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Nov. 10, 2021, 12:09 p.m.
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Conference Requirements 1. Date & Time: Saturday & Sunday, 08-09 JAN 22 0630 – 1800. 2. Location: Akron-Canton, Ohio 3. Requirements: a. Lodging i. Check in 07 JAN 22, Check-out 09 JAN 22 1. 10 Double Queen or King rooms ii. Check in 07 JAN 22, Check-out 09 JAN 22 1. 10 Double Queen or King rooms iii. Government Per Diem rates apply. ( iv. Continental breakfast shall be provided at no charge for lodging guests. v. Parking shall be provided at no charge to the lodging guests. vi. Must be provided at the venue or within a five mile radius/ten minute drive of the venue. vii. Guests will check-in with a credit card to cover incidentals. viii. Final room count will be locked in on 29 DEC 22 but is subject to change after that date. A free 20% cancelation / no show window will be honored for guests that cancel or are no show after 29 DEC 22. b. Each Day: 0630-1800 i. Conference Space 1. Registration Tables: (4) 8’ Registration tables outside the main conference area with linens and two chairs each. 2. Vendor Tables (15 -20) 8’ tables, no linens, with two chairs each. These tables are to be situated at the back of the conference room if space permits. If space is not available inside the main conference room, vendor tables are to be set up in very close proximity of the main conference area to allow for attendees to visit the vendors during breaks. 3. Large open space capable of holding 250 attendees at rounds with linens for conference and lunch. Must abide by applicable fire code regulations and health department social / physical distance guidance. 4. Audio/Visual equipment to include sound system, microphone, laptop audio input, two large screens (min 10 ft diameter, two projectors, podium, and stage (if necessary for the space) to allow all guests to adequately view presentations. ii. Counseling Room 1. One (1) Room capable of holding four adults conference-style with white linens for private meetings. c. Catering i. Venue capable of catering for approximately 235 adults and 15 children, hot buffet style, from approximately 1200-1300. ii. Avoid common allergens (ie. Fish, shellfish, nuts) iii. Must provide all necessary items for buffet lunch (ie: plates, silverware, cleanup, condiments, etc.) iv. Menu must be approved by Yellow Ribbon Coordinator prior to event. v. No separate payment for catering will be made. vi. Adult Lunch 1. Meal must include a salad, two main entrees, two sides, bread, dessert and a beverage service. 2. No ‘cold food’ (ie: cold cut sandwiches), and no ‘fast food’ (ie: pizza, hamburgers, chicken strips). vii. Child Lunch 1. Meal must include a fruit, vegetable, main dish, side dish, dessert and a beverage service. 2. Meal may include age appropriate ‘fast food’ (ie. Chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc.) d. Other Requirements: i. Contract Manger for the Event and an Alternate Contract Manager identified by name ii. Free parking for approximately 200 vehicles.