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Ref: (a) NAVSHIPYD&IMFPEARLINST 5510.78 (series), Information and Personnel
Security Program
(b) NAVSHIPYD&IMFPEARLINST 5530.1 (series), Physical Security Plan
(c) NAVSHIPYD&IMFPEARLINST 3070.1 (series), Operation Security (OPSEC)


(d) NAVSHIPYD&IMFPEARLINST 5239.1 (series), Activity Information Systems
Security Plan (AISSP)
(e) NAVSHIPYD&IMFPEARLINST 2200.1 (series), Portable Electronic Devices Policy

Appendix: (1) Documents Acceptable for Proof of U.S. Citizenship

1. The provisions of these security requirements are in accordance with references (a) through
(e) and applicable to contracts, subcontracts and Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) for
access to:

a. Controlled Industrial Area (CIA) – The large fenced-in area encompassing the waterfront
and industrial shops, extending from 1274 Compound to include all of Bravo Pier 2.

b. CIA Restricted Waterways (between Landing "C" and Bravo Pier 2 or if the CIA is
extended to include Bravo 4) - See paragraph 18 of this document for specific access

c. Areas designated other sensitive area (OSA), “Controlled Nuclear Information Area”
(CNIA); and “Nuclear Work Area” (NWA).

2. Performance of all work under this Contract or MOA is restricted to U.S. citizens and U.S.
nationals only1. U.S. citizen employees of a foreign owned, controlled, and/or influenced
company (including a parent company) for access purposes are considered foreign nationals and
special authorization will be required for access to PHNSY&IMF spaces.

3. In accordance with reference (a) for issuance of Red or Yellow Shipyard Access Control
Badges (SACBs), a “classified contract” is required with a Contract Security Classification
Specification (DD 254) that includes:

a. Red SACB - Access to Restricted Data (RD) and Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information


b. Yellow SACB - Access to Classified National Security Information (C-NSI) and
unclassified NNPI.

1 Dual Citizenship. All those with dual citizenship having a need to access U-NNPI, NNPI or RD must be reported to
CNO N00N before such access is granted.

c. In either case, the DD 254 must contain an approval signature from Naval Sea Systems
Command (NAVSEA) SEA 08/Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) N00N and NNPI handling
requirements in accordance with OPNAVINST N9210.3 (Safeguarding of NNPI).

4. These security requirements are applicable to the prime contractor as well as to all
subcontractors and suppliers thereunder. The terms “contractor or contract” shall refer to all of
the above whether this document is included in a contract, subcontract or MOA.

5. The period of proposed work in particular areas of the PHNSY&IMF is subject to further
approval of the PHNSY&IMF Commander depending on the sensitivity of industrial operations
in the affected areas.

6. At least three weeks prior to the visit, the PHNSY&IMF Sponsor2 will provide the
contractor’s Facility Security Officer (FSO) or other Company Official the Contractor Visit
Request (VR) form (PH-SYD 5512/28) and its completion instructions. The FSO or Company
Official shall complete applicable items on Part 1 of the PH-SYD 5512/28 and submit it to the
Government Contracting Activity (GCA) for completion of Part 2. The GCA will then forward
the VR, DD 254 (i.e. for Yellow or Red SACBs), and prime contract documentation via
encrypted means, to the PHNSY&IMF Sponsor for completion of Part 3 no later than two weeks
prior to the visit. The PHNSY&IMF Sponsor will upload the VR and associated documents to
the Code 320 Contractor Visit Request SharePoint no later than one week prior to the visit start
date. The VR must specify the PHNSY&IMF areas to be accessed. Entry into the CIA, CNIA,
NWA or OSA for those listed on the VR may be authorized under the following conditions.

a. For unescorted entry to the CIA: contractor personnel must show proof of U.S. citizenship
before a Green badge can be issued.

b. For unescorted entry into an OSA, CNIA or NWA:

(1) All contractor companies must have DOD Facility Clearances (FCLs) granted by the

Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency (DCSA) and their personnel who need
unescorted access to the OSA, CNIA and/or NWA must have DOD Personnel Clearances (PCLs)
granted by the DOD Central Adjudication Facility (DODCAF). The FCLs, PCLs and security
access (granted by the contractor) must be verifiable in the applicable DOD record system

For a Yellow (CNIA) SACB, the contractor must have at least an Interim PCL. For a Red
(NWA) SACB, the contractor must have a final PCL/ RD access.

(2) A Yellow or Red SACB will be issued depending on the areas needed to be accessed.

c. For situations other than the above, personnel requiring unclassified CIA access may be
issued a White “Escort Required” (“ER”) SACB for escorted access by a briefed Yellow or Red
badged PHNSY&IMF employee knowledgeable of the area. Escorted access to CNIAs and
NWAs must be coordinated with the cognizant Department or Project Security Coordinator to
ensure that the area is sanitized and the escort is properly briefed. In some cases, the Naval
Nuclear Propulsion Information Control Officer (NNPICO) may determination that a Security
Plan is required. Contractors are advised that processing of “ER” SACBs may take up to five
working days to complete.

2 Also includes PHNSY&IMF co-located commands, i.e. ships in CIA, NAVFAC, NRRO Pearl, RPCO.

d. If the contract requires additional contractor personnel, new visit requests must be
submitted and they shall be subject to the same pre-entry screening requirements as outlined

e. Under no circumstances shall contractor personnel sign, email or hand-carry their own VR.
If the contractor or vendor is a one-person company, contact the Industrial Security Branch
(Code 1123) for guidance.

f. Ensure that all contractor employees when reporting to the Pass and ID Office for
PHNSY&IMF SACBs bring their valid Defense Biometric Identification Systems (DBIDS)
identification cards. Also if they have no PCLs or interim PCLs, they must bring their proof of
U.S. citizenship. See Appendix (1) for a list of acceptable documents.

g. Ensure any derogatory or questionable information concerning contractor employees
possessing DOD PCLs and/or PHNSY&IMF SACBs is immediately reported to Code 1123) so
that PHNSY&IMF access eligibility can be evaluated.

h. Ensure that contractor employees attend the 30-minute annual orientation on safety,
security, OPSEC and radiological protection aspects of industrial operations within

NOTE: The annual orientation video will be shown at the Pass and ID
Office in groups of 4, prior to issuance of PHNSY&IMF SACBs.

i. Ensure that embedded contractor personnel issued Red or Yellow SACBs complete
mandatory PHNSY&IMF security training and briefings.

j. Ensure that contractor employees at all times while in PHNSY&IMF spaces wear and
display their PHNSY&IMF SACB in plain view, vertically, on their outer clothing positioned
above the waist and with the front/photograph facing outward. If an employee is issued a
temporary (i.e. no picture) SACB, the employee must also carry his or her DBIDS identification

l. Maintain strict accountability over SACBs and passes issued by the Pass and ID Office.
Report immediately, to the Pass and ID Office, any that are missing, lost or stolen and the
circumstances. Return SACBs/passes to the GCA or PHNSY&IMF Sponsor immediately upon
termination of any employee, SACB expiration, completion of the work, or when no longer
required, whichever occurs soonest. The GCA or PHNSY&IMF Sponsor will ensure that all
SACBs/passes are forwarded to the PHNSY&IMF Pass and ID Office.

m. Restrict hours of work to first shift, i.e. 0630 to 1500 hours, Monday through Friday
(except for federal holidays). In accordance with reference (b) when operational needs require
the contractor to schedule work outside of first shift, on weekends and/or holidays, submit
written notification at least two weeks in advance to PHNSY&IMF Sponsor who will obtain
approval from the respective PHNSY&IMF Departments, Offices and Shop Heads. Such
notifications will include the company name, type of work to be performed, location of work,

k. Ensure that each SACB is used only by the specific individual named on the SACB.

specific dates, and hours of work. The PHNSY&IMF Sponsor will also submit a request in
writing to the Operations & Physical Security Branch (Code 1121) by Wednesday of each week,
to add the contractor to the “Non-Duty Hours Contractor Access List” that is issued weekly.
Emergency access for contractors not on the list will be authorized by the Security Officer (Code
1120) or Code 1121, upon verification with the PHNSY&IMF Sponsor.

n. Restrict employees/representatives to the work site and control travel directly to and from
the work site.

7. The Pass and ID Office is located in Building 207 at Safeguard Street and Russell Avenue.
Hours of operation are Monday through Friday (except for federal holidays) 0600 to 1400 hours,
except on Wednesday, 0600 to 1230 hours. Contractors must be signed in 45 minutes before
closing to be serviced.

8. No vehicle will be permitted access to a work site in the CIA without a valid PHNSY&IMF
CIA vehicle pass. The CIA vehicle passes are issued for limited purposes by the PHNSY&IMF
Pass and ID Office and will not be issued without proof of vehicle registration. All vehicles are
required to conform to PHNSY&IMF