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Defense Transportation Regulation – Part IV 15 January 2019 Personal Property IV-G5-1 ATTACHMENT G5 ACRONYMS Acronym Meaning AMC Air Mobility Command BL Bill of Lading BLOC Bill of Lading Office Code CD Contractor Disassembled CDRL Contract Data Requirements List CLIN Contract Line Item Number CONUS Continental United States CP Carrier Packed CPPSO Consolidated Personal Property Shipping Office CU Cube CW Containerized Warehouse CWT Hundredweight DBO Disassembled by Owner DD Form Department of Defense Form DPM Direct Procurement Method DTR Defense Transportation Regulation FAR Federal Acquisition Regulation GCWT Gross Hundredweight GOC Government-Owned Container HHG Household Goods ITGBL International Through Government Bill of Lading JPPSO Joint Personal Property Shipping Office JTR Joint Travel Regulations MSC Military Sealift Command MSL Military Shipping Label NCWT Net Hundredweight NTS Nontemporary Storage OCONUS Outside Continental United States PBP&E Professional Books, Papers and Equipment PBO Packed By Owner Defense Transportation Regulation – Part IV 15 January 2019 Personal Property IV-G5-2 Acronym Meaning POD Port of Debarkation POE Port of Embarkation POF Privately Owned Firearms PPGBL/BL Personal Property Government Bill of Lading/Bill of Lading PPPO Personal Property Processing Office PPSO Personal Property Shipping Office PRO PRO-Gear (Professional Books, Papers and Equipment) QAE Quality Assurance Evaluator RDD Required Delivery Date SDDC Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command SDS Service Delivery Summary SF Standard Form SOW Statement of Work TCMD Transportation Control Movement Document TCN Transportation Control Number TGBL Through Government Bill of Lading TP No. Transportation Priority Number UB Unaccompanied Baggage