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Aug. 17, 2021, 10:21 a.m.
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NovaSeq DNA sequencing of blue whales for PMEL Omics Statement of Work 01 August 2021 Period of Performance: Start Date: 31 August 2021 End Date: 30 August 2022 Scope of work: The PMEL Omics group is looking to secure a contract for NovaSeq sequencing of blue whale genomic data and associated DNA sequencing prep work. This includes library preparation (barcoding, normalization and general QC) for up to 90 samples. The samples will be pooled, sequenced and checked for coverage/depth after each run on a NovaSeq lane. Samples may arrive in 2 batches depending on availability and international shipping. Requirements: The contractor must have an Illumina NovaSeq S4 2x150bp flow cell sequencer and the capabilities to work with non-model species and varying quality of input DNA to perform whole genome re-sequencing. The samples are very limited in quantity and irreplaceable, the facility needs to maintain best practices and a sterile environment to limit the potential for cross contamination with other projects. Must be able to produce 600Gb per lane. The lab is required to have a track record of working with non-model organisms and the ability to adjust the sequencing scheme (adjust relative quantities to ensure equal sequencing, remove problematic samples) based on the data output and standard sequencing quality scores after each run. They must communicate with the PMEL Omic group throughout the project to ensure high quality data is produced. Deliverables: • Whole genome resequencing at 10-15X depth coverage of ~90 blue whale individuals. • Data to be delivered within 90 days of receipt of the samples and extractions/libraries stored at the facility until completion of the project at which time they will be returned. • Data will be demultiplexed by barcoded individual prior to returning the data. Quality scores of sequences will be evaluated between each lane of sequencing to determine best course of action. Evaluation Factors (all of equal value): Technical – The offerors capabilities and proposed approach will be evaluated under this factor. The proposed equipment to be used will be reviewed. Contamination avoidance protocols will also be reviewed here. Experience – The offerors must provide detail of their experience working with non-model organisms. Relevant previous projects and references are highly encouraged. Price Associated Travel: Not applicable.