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1 COMNAVAIRLANT INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT SERVICES PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS) 1.0 Introduction Director C5I (N6) provides Information Technology (IT); Information Systems (IS); Command; Control; Communications; Computer; Combat Systems; and Intelligence (C5I) Systems support to the Commander, Naval Air Forces U.S. Atlantic Fleet (CNAL) headquarters and subordinate commands. Support ensures CNAL activities are properly manned, trained, equipped, and maintained to meet operational requirements through active coordination with geographic and numbered fleet commanders, Systems Commands, Program Executive Offices/Program Managers, Navy Cyber Forces Command, Naval Network Warfare Command, Carrier Strike Group staffs, internal CNAL staff codes and subordinate staffs/commands. Establishes, executes, and enforces policies; provides services and oversight to support fleet IT/IS/C5I requirements development; conducts operations; provides security; and ensures life cycle support to maintain a secure and reliable communication/computing environment, which supports CNAL's worldwide mission. 1.1 Organization to be supported COMMANDER NAVAL AIR FORCE, U.S. ATLANTC FLEET NORFOLK, VA 23551-2419. 1.2 Scope The scope of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to provide operational support services to the Commander Naval Air Forces Atlantic Fleet (COMNAVAIRLANT). IT support encompasses five aircraft carriers, four carrier air wings, five type wings, training commands and approximately 90 air squadrons and ashore units. 2.0 Objective The objective of this requirement is to provide on-site systems analysis, engineering, integration, migration, and logistical support services to assist COMNAVAIRLANT Force Information Systems Directorate in the implementation of the following: · Consolidated Afloat Network and Enterprise Services (CANES) · Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) · Navy service Management, Integration and Transport (SMIT) · ONE-Net Network (OCONUS) . Community of Interest (COI) (legacy, tactical and training networks) Support includes: Analysis and acquisition support of hardware and software, integration and migration support services for deployable squadrons, management and network solution analysis, and operation and management of the 2 video teleconferencing (VTC) suites for the COMNAVAIRLANT and subordinate command activities, ashore and afloat. Advanced tactical training of Naval Air Forces Atlantic at the individual, unit, and air wing levels. Development and publication of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs), direct tactical Subject Matter Expert support to Combatant Commanders (COCOM). 2.1 Clearances A security clearance of SECRET is required for all Contractor employees. All Contractor personnel must be US citizens and shall be fluent in the English language as exemplified in their written and verbal skills. 2.2 Privacy Act Work on this project requires that Contractor personnel have access to Privacy Information. Personnel shall adhere to the Privacy Act, Title 5 of the U.S. Code, Section 552a and applicable agency rules and regulations. Contractor personnel are expected to sign a Non-Disclosure Form. 3.0 Tasks Description The Contractor’s specific tasks are covered under five primary functions: Ashore Enterprise Network, Embarkables, and Type Wing Support, HQ VTC Technical Support, Visual Information Specialist/Staff Photographer, and MOC AOG Technical Support. 3.1 Ashore Enterprise Network, Embarkables, Type Wing Support:  3.1.1 User Training – Deliver recurring, virtual training as well as informal, on-spot training to end users regarding Navy Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) Enterprise Tools (NET) Move, Add or Change (MAC) process to include but not limited to User Account Creation/Update/Deactivation, Asset Relocation, Printer Installation, and Build-Out submission. (Monthly).  3.1.2 User Training – Deliver recurring, virtual training as well as informal, on-spot training to end users regarding U. S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) and CNAL NMCI Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) Ordering Process. (As required by site, Approximately 6 times annually).  3.1.3 The Contractor shall semi-annually coordinate with all CNAL subordinate Commands the compliance reporting of USFF’s Information Technology (IT) asset accountability of all unclassified non-Program of Record (POR) referencing USFFINST 5239.1(series) – SharePoint Regional Inventory Tracking Essentials (SPRITE) instruction. (Semi-Annually).  3.1.4 The Contractor shall conduct an annual inventory of CNAL subordinate command NMCI Assets and OCONUS Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-NET) Assets. (Annual requirement for 150+ Subordinate Commands)  3.1.7 The Contractor shall conduct an annual inventory of CNAL subordinate command Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Multi-Function device with commands located in the Continental United States (CONUS) and Outside the Continental United States (OCONUS). (Annual requirement for 150+ Subordinate Commands)  3.1.8 Coordinate between supported command, CNAL N61 and USFF Contract Technical Representative (CTR) with NMCI Surge Projects to include but not limited to; hardware/software tech refresh, asset management, and NMCI Enterprise Tool data validation and reporting. (Approximately 60 times annually, each project requires a series of weekly touchpoint meeting lasting 12+ Months).  3.1.9 Assist CNAL N61 with the coordination of MILCON projects, new squadron start-ups, air-frame upgrades, new Program of Record system deliveries between supported TYPEWINGS, 3 CNAL N6, and USFF CTR. (Approximately 5 Annual projects requiring weekly touchpoint meeting lasting 12 + Months).  3.1.10 Provide input to CNAL N61 and TYPEWING N6 in execution of daily operations, long range planning, and project management supporting CNAL commands. (Approximately 52 weekly touchpoint meetings).  3.1.11 The contractor shall develop and recommend data collection and storage methods to support tracking and evaluating cost associated with CNAL subordinate commands IT requirements to include but not limited to NMCI CLINs and ONE-NET assets. (Approximately 1 time monthly).  3.1.12 Participates in working groups for IT Services; processes reviews monthly and weekly project touch point meetings, monitoring report status and coordinating schedules.  3.1.13 Coordinate the monthly DSTB and FAK inventory for supported TYPEWING and Squadron utilization and provide report CNAL N61. (Daily participation required).  3.1.14 Communicate weekly with the CNAL N61 Embarkable Manager on current conditions and status of upcoming or deployed Squadron C4I requirements. (Weekly Action).  3.1.15 Coordinate with supported TYPEWING N6’s and CNAL N6’s with any interoperability issues with Ashore Enterprise Networks and Afloat Networks. (Weekly Discussion at a minimum.).  3.1.16 Coordinates with OCONUS ONE-NET Local Network Service Center (LNSC) ensuring CNAL subordinate Commands IT services maintain network connectivity and are provided Network Operations (NETOPS) support. (Approximately 1 time monthly).  3.1.17 Coordinate inventory of ONE-NET Assets for supported Forward Deployed Naval Forces (FDNF) Carrier Air Wing and Squadrons of Computer Asset, Printers, and Multifunction Devices. (Approximately Semi-Annually).  3.1.18 Assist CNAL N61 with the development of Type Commander (TYCOM) IT instructions, standard operation procedures (SOPs), and Check List which provides process efficiencies and guidelines to CNAL subordinate commands. (Approximately 4 times Monthly)  3.1.19 Assist CNAL N61 with the coordination of IT requirements and IT POR implementations with SPAWAR, NAVAIR, and other SYSCOMs in support of (ISO) Naval Aviation requirements. (Approximately 5 times monthly). 3.2 Ashore Enterprise Services Network Support:  3.2.1 Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) Order Processing: Support includes the following: (Approximately 60-80 times monthly). o Reviews all Enterprise Knowledge Management (eKM) requests which contains an NMCI Order Justification Form (OJF) from CNAL subordinate commands for Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) new IT services request. All new requests are forwarded using the electronic eKM System. (Approximately 60-80 times monthly). o Ensures that the justification statement for the request complies with USFF guidelines and updates the approval workflow to ensure proper routing of each request. (Approximately 60-80 times monthly). o Verifies that the service request has been approved and that the appropriate USFF Customer Technical Representatives (CTR) has submitted the order into the NMCI Enterprise Tool (NET) and that the order has been advanced to eMarketplace (eMP) (Approximately 60-80 times Monthly). o Tracks that all necessary information has been provided to deliver the ordered NMCI service when it is approved in eMP. Report to USFF CTR that requested services have been delivered (Approximately 60-80 times monthly).  3.2.2 NMCI Move, Add, change (MAC) Processing: Support includes the following: (Approximately 20-30 daily). 4 o Reviews daily requests and approves all fleet commands MAC requests to relocate seats or other ordered NMCI services submitted using HP Service Manager (HPSM) Tool. (Approximately 20-30 daily). o Ensures that submitted MAC requests will fulfill the command’s required goal and that all necessary information is provided or validated. Follows-up with submitter if MAC request is used incorrectly; Provides training to new MAC submitters and updates to all submitters advising them of policy and procedure changes (training provided for new personnel upon arrival); Reviews and submits Embark MAC requests to deploy squadrons or detachments (each Squadron submits approximately 3-4 Deployable MACs 3-4 times annually, each MAC deploys 75-125 NMCI workstations); Advises CNAL N61 Deployable Manager when these MAC requests are received or updated. (A