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1.0 Scope of Work:

The vendor shall provide a qualified instructor to provide one-on-one musical instruction to Basic Music Course (BMC), and Unit Leader Course (ULC) piano/keyboard students, provide support for instrumental proficiency assessments, provide piano/keyboard performance support for various ensembles and complete related administrative tasks on site at the Naval School of Music (NAVSOM). The services under this contract shall include instruction of course content, remediation/testing assistance for students, and daily upkeep of instructional technical training equipment. The goal of these services is to produce proficiently trained piano/keyboard students meeting the required performance and course completion standards. The primary purpose of Naval School of Music is to provide operational forces with trained personnel who can maintain a high degree of fleet readiness.

1.1.1 The services required hereunder will be performed using a one-on-one instructional environment. Legacy Environment. (One-On-One, Instructor-Led). Traditional instruction in a naval resident schoolhouse environment. The vendor shall provide an onsite instructor to teach IAW provided Naval School of Music Master Training Schedule (MTS). Work Description: To provide estimated 400 hours of piano/keyboard training to Basic Music Course and Unit Leader Course piano/keyboard trainees in an environment conducive to learning the methods, principles and performance skills of a fleet-ready musician. In carrying out these duties, we shall ensure each trainee is properly trained and equipped with the necessary skills to accomplish any task at the entry level of this rate for Basic Music Course students and advanced levels for Unit Leader Course students. The major emphasis of this course is placed on the Naval School of Music testing and measurements requirements and includes instrumental proficiency assessment preparation, technical and stylistic development, keyboard technology, how to practice, safety from overuse injuries, ensemble and solo piano performance.

The vendor shall supply resumes for qualified candidates. Once resumes are received, the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) will work with Senior Leadership to determine the candidate is technically acceptable in accordance with the requirements of this PWS.

The instructor will teach the Basic Music Course and Unit Leader Course Piano Instrumental Performance curriculum. Individual instruction runs continuously throughout the year as classes convene monthly. Instructors must be able to move to and from various classrooms teaching piano/keyboard lessons in the designated studio and performing in ensemble rooms. Instructional topics listed in the Piano Syllabus Trainee Guide include:


1.2 Background

1.2.1 Located on board the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story in Virginia Beach, Virginia, NAVSOM provides specialized training for selected personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps. It is the first stop after basic training for instrumentalists and vocalists preparing to join the ranks of the United States Navy and Marine Corps bands. This unique facility, the largest of its kind in the world, provides basic to advanced levels of instruction preparing Sailors and Marines for the challenges of performance within a wide variety of military ensembles. Graduates of NAVSOM go on to become musical ambassadors throughout the United States and abroad as members of U.S. Navy Fleet Bands and Marine Corps Bands.

1.2.2 NAVSOM’s mission is to provide U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and partnering nation students with world-class instruction and comprehensive military training to prepare them for the challenges of performance in any military music ensemble and for success in essential leadership positions.

1.3 Documents referencing technical specifications for managing content and students will be provided as available and applicable to the appropriate training environment.

1.4 Only Navy Marine Corp Intranet (NMCI) authorized software will be allowed on government computers.

2.0 Vendor Furnished Equipment, Property and Services

The vendor shall provide personal office supplies, office equipment, personal computers, and toll and long-distance telephone service for administrative support. The vendor shall provide incidental-teaching supplies, all safety items for vendor personnel ear safety requirements, name badges, and all other items required for performance, except those listed as government furnished. No vendor-provided personal computers will be connected to NMCI.

3.0 Performance Requirements

3.1 Prior to delivery of lessons, contractor shall complete an Instructor Certification provided by NAVSOM staff that will consist of the following requirements: attend in-brief and orientation meetings, receive instruction for student record keeping requirements and NAVSOM piano/keyboard curriculum, observe three (3) instrumental proficiency assessments, and perform as board member for three (3) instrumental proficiency assessments that will each last one (1) hour, with an out-brief meetings for each performance assessment that will each last one (1) hour.

3.0.1 In-brief and orientation of a new contractor is one (1) hour for each logged as Admin Time.

3.0.2 Assessment training for a new contractor consists of nine (9) hours logged as Assessment Hours.

3.2 Provide one (1) to two (2) one-on-one two hour lessons to BMC and ULC students on a weekly basis as approved by NAVSOM training schedule.

3.3 The contractor shall prepare each student for instrumental proficiency assessment that will result in a successful passing score IAW NAVSOMINST 1300.1 (or future updates).

3.3.1 Identify solo literature/prepared music for each student’s assessment with approval from Rhythm Branch Head.

3.3.2 Prepare students with an emphasis on sight-reading, quickly prepared material and performance of jury requirements.

3.4 Provide administrative time for student lesson evaluations, follow-up assignments, student progress and/or student deficiencies, and required Department of Defense (DoD) computer based trainings. Act as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in support of assessment and curriculum materials.

3.5 Provide incoming instrumental proficiency assessments for all piano/keyboard students. The incoming instrumental proficiency assessments occur within the range of up to (6) times a year, with each assessment lasting one (1) hour. Based on the results of the incoming proficiency assessment, contractor shall identify specific strengths and weaknesses of each student and develop a lesson plan that focuses on improvement in areas such as tone, articulation, technique, style, overall music ability and keyboard knowledge.

3.5.1 Provide assistance to NAVSOM Rhythm Branch staff as assessment board member administering incoming, midterm, and final instrumental proficiency assessments for the following rhythm section instruments: vocals, guitar, and bass. Using NAVSOM assessment forms, the contractor will evaluate singing, playing the guitar, or playing the bass from the perspective of a rhythm section SME. These assessments are graded; failure of the student to meet the required score could result in disenrollment from these courses of instruction.

3.5.2 Assessments are scheduled to take place during weeks 1, 11 and 21 (BMC) and weeks 1, 15 and 30 (ULC).

3.5.3 Contractor shall ensure BMC students shall meet or exceed performance capability instrumental proficiency score of 18 for Marine Corps students and 21 for Navy students for award of the 5565 MOS (USMC) and 3814 NEC (USN), respectively; ULC student minimum proficiency score is 24.

3.6 All vendor personnel shall conform to and comply with the rules, regulations, and other requirements of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, and the specific Government installation for integrity, grooming, conduct, speech, student fraternization, safety, security and parking. In addition, vendor personnel shall maintain personal standards of technical and professional levels of competence at least equal to that of the Department of the Navy military instructional personnel. The morale and motivation of student and instructional personnel shall be maintained at a maximum level to ensure a favorable environment for learning.

3.6.1 Vendor employees shall not be permitted on the Government facility when the Government determines that the personnel’s presence would be detrimental to the security of the facility or accomplishment of work.

3.6.2 Additional Training: All vendor personnel shall attend training/briefings (e.g., security, In-Service-Training, etc.) provided by the Government, as required, on an annual basis (totaling approximately 12 hours per year), and/or complete e-Learning training as required. It is noted that this amount of hours is strictly historical in nature. It does not indicate or predict the number of hours that the vendor will be required to attend for security training/briefings provided by the Government under the contract.

3.6.2a All vendor personnel shall attend training as required by Inter Service Training Review Organization (ITRO) Agreement(s).

3.6.3 Fire Prevention. The vendor shall become familiar with local instructions on Fire Prevention and Protection. The vendor shall be cognizant of and observe all requireme… Show All