proposed change to their QC System in regard to this contract.

1.8.2 Inspection System. The Contractor shall establish an inspection system that
covers all the services stated in the Performance Requirements Summary (PRS),
Exhibit 3. It shall specify areas to be inspected on either a scheduled or
unscheduled basis, and the individuals who will perform the inspection.

1.8.3 Deficiencies. A method of identifying deficiencies in the quality of services
performed before the level of performance is unacceptable.

1.8.4 Corrective Actions. If at any time, it is determined by the KO that the
quality control system, personnel, instructions, controls, tests, or records are not
providing results which conform to contract requirements, action shall be taken by
the Contractor to correct the deficiency. If a Contract Deficiency Report (CDR) is
issued the Contractor shall develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) which
identifies the root cause, Corrective Action (CA) for the root cause, CA for the

specific non-conformance and CA to the root cause to prevent recurrence and a
corrective action including the timeline for completion.

1.8.5 Complaints. The Contractor shall notify the COR, within one workday, of
complaints (verbal or written) received by the Contractor on services covered by
this contract. These complaints could include, but are not limited to, those
received from customers receiving deliveries, commercial shippers, and

discrepancies in Shipment Reports (Standard Form 361). The Contractor is
responsible for researching and submitting proposed answers to all deficiencies to
the COR within two workdays.

1.9 Quality Assurance. The Government will evaluate the Contractor’s performance
under this contract IAW the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP). This plan is a
Government only document primarily focused on what the Government must do to assure
that the Contractor has performed IAW the requirements of the contract. It defines how
the performance standards will be applied, the frequency of surveillance, and the
minimum acceptable deficiency rate(s) as illustrated within the PWS and Performance
Requirements Summary. All performance ratings will use (Exceptional, Very Good,
Satisfactory, Marginal, or Unsatisfactory), as defined in FAR subpart 42.15, Contractor
Performance Information. The Government reserves the right to conduct compliance
surveillance of any contractual requirement of this acquisition.

1.9.1 Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). The Procurement Integrated
Enterprise Environment (PIEE) [] is the