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Contract Opportunity
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July 16, 2021, 11:01 a.m.
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Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Office of Acquisition Management (OAQ)

Statement of Work (SOW)

Automated Purchase Card Approval System

July 16, 2021

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

1 Overview 4

2 Background 4

3 Scope 4

Establish Rules 5

Retention 6

Search Function 6

Accessibility 6

Reporting 6

Routing 5

Paperless 5

Form 5
o o Hierarchy 5 Visibility 5 o o o Matching 6 Reconciliation and Document close out 6 o o o o
Printing/Download 7

Catalog 6

Receiving 6

Financial 7

Training 7

Logging 7

Auditing 6

Access 7

Support 7

4 Objectives, Requirements, and Deliverables 7

4.1 Government Furnished Information 9

5 Place and Period of Performance 9

6 Compliance Requirements 9

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

7 Government Roles and Responsibilities 10

7.1 Contracting Officer (CO) 10

7.2 Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) 10

8 Travel 10

9 Privacy and Records Requirements 10

10 Cyber Security Requirements 14

11 Employee Conduct 48

12 Removing Contractor Employees 48

13 Business Relations 48

14 Release of Information 49

15 Disclosure 49

16 Physical Security 50

17 Organizational Conflict of Interest 50

18 Data Use, Disclosure of Information and Handling of Sensitive Information 51

19 Safeguarding Government Property 51

20 Accessibility Requirements 52

21 DHS Form 1501 54

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

1 Overview

This Statement of Work (SOW) is being issued to obtain a solution that provides a robust,
automated government purchase card routing system. The solution sought must provide the
minimum requirements outlined in the Scope section of this SOW.

These requirements will enable the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and
Customs Enforcement (ICE) the ability to provide a streamlined and robust solution for the
government purchase card program users.

The approximate number and type of users of the system will include, but are not limited to, the

Number of
Cardholders (note
this number may

Number of Approving
Officials (note this
number may fluctuate
and includes alternates)

Other Users

Average number of
per month



2 Background

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),
Office of Acquisition Management (OAQ) has a need for a commercial off the shelf (COTS)
Automated Purchase Card Approval System. The solution must provide an automated, paperless
purchase card approval processing system with customizable options.

DHS Purchase Card Policy requires cardholders to complete a purchase card worksheet prior to
placing an order. The process is manual and often labor intensive, leading to unnecessary
administrative cost. This requirement is intended to reduce the manual effort, using an
automated processing solution that provides paperless approvals, routing, policy compliance, and
audit readiness capabilities.

With an automated purchase card worksheet solution, the purchase card program can efficiently
manage cost, streamline audit requirements, and provide stakeholders with additional oversight
over the program. An automated solution will be used to assist with mitigating risks associated
with the program.

3 Scope

The scope of this SOW is to provide a COTS solution that supports the number of users outlined
in Section 1 and meets all the following minimum requirements:

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

o Paperless – The system must be a paperless, automated enterprise procurement system for

purchase card (credit card) requests.

o Form – The system must have a fillable request form that routes for approvals. DHS has a

form (DHS Form 1501) that must be used as the request (see Section 21 form example). The
system must be dynamic and able to allow for customizing new fields when/if necessary,
without incurring additional charges or fees.

o Routing – The system must route requests for review and approvals. The approvals route
through a minimum of four (4) individuals (Cardholder, Funding Official, Approving
Official, third-party Receiver). However, the approvals may include additional individuals
(Property Custodian, Local Field Office). Therefore, the solution must include functionality
to include additional approvals.

o Hierarchy – The system should be capable of integrating with agency’s bank hierarchy
structure. The hierarchy structure will be provided to the awardee after contract award.

o Visibility – The system must provide access to designated purchase card managers over all
transaction documentation. The access will provide managers the ability to retrieve
information and documents related to transactions. The access must provide robust search
capabilities. Search options include by:

 Cardholder
 Approving Official
 Merchant
 Amount of request
 Description of items/service
 Date of transaction

o Establish Rules – The system must provide established rules to comply with Federal

Acquisition Regulation (FAR), DHS and ICE Purchase Card policies/procedure. The system
must be flexible to incorporate new rules. Rules will be provided to the awardee. Although
not all inclusive, rules may include but are not limited to the following:

 Separation of Duties for review and approvals.
 Tracking that shows approval and routing dates, comments, and changes

to the request.


 Reminder notification for recurring expenses; reminding the user to obtain

 All requests must have supporting documentation. Reminders/alerts must
be incorporated to ensure users attach supporting documentation to their

 Reminder notification to close out requests timely. This includes

capturing the third-party receiver’s signature.

 Email notification to the individuals in the routing process when the

request is in their que for approval/signature.

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

o Accessibility – The system must allow accessibility of documents from any location via

computer, smart phone or other.

o Retention - Document must be accessible for a period of 6 years from the transaction date.

o Reporting – The system must have reporting capabilities to include, but not limited to:

 Track spending
 Track users
 Track pending requests
 Socio-economic spend
 Custom reports
 Track merchants/vendors
 Track details on items purchases (example: uniforms, cable service, etc.)

o Search Function – The system must have a search function that allows purchase card

managers to search for specific information. Example: Search for amount, card holder name,
merchant, product.

o Matching – The system must be able to match bank’s transaction report to an approved

document, matching between the request/DHS 1501, receiver, and invoice. 3-Way matching
capability between request, receiving signature, and invoice.

o Reconciliation and Document close out – The system must be capable of importing

purchase card data from the agency’s servicing bank’s system (currently Citimanager) at any
time. The data must be auto-matched to purchasing and invoice data and presented to the
purchase card holders to allow them to match transactions and close out active requests.

o Auditing – The system should have the functionality to provide various alerts to the

administrator and purchase card holders of potential audit flags that should be reviewed.
Audit flags may include, but are not limited to, audit test attributes such as taxes were
charged. The audit test attributes will be provided to the awardee.

o Receiving – The system must allow for partial receipt as well as full receipt of order.

o Catalog – The system should have “punch out” capability allowing the user to access

merchant catalogs that have been approved by the agency administrator. The system should
also have the capability of loading catalogs and/or spreadsheets with approved items.
Catalog searches should enable comparison shopping, and comparison supporting
documentation must be automatically attached to the purchase request when desired.

Solicitation # 192121FLMURQ0027
July 16, 2021

Integration – The system must provide an integrated e-commerce shopping experience
for requestors to include catalogs, punch out to vendor’s websites and manual requests.
 Favorites – The system must allow users to create a favorites list which integrates with

(catalogs, punch outs and manual requests)

o Financial – The system should provide financial tracking capabilities and be customizable.
The tracking may include the ability to enter a beginning balance and draw down from that
balance. The system does not interface with ICE’s financial system. Therefore, the … Show All