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Sept. 9, 2022, 11:57 a.m.
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Statement of Work

The purpose of this initiative is to assist Sailors and their families during emotional or stressful
times to avoid irreversible actions to end their lives and provide the opportunity for intervention
and care.



Means Safety has been demonstrated to be effective in significantly reducing suicide in multiple
studies. On 20 Jan 2017, the Under Secretary of Defense (Personnel and Readiness) directed the
Military Departments to review and enhance all policies and procedures related to means safety
to include safe-storage of firearms for service members and their families and access to gun
locks. Approximately 70 percent of Service member deaths by suicide, as reported in the 2014
“Department of Defense Suicide Event Report,” were by means of firearms. Gun locks have
been proven effective towards reduction of suicides by delaying individual’s access to a firearm
when they are at risk.

Product or Service Description:

Navy Suicide Prevention is sourcing estimates for the production of gun locks to promote
firearm safety within the fleet in alignment with its Project 1 Small ACT campaign. Please see
below which describes requirements for the production of the gunlocks, including size, type, and
branding. The requirement is for 260,400 gunlocks to be distributed to 167 locations (please see
spreadsheet attached).

The following describes the requirements for the gunlocks, including size, type and branding:

 15” heavy-duty steel cable gunlock

o Fits almost any handgun, rifle, or shotgun
o Prevents rounds from being chambered, magazines from loading, actions from

engaging, or cylinders from moving
o Easy and quick installation and removal

 Two keys provided with each lock
 Gunlock padlock body type is to be steel with vinyl coating on lock and cable

o Coating is to be Navy blue.

 Gunlock is to be American Society for Testing and Materials International (ASTM)


 Gunlock is to have a positive-cam locking mechanism or similar

o Gunlock body is to have a white imprint of the 1 Small ACT logo with tagline

(see Figure 1 below)

o Imprint is to be as large as possible while attempting to accommodate for all

design elements (1 Small ACT, tagline, and life ring)

If print quality with tagline text is diminished due to size, preference is
logo without life ring (Figure 2) or logo without tagline (Figure 3)

o Production files for the 1 Small ACT logo will be supplied separately
o Sample images below (colors inverted)

 Gunlock cable is to have a tag containing 24/7 Military and Veterans Crisis Line

Confidential Crisis Support information adhered to the gunlock cable

o Label measures 5.5”w x 1.5”h when flat; measures 2.75”w x 1.5”h when

wrapped around the cable

o A visual representation of the tag and how it is to be adhered to the gunlock vable

o Tag should be adhered to the base of the Label on the side without the locking

 Production files for the adhesive tag are included

is below


Packing Specifications


Gunlocks and all necessary elements are to be individually packaged together
Military and Veterans Crisis Line wallet card is to be included in the packaging with each

o Wallet cards are 3.375”w x 2.125”h and will be supplied
Instructions for use are to be included in the packaging with each gunlock

Individually packaged gunlocks (as specified above in Packaging Specifications) should

Shipping/Packing Specifications:
be boxed for shipping in quantities of 100 gunlocks per box

Image and Graphic Samples:

The imprint area on the padlock measures 11/16” wide x 13/16” tall (17.5mm wide x 20.6mm
tall). As stated above, the graphic is to be imprinted at the largest possible size. Graphics
featured below are listed in order of preference. The vendor will communicate which version is
optimal for printing on the product prior to executing the order. Source files will be supplied
separately and were developed using Adobe PhotoShop. Colors displayed below are inverted.

 There will be NO “made in China” markings on the actual cable lock.
 The vendor is responsible to ensure timely delivery of this product.

Special Requests:


Mr. Victor Gooden

Suicide Prevention Program Analyst

21st Century Sailor Office (OPNAV N170B)

Compliance & Competencies Branch


Sailor Assistance & Intercept for Life (SAIL) Program Manager