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Oct. 26, 2022, 1:25 p.m.
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1.1 Naval Air Station Corpus (NAS) Christi, TX maintains and operates facilities for its
customers and provides services and materials to support operations of aviation facilities and
units of the Naval Air Training Command as well as other tenant activities and units.

1.2 NAS Corpus Christi’s overall command assignment is pilot training. The Chief of Naval
Air Training (CNATRA), headquartered aboard NAS Corpus Christi, oversees the training
operation throughout the Southeast Region, from Texas to Florida. Under CNATRA's
command are five training air wings, 16 training squadrons, more than 14,000 Navy and
civilian personnel, the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron, the Naval Aviation
Schools Command and the National Museum of Naval Aviation.

1.3 NAS Corpus Christi requires maintenance and repair service for the Intoxilyzer 5000 at
NAS Corpus Christi Security Department. The support service includes providing qualified and
certified technician(s) to train government personnel in the proper operation of the Intoxilyzer
5000 and issuing a certificate of completion (certification/proof) upon completion of the
training course.


2.1 NAS Corpus Christi Security Department (N3) requires the ability to determine and
document the blood alcohol content (BAC) of persons involved in incidents or accidents where
alcohol consumption is a suspected factor. The Department’s Intoxilyzer 5000 is used for this
purpose. Since the results of the testing may be used as evidence in criminal or civil charges
and proceedings, the Intoxilyzer must be maintained, calibrated and certified to be accurate. In
addition, Security personnel who administer the test must be trained and certified in its
operation to ensure the results are accurate and will stand in a court of law.


3.1 Although this requirement is primarily service-centric, the contractor/vendor shall provide
Intoxilyzer 5000-related consumable supplies including but not limited to:

a.) Disposable mouthpieces
b.) Printer Paper (used to print the subjects analytical report)
c.) Printer toner cartridges
d.) Reference Sample Solutions (200 proof alcohol mixed with distilled water used to determine
the accuracy of the instrument as well as to calibrate it)
e.) Alcohol/mixers (used for dosing subjects during the initial breath alcohol testing
certification school)

f.) Breath Alcohol Testing Operator Manuals issued to students
g.) Highlighters, pens, and pencils issued to students
h.) Testing supplies used during operator training


4.1 Texas Breath Alcohol Testing Program Operator’s Manual Rev 08-01 THP/br-38


5.1 Contractor/Vendor shall provide services and materials required to maintain the
Government-owned Intoxilyzer Model 5000EN, located at the Security Department, 10551 D.
Street Bldg 104, Naval Air Station, Corpus Christi, TX 78419.

5.2 Services shall include the following:

5.2.1 Perform linearity testing and/or calibration of the Intoxilyzer 5000 located at NAS Corpus
Christi TX Security Department, 10551 D St Bldg 104, Corpus Christi TX 78419.

5.2.2 Maintain the certification records of certified intoxilyzer operators.

5.2.3 Testify in court, if required, as an expert in breath alcohol related cases.

5.2.4 Provide an on-site inspection of the intoxilyzer at least once per calendar month and abide
by the following provisions:

a. Check in with the Budget Clerk or Dispatch Office upon arrival.

b. Provide maintenance check with proper documentation and verification.

c. Inform the Security Officer of any repairs that are covered by warranty.

5.2.5 Formulate, test, and supply ethyl alcohol solutions used in testing/calibrating the

5.2.6 Fill all disposable supply requests within 20 working days of request from the GTPOC.

5.2.7 Disposable supplies will include the following: See Section 3.1 herein.

5.2.8 Provide technical supervision of all Intoxilyzer operations as required by the Texas Breath
Alcohol Testing Regulations.

5.2.9 Provide training and certification for up to 10 persons (each year) in the proper operation
of the Intoxilyzer and upon completion, provide proof of proficiency (certification card)
recognized by the state of Texas.

5.3 The contractor is responsible for coordinating base access for personnel in support of this
contract through the Government Technical Point of Contact (GTPOC).

5.4 The contractor is responsible for proper disposal of all work related garbage in accordance
with local, state and federal laws, rules and regulations.


6.1 Period of Performance
01 December 2022 – 30 November 2023

6.2 Location of Performance
NAS Corpus Christi TX
Security Department
10551 D St Bldg 104
Corpus Christi TX 78419

6.3 Business Hours (Hours of Operation)
0800-1600 Local Corpus Christi Time
Monday to Friday Excluding Federal Holidays

6.4 Government Technical Point of Contact (GTPOC)

7.1 All vendor equipment, personnel and vehicles are subject to inspection and search by US
government security officials (or designated representatives) upon entry to any government
owned and/or operated installations and facilities.

7.2 Vendor personnel shall comply with all local base/installation security procedures required
to gain access to US Government contract-related facilities and other assets (as necessary).

7.3 If directed by US government security officials (or designated representatives), the vendor
shall remove (and replace as necessary) vendor-personnel and/or its representatives considered
a security risk at no additional cost to the government.

7.4 The vendor shall coordinate and comply with “all security requirements” regarding each
personnel assigned to this project through the GTPOC or designated representative within 10
working days of the contract release (or effective date, whichever comes first).


8.1 Commander, Navy Installations Command (CNIC), has established the Defense Biometric
Identification System (DBIDS), a standardized process for granting unescorted access
privileges to vendors, contractors, suppliers, and service providers not otherwise entitled to the

issuance of a Common Access Card (CAC) who seek access to and can provide justification to
enter Navy installations and facilities. Visiting vendors may obtain daily passes directly from
the individual Navy Installations by submitting identification credentials for verification and
undergoing a criminal screening/ background check. Alternatively, if the vendor so chooses, it
may voluntarily elect to obtain long-term credentials through enrollment, registration,
background vetting, screening, issuance of credentials, and electronic validation of credentials.
Credentials will be issued every year and access privileges will be reviewed/renewed on an
annual basis. Further information regarding DBIDS can be found under "Popular Links" at

9.0 Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS)

9.1 The DBIDS is a DoD-owned and operated system developed by Defense Manpower Data
Center as a force protection program to manage personnel identity and access at DoD
installations. DBIDS is a network database system designed to easily verify access
authorization of personnel entering military installations by using barcodes and fingerprint
biometric identifications.

9.2 To improve management and force protection at Navy installations, the Navy is
transitioning from using the Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS) to the DBIDS
for Contractors and vendors requiring access to an installation at no cost to them. The transition
will begin 17 April 2017 and individuals will have up to 180 days to obtain the permanent card.
After 14 August 2017, NCACs cards will no longer be accepted.

9.3 In order to obtain base access, an individual needs to acquire DoD sponsorship, have a
thorough identity check, be properly vetted, and have a legitimate reason for base access.
Identity checks require a passport or a Real ID Act-compliant state driver's license. Vetting
occurs when the individual's background and ID are compared against authoritative criminal
justice data bases, and the individual has a letter or official document from the sponsoring
organization which articulates the reason for access. When the above criteria are satisfactorily
met, DBIDs credentials are issued.

9.4 NCACS cardholders will have 120 days from 17 April 17 2017 to obtain a temporary
DBIDS paper pass. After the applicant obtains their DBIDS paper pass, they will have an
additional 180 days to obtain an actual DBIDS card at no cost. Those requesting new access
onto installations will receive the DBIDS card at the same time they are initially approved for
access. After 14 August 2017, NCACS cards will no longer be accepted for installation access.
Additional information is available at