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July 8, 2021, 1:12 p.m.
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Centers of Influence Orientation Visit (COI) – Summer 2021 Admissions Department - Outreach U.S. Naval Academy Statement of Work N0068G21RC00HA1 Background Since 1998, the Naval Academy has hosted Centers of Influence Orientation Visits twice annually, for educators, community leaders, and representatives from organizations in a position to help the Naval Academy reach qualified candidates. Our guests represent areas of the country that have a large number of potential candidates, but produce few, if any, applicants. Thanks to the access provided by Centers of Influence visit attendees, the Naval Academy has successfully increased the number or contacts, applicants, and candidates in the target areas that attendees have represented. In addition to assisting the Office of Admissions reach record numbers of qualified candidates, Centers of Influence guests have also joined our Blue & Gold Program that augments the Office of Admissions by marketing the Naval Academy in local communities as well as provide direct contact with potential candidates where they reside. Additionally, Centers of Influence Visit guests have supported our Admissions programs in their regions of the country by providing venues, identifying other Centers of Influence and helping the Office of Admissions fill events with quality candidates. Summary The Centers of Influence Orientation Visit, run by the Office of Admissions, requires a hotel for 50 visiting out of town educators and community influencers per event for each of our two planned FY2021 Centers of Influence Orientation Visits in Annapolis, Maryland. The next visit is planned to take place as follows: Summer COI: 3-6Aug Contract awarded and hotel selection must be completed NLT: JULY 31, 2021 Lodging Requirements In direct support of the scope of work of the contract, the hotel will perform the following specific tasks for each COI for the dates noted above: ● Provide lodging for all visiting guests in single occupancy rooms for three nights invoiced to contract. ● Total anticipated rooms are as follows: o COI - 50 rooms (50 guests) for 3 nights to equal 150 room nights, with 65% occupancy guaranteed. ● Non-smoking rooms required. ● Incidental costs including, but not limited to, telephone charges, charges for additional persons in room, extra nights, room service, and any damage, etc. will be the responsibility of the individual occupying the room. If incurred, the hotel will collect these costs from the individual prior to checkout. Conference/Food Requirements ● Provide registration area in lobby for visitor check in, including a minimum of two tables, two chairs, and an area dedicated to check in guests on day of arrival from 2:00 pm through 6:00 pm. ● Provide for and host a Welcome Reception on day of arrival in a private space in the hotel. Orientation will run from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and should include (at a minimum) beverages (hot and cold, non-alcoholic), cash bar, and hors d’oeuvres such as hot meat (i.e. carving stations - 2 stations & 2 meats - beef, turkey, or ham), and cold meat, chicken, or seafood items (hot crab dish dip preferable); a variety of fancy vegetables, fruit and cheese items; and two hot appetizers with dipping sauces (i.e. hot wings, meat balls, spring rolls, and/or other hot appetizers with vegetarian options), and cold party snack items to accommodate 50 conference guests. ● Provide a podium with a wireless microphone for welcoming festivities. Provide tables with seating for 50 guests, with stand-up tables strategically placed throughout the meeting room. Space should be large enough to allow for guest movement and mingling. ● The hotel to provide sample menu with their bid. The hotel will provide a fixed price for the reception. No cost overages will be allowed for upgrades or increases to reception fare or quantities, despite changes in consumption by conference participants or emergent requirements. Space for the Welcome Orientation should include seating and tables for 100 total guests. ● Provide for and host breakfast every morning for all COI guests registered at hotel. Breakfast to include assorted coffee/tea/juices, scrambled eggs, toast, pastries, muffins, cereals, fresh fruit, and single-serving yogurts. Hotel to provide sample menu with their bid. ● Provide an area for an administrative meeting on Tuesday, August 3, for guests and Office of Admissions personnel from 7:00 am to 8:30 am. ● Provide parking for guests. Please ensure any parking costs are clearly annotated on bid. Additionally, provide parking for 25 Admissions personnel for Welcome Reception on Tuesday (Aug 3rd) and for 4 Admissions personnel on Friday (Aug 6th) for administrative meeting with guests from 7:00 am to 8:30 am. ● Provide ample courtesy shuttle service for guests to/from downtown Annapolis and the Naval Academy if not located within walking distance (2 miles). Shuttle service is for personal time for guests. Qualifications The hotel must be located in Annapolis, Maryland, within a maximum 10-minute drive from USNA and be able to accommodate full-size USNA busses conveniently for loading & unloading guests, in order to ease the time and logistical constraints of transporting guests. The hotel must also have ample private and suitable space available to host the opening welcome orientation for 125 guests (50 conference guests and 25 USNA staff members). The hotel must also have a suitable location in the lobby area to setup registration tables and visitor welcoming center. The hotel must be able to provide a total experience for the guests of the Naval Academy, commensurate with the Naval Academy reputation as one of the nation’s premier undergraduate institutions.