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STATEMENT OF WORK USS DONALD COOK (DDG 75) SHIPBOARD HONEYCOMB DOOR AND JOINER BULKHEAD MATERIAL 1.0 OVERVIEW A. This Statement of Work (SOW) defines the requirements for the supply and delivery of the Shipboard Honeycomb Door and Joiner Bulkhead Material listed in Exhibit A. 2.0 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS The Contractor shall supply and deliver all material listed in Exhibit A in accordance with the specifications listed for each item and the requirements as stated herein (sections 4-5). The below specifications provide both general and specific item information and requirements necessary for the procurement, manufacturing, inspection and testing. These specification modify several of the mandatory requirements/notes as given within reference documents supporting this specification. A complete review of all documents must be accomplished in order to satisfy item procurement and manufacturing requirements as stated herein. 3.0 DELIVERY/ACCEPTANCE Required Date of Delivery: 11/12/2021 Delivery shall be made to the following address: DLA DISTRIBUTION NORFOLK, VA ATTN: CODE N, HMSC HAB Program 1968 GILBERT STREET BLDG. W148, DWY 12 PH: (757) 278-8385 or (757) 278-8324 NORFOLK, VA. 23511 4.0 DESCRIPTIONS/SPECIFICATIONS 4.1 OVERVIEW A. The purpose of this contract is to provide a means to purchase Honeycomb Doors and Joiner Bulkhead Material (as defined within the scope of work herein) and related material in support of the NAVSEA Shipboard Habitability Improvement Program at competitive prices in accordance with the delivery schedules herein. B. The Contractor acknowledges that the contract is NOT an exclusive or mandatory source of supply for any of the contract line items herein. The U.S. Navy has the right at any time to establish contracts, concessions, or other commercial arrangements that could create competition, if such is deemed in the best interests of the U.S. Navy. The Contractor shall not be entitled to an exclusive presence at any Government facility, activity, station, base or post. 4.2 ALL ITEMS SHALL COMPLY WITH THE FOLLOWING REQUIREMENTS: A. All items shall be manufactured and inspected in accordance with Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-32038, "Shipboard Furniture, Fixtures, Fittings, and Accessories, General Specification for." This specification supersedes MIL-F-902, "Furniture, Shipboard, Aluminum, General Specification for." Where the requirements of the invoked drawing differ from those of MIL-PRF-32038, the drawing shall prevail. Where the requirements of the Contract Line Item Description or this Statement of Work differ from the invoked drawing or MIL-PRF-32038, the Contract Line Item Description and this Statement of Work shall prevail. B. Sections 3.5.5, 3.7, 4.4.4 and 4.4.7 of MIL-PRF-32038 do not apply. The drawings invoked by the Contract Line Item Description or elsewhere in this section shall be fully complied with and take the place of any Specification Sheets under MIL-PRF-32038. CRES and SST are abbreviations for stainless steel. Unless otherwise indicated, all visible stainless steel shall have a Number 4 finish. C. All paint shall meet the performance, testing, and inspection criteria of ASTM F1178-11. Paint testing is not required on steel panels. Paint testing is only required at the start of production under this solicitation, and thereafter only after a change is made to the painting procedure, equipment or supplies. D. Drawings listed in the CLIN "DWGS" field are posted on Unless otherwise indicated, abbreviations are in accordance with ASME Y14.38, or E. Many Military and Federal Specifications are being canceled and/or converted to commercial equivalents. Referenced drawings have not in all cases been updated to cite the currently applicable specification. Contract Line Item Descriptions cite current specifications. If a referenced specification has been canceled without replacement and the Contract Line Item Description or this Statement of Work do not cite an updated replacement specification, the Contractor may substitute a commercial equivalent. If there are option choices available within the cited specifications that are not specified by the contract, the Contractor shall select the grades and conditions etc. as the Contractor recommends. F. Unless otherwise stated, the applicable revision of each specification shall be the one in effect on 1 January 2021 per the Acquisition Streamlining and Standardization Information System (ASSIST) database for Government documents, and for commercial documents. See URL for the ASSIST database. G. All items shall be made strictly in accordance with the invoked drawing and this Statement of Work except where a Request for Deviation (RFD) or Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) has been approved explicitly for this contract. (1) RFDs and ECPs must be precisely defined. The government may require detailed sketches, drawings, data or samples to clarify and document any requests. Due to the Habitability nature of the items, appearance is a factor in the evaluation of all RFDs and ECPs. Submittals shall include contract number, applicable CLIN and Find Number, description of the differences, reason for the differences, cost impact, schedule impact, identification of units which are affected, any effect on logistics support, action taken to prevent future recurrence of any non-conformance, reference to all previous correspondence that is related to the RFD or ECP or similar requests, and the contractor's point-of contact including phone number, fax number, and e-mail address. Submittals shall be in the contractor's format. The submission of requests via electronic means (e.g., e-mail) is preferred. (2) Reference to a manufacturer's model number or item number is intended to be descriptive and not restrictive. The referenced items represent the required sizes, configuration, materials, finish, quality, and workmanship. Alternate proposals for items that are believed equal or a better value to the government are welcome. (3) For any item, vendors may propose equivalent commercial items. For each alternate or substitute item, the vendor's proposal shall include a detailed description and catalog cuts, including renderings or photographs. Additional detail, drawings, or even a sample, may be required to obtain approval if the catalog and description does not adequately describe the item. (4) Approval of all Drawings, Substitutes, Deviations, RFDs, or ECPs shall be by the requiring activity Mid-Atlantic Maintenance Center (MARMC) Code 352. Requests shall be e-mailed to MARMC ( by the vendor at the same time they are submitted to the PCO via the ACO. (5) Vendor shall forward a copy of all orders, modifications, and changes to and upon receipt. (6) The MARMC Program Manager will forward the Government response to the vendor, via the PCO/ACO, not later than thirty (30) days after receipt. Time will not be added to the vendor's production schedule because of failure to identify and submit requested deviations, waivers, drawings, or requests for clarification. H. Due to short procurement lead time, schedule does not permit qualification to be accomplished under this contract. Quoters must submit with their quote, documentation of previously approved testing, requesting extension of prior approval for this contract. 4.3 ITEMS WITH HONEYCOMB CORE A. For items with honeycomb core, the aluminum core material shall conform to the Grade B material specified in Military Specification MIL-C-7438G with Amendment 1 (historical). If a commercial equivalent material is used, the core must be fabricated from aluminum alloy foil 5052 or 5056 conforming to SAE-AMS-A-81596, and the foil shall be chemically treated for protection against corrosion. The adhesive used to bond the honeycomb core to the face sheets shall conform to SAE-AMS-A-25463, Type I, Class 1, and the adhesive carrier shall be non-hygroscopic. B. All material, adhesive, and equipment manufacturer's recommendations shall be complied with. C. All Notes on the referenced drawings shall be complied with. Vendor shall maintain records of all testing and inspection, and shall make them available to the government upon request throughout the life of the contract. Materials, procedures and equipment shall be proven by testing in accordance with SAE-AMS-STD-401 (which supersedes MIL-STD-401) to meet or exceed the minimum properties stated in Notes 2 and 3 of drawing 804-4623540 revision A. In addition, Joiner Doors shall also be tested in accordance with Notes 3, 4 and 5 of drawing 805-4629248. MIL-STD-105 sampling does not apply. Documentation of prior tests on identical materials is acceptable in lieu of new tests. Re-testing is only required if there is a change in procedures or equipment, or a change in the materials or adhesives used. D. Refer also to 4.2.H. 4.4 JOINER DOORS A. The manufacturer shall assemble each door complete with frame, door closer, and all hardware. The Door Closer shall be through-bolted. The Closer and Latch Set may be disassembled for packaging and shipment. The manufacturer shall furnish all fasteners, and fasteners provided for field assembly shall include 20 percent spares. Disassembled hardware and fasteners shall be shipped with each door as a kit. B. The Door Closer shall be in accordance with BHMA A156.4, Type C02011 Size III with option PT 4C, surface mounted, modern type with cover, Grade 1. The finish shall be painted aluminum. The Closer shall be reversible. C. All doors shall be furnished with a Latch Set, Piece Number 4 of the Type Drawing. The Latch Set shall be in accordance with BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1, Function F75. The chassis, structure and internals shall be stainless steel. The backset shall be 2-3/4". The finis