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Performance Work Statement

1.0 Introduction/Background

In June 2015, CSG Visual Communication, Inc. installed a comprehensive audio visual (AV) system at
the Navy Drug & Alcohol Counsel School (NDACS) located in Point Loma, CA. The AV system
consisted of a large number of components that are primarily used for video and audio control and video
streaming/recording and processing to support the NDACS training mission and is fully integrated into all
aspects of training delivery.

As part of the NDACS training mission, group exercises are conducted three to five days per week and
are observed by the NDACS Program Director via the AV system for the purpose of providing feedback
to the instructors and to track the progress of students. Instructors review the recordings with the students
and provide feedback to the students related to their performance of skills and characteristics of
counseling. The AV system is connected to the main classroom podium projection system in order to
broadcast and record lectures. The recorded lectures are utilized by students who have missed class and
by new instructors who are assuming subject matter expert (SME) for various units. It is critical to
maintain system availability and stability to effectively perform training delivery in support of mission

The original custom design, programming, and equipment for the AV system was installed by CSG
Visual Communication, Inc. in the following rooms at NDACS:

• QTY (2) Classrooms: Rooms 137 & 308
• QTY (7) Group & Instructor Rooms 301, 303, 305, 307, 309, 316, & 320
• QTY (6) Instructor Rooms 304, 314, 318, 322, 324, & 326

This contract will continue the warranty and will cover all system firmware upgrades that need to be
maintained, custom programming for the video/audio control systems and video streaming, recording,
and processing systems. This includes the labor to maintain and program all components of the
comprehensive AV system, but excludes any required hardware that is not covered under each respective
equipment manufacturer warranty.
Specific requirements are to subscribe to the CSG Gold Repair Maintenance plan and allow them to
provide support to NDACS AV system, provide updates, troubleshoot, maintain and repair the existing
The vendor will provide the following:
• Onsite training to the IMIT staff in how to better monitor the actions of this AV system.
• Contact NMOTC IMIT to schedule any support visits by the CSG staff to NDACS. This is critical for
NMOTC to assess the system stability and determine the frequency of CSG support visits.
• At a minimum, schedule an onsite visit each month to assess the system stability and conduct training to
IMIT staff.
• Will provide documentation of every username, password, software license, device serial number and
system drawing to the IMIT staff for continuity purposes. This must be provided within the first 30 days
of contract award.

Provide insight into any faulty parts and innovations into new technology to enhance or improve the
existing AV system.
• Provide details on the existing MFG warrantied items and when they expire to allow NMOTC to
provide extended support of those devices, if required. This must be provided within the first 30 days of
the contract award.
• Provide labor at no cost for any repairs on the existing equipment.
• Process all RMA’s and track to completion.
• NMOTC understands that any item not under warranty that fails is a cost however, the vendor must
provide a detailed listing of all warranties on all devices in order for NMOTC to understand what this
may entail. This must be provided within the first 30 days of the contract award.

2.0 Scope of Work

The support includes a comprehensive service warranty for the NDACS AV system. The contractor will
provide knowledgeable staff to provide support for all AV equipment and systems installed in all
classroom, group, and instructor rooms. Support includes replacement, ability to download updates,
troubleshoot system, and update custom program.
The AV system at NDACS is so fully integrated into training delivery performance that NDACS mission
performance is significantly impacted and impaired by periods when the AV system is not operable or
available. Down times in the AV system have been associated with a significant reduction in the quality
of training delivery and an increased student failure rate from NDACS training courses. NDACS’ mission
capability is severely impacted by any down time of the AV system and must maintain stability and full
functionality at all times.
The vendor will perform a monthly assessment of the following items:
• Information Assurance (IA)/Security updates required on all system servers.
• Planned dates to install identified updates.
• A review of all hard drive capacities and percentages utilized.
• All user logs for all equipment.
• Uptime statistics for all components of the AV system.

The vendor will provide the following:
• NDACS and NMOTC/SWMI technical staff three hours of training every month on performance of
system stability checks and suggestions on technical or functional method or procedures to improve or
enhance system performance.
• A detailed, updated technical and functional description of all AV system components and technical
wiring diagrams/schematics.
• A DoD IA scan assessment report for all open ports and justifications to abstain from attaching this
system to the NDACS network.
• Hold a quarterly meeting with NMOTC/SWMI technical staff to detail an assessment of over system
status, open technical issues, completed and pending service work orders and recommendations to
optimize performance of the AV system.

All items in this contract must contain TAA compliant items and contain products that are verified to be
U.S. made or designated-country end products under FAR 52-225-5 Trade Agreements. All items must be
identified as TAA compliant, purchased as a Federal partner, authorized to provide equipment that will be
used on DoD networks pursuant to FAR 52.212.4 Contract terms and conditions – Commercial Items, and
FAR 52.212.5.

Any charges related to restocking, shipping or any other charges that are related to any vendor providing
non-TAA compliant equipment will be the responsibility of the vendor and not from the U. S.

All NMOTC Information Technology procurements use Defense Health Program funds and are therefore
exempt from the requirements contained in the Information Technology Procurement Request (ITPR)
approval process IAW BUMED memorandum 6000 Ser M6/16UM60041 of 26 Oct 16.

3.0 Period of Performance

The performance period shall be for a Base Period of 12 months and two (2), 12-Month, Option Periods.
The period of performance shall read as follows:

Base Period: 1 October 2022 – 30 September 2023
1 October 2023 – 30 September 2024
Option 1:
1 October 2024 – 30 September 2025
Option 2:

4.0 Place of Performance

Naval Drug & Alcohol Counselor School - NDACS
140 Sylvester Road
San Diego, CA 92106
POC: Ted Judson

Financial POC: Ms. Teri Perez, IMIT Business Analyst,, 850-452-2077.


This acquisition is not technically complex and, for that reason, it does not require a Contracting
Officer Representative (COR). However, a DGR will report to the Contracting Officer that all
products and/or services from the contractor have been delivered and accepted. The Designated
Government Representative for this contract is Ms. Victoria Burke, Chief Information Officer,, 850-452-2090.

The DGR monitors all technical aspects of the contract. The DGR is authorized to perform the
following functions: Assure that the Contractor performs the technical requirements of the
contract; perform inspections necessary in connection with contract performance; maintain written
and oral communications with the Contractor concerning technical aspects of the contract;
including Government drawings, designs, and specifications; monitor Contractor's performance
and notify both the KO and Contractor of any deficiencies; coordinate availability of Government
furnished property; and provide site entry of Contractor personnel. The DGR is not authorized to
change any of the terms and conditions of the resulting contract. The Contractor shall coordinate
and obtain prior approval from the DGR for all delivery, truck loading and unloading, the
positioning and use of any heavy equipment, commencing any work, and all other issues. The
DGR is responsible for the scheduling and coordination of all work to be accomplished as
required per this specification.


The Government will award a Firm Fixed Price Contract.


Quality Control is the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible for the delivery of
quality services to the Government in accordance with (IAW) the terms and conditions contained in
Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 52.212-4 entitled, “Contract Terms and Conditions -
Commercial Items” and applicable sub-clauses pertaining to quality control.

Contractor and all associated Contractor employees shall comply with applicable installation, facility and
area commander installation/facility access and local security policies and procedures provided by the
Government. The Contractor shall also provide all information required for background checks to meet
installation access requirements prior to obtaining base access. The Contractor workforce shall comply
with all personal identity verification requirements as directed by DoD, Department of the Navy (DoN)
and/or local policy. In addition to the changes otherwise authorized by the chang