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PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT Trial Role Player Support (NJS) 1 Part 1 General Information 1. GENERAL: This is a personnel services contract to provide Role Player (RP) services in support of Naval Justice School (NJS) trial advocacy training for the Basic Lawyer Course (BLC), Military Justice Orientation Course (MJOC), and Victims’ Legal Counsel (VLC) Certification Course, . This training requires the employment of RPs to serve as witnesses and victims for mock trial advocacy scenarios. This training will be performed at NJS, Newport, Rhode Island. The Government shall not exercise any supervision or control over the contract service providers performing the services herein. Such contract service providers shall be accountable solely to the Contractor who, in turn is responsible to the Government. 1.1 Description of Services/Introduction: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, supplies, transportation, tools, materials, supervision, and other items and non-personal services necessary to perform RP services for NJS trial advocacy training as defined in this Performance Work Statement except for those items specified as government furnished property and services. The contractor shall perform to the standards in this contract. 1.2 Background: NJS conducts training for beginner and intermediate Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy attorneys during its Basic Lawyer Course (BLC), Military Justice Orientation Course (MJOC), and Victims’ Legal Counsel Certification Course (VLC Course). These courses each include a series of trial advocacy vignettes where students will practice working with clients, examining witnesses, and performing related advocacy skills. The contract would provide for professional actors/RPs to assume the roles of the victims and witnesses for select blocks of each course 1.3 Objectives: 1.3.1. To learn mock witness roles for the assigned course 1.3.2. To conduct interviews with NJS students during mock client interview and trial advocacy exercises. 1.3.3. To play witness roles during students’ preparation (small group practical exercises) 1.3.4. To play witness roles during trial advocacy vignettes and to conduct mock interviews in preparation of the trials. 1.4 Scope: Services shall include role players learning the roles for the client interview and trial advocacy exercises, communicating/conducting interviews (in-person and via telephone and email) with students for interviews prior to the trial advocacy exercises. This also includes playing the witness roles during practice sessions. In-person communication is preferred with telephone or video chat as the primary backup. The intent is that all interviews occur in person, and there is time built into the schedule for that. Actors may be required to learn and perform more than one role during the period of performance. The amount of role players needed are as follows: 1.4.1 Basic Lawyer Course (BLC): 14 role players 1.4.2 MJOC: Eight role players 1.4.3 Victims Legal Counsel (VLC) Certification Course: Six role players PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT Trial Role Player Support (NJS) 2 1.5 Period of Performance: The contractor shall provide role players for each class at distinct time periods that coincide with the course agenda (subject to change). , (subject to change) The tentative dates of performance areas follows: 1.5.1 BLC Each RP iteration is three (3) weeks, four-five days per week/30 hours per week (6-8 hours/day):  14 Mar-1 April2022,  27 June-15 July 2022, and  17 Oct-4 Nov 2022 1.5.2 MJOC Each RP iteration will be five days (1) one week/30 hours per week (6-8 hours/day)  *Week of 8-12 Nov - 1-2 hour performance  15-19 Nov 2021,  11-15 April 2022, and  25-29 July 2022, 1.5.3 VLC Certification course 25, 28, and 29 April 2022, 3 days/18 hours (no more than 6 hours/day) The hours of performance on those dates will be, at most, from 0800-1630, with a one hour lunch break from 1200-1300. 1.6 General Information 1.6.2 Quality Assurance: The government will evaluate the contractor’s performance under this contract in accordance with the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan. This plan is primarily focused on what the Government must do to ensure that the contractor has performed in accordance with the performance standards. It defines how the performance standards will be applied, the frequency of surveillance, and the minimum acceptable defect rate(s). 1.6.3 Recognized Holidays: Contractor will not be required to provide services on the following federal holidays: New Year’s Day Labor Day Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Columbus Day President’s Day Veteran’s Day Memorial Day Thanksgiving Day Independence Day Christmas Day Juneteenth 1.6.4 Hours of Operation: The contractor is responsible for conducting business, between the hours of 0800 and 1630 Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the Government facility is closed due to local or national emergencies, administrative closings, or similar Government directed facility closings. The Contractor shall at all times maintain an adequate workforce for the uninterrupted performance of all tasks defined within this PWS when the Government facility is not closed for the above reasons. When hiring personnel, the Contractor shall keep in mind that the stability and continuity of the workforce are essential. PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT Trial Role Player Support (NJS) 3 1.6.5 Place of Performance: The work to be performed under this contract will be performed at NJS, Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island, a government facility. If COVID mitigation measures are still being utilized during the periods of performance, all RPs must be able to satisfy building entry screening measures in place at the time. 1.6.6 Type of Contract: The government will award a firm fixed price contract. 1.6.7 Security Requirements: Contractor personnel will not require a security clearance. Contract personnel must be able to access the base. RPs must provide NJS with a completed SECNAV Form 5512 (to Designee appointed by Military Justice Department Head) 3 weeks prior to arrival on station in order to ensure RPs are properly vetted by base security and can have access onto and off of the installation for the period of work. PHYSICAL Security: The contractor shall not be issued any equipment that needs to be safeguarded or secured. NJS will be responsible for the physical security of the building. 1.6.8 Special Qualifications: RPs must have acting experience supported by their resumes. 1.6.9 Post Award Conference/Periodic Progress Meetings: The Contractor agrees to attend any post award conference convened by the contracting activity or contract administration office in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 42.5. The contracting officer, Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and other Government personnel, as appropriate, may meet periodically with the contractor to review the contractor's performance. At these meetings the contracting officer will apprise the contractor of how the government views the contractor's performance and the contractor will apprise the Government of problems, if any, being experienced. Appropriate action shall be taken to resolve outstanding issues. These meetings shall be at no additional cost to the government. 1.6.10 Contracting Officer Representative (COR): The COR will be identified by separate letter. The COR monitors all technical aspects of the contract and assists in contract administration. The COR is authorized to perform the following functions: assure that the Contractor performs the technical requirements of the contract; perform inspections necessary in connection with contract performance; maintain written and oral communications with the Contractor concerning technical aspects of the contract: issue written interpretations of technical requirements; monitor Contractor's performance and notify both the Contracting Officer and Contractor of any deficiencies; and provide site entry of Contractor personnel. A letter of designation issued to the COR, a copy of which is sent to the Contractor, states the responsibilities and limitations of the COR, especially with regard to changes in cost or price, estimates or changes in delivery dates. The COR is not authorized to change any of the terms and conditions of the resulting order. 1.6.11 Key Personnel: The following personnel are considered key personnel by the government: Contract Manager/COR; Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Operations Officer, Military Justice Department Head, and the Designee appointed by Military Justice Department Head. The contractor shall provide a contract manager who shall be responsible for the performance of the work. The name of this person and an alternate who shall act for the contractor when the manager is absent shall be designated in writing to the contracting officer. The contract manager or alternate shall have full authority to act for the contractor on all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract. The contract manager or alternate shall be available between 0730 and 1700, Monday thru Friday except Federal holidays or when the government facility is closed for administrative reasons. 1.6.12 Identification of Contractor Employees: All contract personnel attending meetings and working in other situations where their contractor status is not obvious to third parties are required to identify themselves as such to avoid creating an impression in the minds of members of the public that they are PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT Trial Role Player Support (NJS) 4 Government officials. They must also ensure that all documents or reports produced by contractors are suitably marked as contractor products or that contractor participation is appropriately di… Show All