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March 25, 2022, 2:23 p.m.
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Naval Construction Group 2 (NCG 2)
Public Affairs (PA) Assistance Support Services


1. General. This is a non-personal services contract to provide Public Affairs (PA) Assistance Support. The
Government will not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing
the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in
turn, is responsible to the Government.

1.1. Description of Services/Introduction. The Contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment,
supplies, facilities, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-
personal services necessary to perform PA assistance support services at Naval Construction
Group TWO (NCG 2) Command Headquarters Gulfport, Mississippi as defined in this
Performance Work Statement (PWS) except for those items specified as Government
furnished property and services. The Contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract.

1.2. Background. NCG 2 maintains a surge ready forward command element to provide Command
and Control of expeditionary forces in support of Component Commanders, Marine Air-
Ground Task Force (MAGTF), and Joint Task Force across a full range of military operations
and Defense Support of Civil authorities. NCG 2 is currently not able to provide the optimum
level of PA support with its billeting due to a lack of qualified and trained personnel with an
appropriate level of PA experience. NCG 2’s public affairs mission is to highlight key mission
areas that are aligned with Navy and Department of Defense messages to emphasize the
integral role Seabees play in the global theater for combat and service support, security as well
as enhancing relationships with partner nations to support security cooperation and assistance

1.3. Objectives. The objective of this contract is to provide General PA Assistance Support

services to NCG 2 located in Gulfport, MS and its subordinate commands.

1.4. Scope. This contract includes all functions, tasks and responsibilities normally performed by
a Public Affairs Specialist. The Contractor shall be responsible for providing PA assistance
to the Public Affairs Officer (PAO) that include, but are not limited to, the production of
photographic, video graphic, and written materials in accordance with NCG 2’s public
affairs mission statement. The Contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and
regulations, including but not limited to Federal Law, Mississippi State Law(s),
Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, Navy and installation
regulations that are hereby incorporated by references.

1.5. Period of Performance. The period of performance shall be for one (1) Base Period of 12

months and one (1), 12-month, option period.

Base Period:
Option Period 1:

20 March 2022 - 19 March 2023
20 March 2023 - 19 March 2024

1.6. Hours of Operation.

1.6.1. Normal Duty Hours. The Contractor is responsible for providing performance/service,

between the hours of 0700 to 1600 Central Standard Time (CST), Monday through
Friday with the exception of Federal holidays or when the Government facility is
closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar
Government directed facility closings. The Contractor must at all times maintain an
adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this
PWS when the Government facility is not closed for the above reasons. When hiring
personnel, the Contractor shall keep in mind that the stability and continuity of the
workforce are essential.
1.6.2. Federal Government Holidays.

a. New Year’s Day

King Jr.'s Birthday
Presidents Day
Memorial Day
Juneteenth Day
Independence Day

Labor Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day

1st day of January Martin Luther
3rd Monday of January
3rd Monday of February
Last Monday of May
19th day of June
4th day of July
1st Monday of September
2nd Monday of October
11th day of November
4th Thursday of November

25th day of December

b. When one of the above designated legal holidays falls on a Sunday, the following

Monday will be observed as a legal holiday. When a legal holiday falls on a Saturday, the
proceeding Friday is observed as a legal holiday. This list of holidays relates to
Government duty days and is not intended to supplement or otherwise alter the provisions
of any Wage Determination regarding applicable paid holidays.

c. It is understood and agreed between the Government and the Contractor that observance
of such days by Government personnel shall not be a reason for an additional period of
performance, or entitlement of compensation except as set forth within the contract. In the
event the Contractor’s personnel work during the holiday, the Contractor may reimburse
them; however, no form of holiday or other premium compensation will be reimbursed
either as a direct or indirect cost, other than their normal compensation for the time
worked, unless stipulated otherwise.

d. When the Department of Defense grants excused absence to its employees, the

Contractor agrees to continue to provide sufficient personnel to perform critical tasks
already in operation or scheduled, and shall be guided by the instructions issued by the
DGR. Changes in employee work schedules shall comply with the terms and
conditions of the contract, to include payment provisions.

e. If Government personnel are furloughed, the Contractor shall contact the KO to receive
direction. It is the Government’s decision as to whether the contract price/cost will be
affected as a result of Government shutdown and/or furloughed Government employees.
In the event of a Government shutdown or furloughed Government employee(s) impacts
contract price/cost, a negotiated settlement will be reached as deemed appropriate by the
1.6.3. Inclement Weather Operations. In cases of severe weather, the KO may authorize
exceptions. When exceptions are granted, the Contractor shall make up all missed

services within twenty-four (24) hours after the severe weather has terminated, unless
the KO authorizes additional time. Rescheduling to provide make-up services shall not
be a basis for a claim by the Contractor for additional compensation.

1.7. Place of Performance. The work to be performed under this contract will be performed at the

following locations:

Primary Location:
NCG 2, 5101 Marvin Shields Blvd
Bldg. 447
Gulfport, MS 39501

Norfolk/Little Creek, VA
1575 Gator Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23459

Rota, Spain
11530 Base Naval Cádiz, Spain

OCONUS travel will require a passport.

1.7.1. Travel. Travel is AUTHORIZED to accomplish this task. Travel expenses include airfare, per
diem, rental car, local travel and miscellaneous expenses as authorized by the JTR. Costs for
transportation may be based upon mileage rates, actual costs incurred, or a combination
thereof, provided the method used results in a reasonable charge. No mileage costs will be
incurred when travel is within a 50-mile radius of the primary work location. Travel locations
include but not limited to: Norfolk/Little Creek, VA; Rota, Spain. One annual trip is estimated
for each location.

1.7.2. Travel Cost. Travel costs will be considered reasonable and allowable only to the extent that
they do not exceed on a daily basis, the maximum per diem rates in effect at the time of the
travel. The Joint Travel Regulations (JTR), while not wholly applicable, contractors shall
provide the basis for the determination as to reasonable and allowable. Maximum use is to be
made of the lowest available customary standard coach or equivalent airfare accommodations
available during normal business hours. All necessary travel meeting the above criteria shall be
approved in advance by the DGR. Exceptions to these guidelines shall be approved in advance
by the Contracting Officer.

1.8. Type of Contract. The Government will award a Firm Fixed Price (FFP) contract.

1.9. Quality Control. Quality Control is the responsibility of the Contractor. The Contractor is responsible
for the delivery of quality services to the Government in accordance with (IAW) the terms and
conditions contained in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 52.212-4 entitled, “Contract
Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items,” 52.246-1 entitled, “Contractor Inspection
Requirements” for non-commercial under SAT and applicable sub-clauses pertaining to quality

1.9.1. Corrective Actions. If at any time, it is determined by the KO that the quality control

system, personnel, instructions, controls, tests, or records are not providing results which
conform to contract requirements, action shall be taken by the Contractor to correct the

deficiency. If a Contract Discrepancy Report (CDR) is issued the Contractor shall develop a
Corrective Action Plan (CAP) which identifies the root cause, Corrective Action (CA) for
the root cause, CA for the specific non-conformance and CA to the root cause to prevent
recurrence and a corrective action including the timeline for completion.

1.10. Security.

1.10.1. Access and General Protection/Security: Policy and Procedures. Contractor and all

associated Subcontractor-Contractors employees shall comply with applicable
installation, facility and area commander installation/facility access and local security
policies and procedures (provided by Government representative). The Contractor shall
also provide all information required for background checks to meet installation access
requirements to be accomplished by installation Provost Marshal Office, Director of
Emergency Services or Security Office. Contractor workforce must comply with all
personal identity verificat