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March 23, 2022, 9:43 a.m.
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20 Sept, 2021

Work Task #: 9505087
Location: Bldg. 507/505
Project Title: Bldg. 507/505 Replace Breezeway Roofing
Capital Project #: 1046412
Project Manager: R. Shawn Bingham
Project Manager Contact Information:
Office: 801-775-3316
Cell: 801-430-5127

1. General Requirements

1.1 The contractor shall bid and perform all work in accordance with requirements contained in the
original contract specifications and this Statement of Work (SOW).

1.2 The contractor shall provide a TURN KEY proposal for all areas of the project, when completed and
ready for final inspection, shall meet all pertaining codes and governments’ statement of work (SOW).

1.3 The contractor shall perform the service required after coordinating with SABER PM. Normal working
hours are 0700 to 1600 Monday through Friday. No overtime costs shall be allowed.

1.4 The contractor shall comply with UFC 1-200-01 (Edition in effect at award), UFC 3-110-03 (Edition in
effect at award), IBC Codes, NFPA Codes, NEC Codes, International Mechanical/Plumbing Codes, Hill AFB
Section 1000 Standards, ASHRAE Standards, AWWA, State of Utah Administrative Code, Hill AFB Design
Standards (most current version), UFC 3-580-01 Telecommunications Interior Infrastructure Planning and
Design, the 75th CS TAB K, dated 1 April 2010 and all manufacturers installation, start-up and operation
instructions for all material and equipment being installed.

1.5 Roof system design shall incorporate all aspects of roof waterproofing, including parapet walls,
skylights, flashings, drains, scuppers, gutters, downspouts, etc. Comply with current NRCA and SMACNA

1.6 The contractor shall use a Utah Certified and Licensed, Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) and Lead
Based Paint (LBP) abatement contractor(s) for all ACM/LBP abatement. Two approved contractors are
Environmental Abatement Inc. and Eagle Environmental.

1.7 The contractor shall notify the Project Manager (PM) a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to all
requested outage dates to allow for the coordination of multiple government agencies. Failure to do so
may result in project delays and the project period of performance will not be extended. Failure to perform
all work during the outage time may cause a minimum of 21 days delay due to resubmittal and approval
of new outage dates. All electrical and water outages shall be performed after hours, weekends or at
customer’s discretion. All outages dates shall not exceed 5 days per outage without prior approval by

1.8 Contractor shall obtain fire permits when using open flames and equipment fueled by propane tanks.
Contractor shall provide evidence of CERTA training for any installer of torch-applied membrane.

1.9 The CO's approval of submittals shall not be construed as a complete check, but will indicate only
that the general method of construction, materials, detailing and other information are satisfactory, and
the design, general method of construction, materials, detailing and other information appear to meet the
Solicitation and Accepted Proposal. Approval will not relieve the Contractor of the responsibility for any
error which may exist, as the Contractor under the Contractor Quality Control (CQC) requirements of this
contract is responsible for design, dimensions, all design extensions, such as the design of adequate
connections and details, etc., and the satisfactory construction of all work.

1.10 The contractor shall provide a Project Manager/Superintendent for all projects. A Project
Manager/Superintendent is defined as “having at least three (3) years of experience in construction
management for similar size/scope projects and be familiar with all aspects of general construction
management, practices, methods, and materials” and “shall have full authority to act for the Contractor on
all contract matters relating to daily operation of this contract that do not have cost impacts”. A “Part-time”
Superintendent is identified as spending at least one hour per day, on-site, managing the project and a
“Full-time” Superintendent is identified as spending the majority of the time at the project site – at least 6
hours per day.

Items not specifically mentioned in this SOW or associated specifications, but which are essential
and necessary for the completion of the work and to make all systems or equipment operational and
complete, shall be considered as incidental and shall be included as part of the work.

1.12 The contractor shall schedule Roll offs for the Hill QRP program for recyclable metals (POC is Wayne
Murphy 1-801-586-8538). There will be separate Roll offs needed for Scrap metal and Copper.

Period of Performance: 45 Days

Superintendent: FULL TIME ( )

All government provided drawings and measurements are for reference only – Contractor shall
verify accuracy and provide accurate drawings.

2. Statement of Work:

3. Asbestos/Lead Base Paint Abatement:


A. Please see attached report.

4. General Scope of Work:

A. The contractor shall remove approximately 950 Sq Ft of existing built up roof system and replace
with a minimum 2 Ply SBS modified bitumen roof membrane consisting of a modified bitumen
base sheet and a SBS modified bitumen granular surface cap sheet. Modified bitumen roof
membrane must either be set in hot asphalt, torch applied, set in cold-applied adhesive or a
combination of methods. The contractor is responsible for field verifying all quantities.

B. The contractor shall remove all existing roofing and rigid insulation to expose the roof deck.
Inspect decking for any damage. Damaged decking shall be repaired/replaced with like decking
material. When instructed remove any outdated or abandon equipment and replace with like
decking material. Mechanically Fasten two (2) layers of 3” polyisocyanurate insulation board (R-
30) to deck according to wind uplift calculations. Stagger board joints. Install ½” recover
insulation board above all conditioned areas. Taper insulation as required to create roof slopes
to drain at low slope conditions to avoid any standing water.

C. The contractor shall retrofit approximately 550 SQ FT of new Structural Metal Hydrostatic
standing seam roof system over the existing metal roof system. The contractor is responsible
for field verifying all quantities. NTE pricing shall be determined based on the roof
field area of 550 Sq. Ft.

D. The contractor shall install approximately 550 SQ new rigid insulation, mechanically fastened
over the existing metal roof panels. The contractor shall install a high temp self-adhering
underlayment over the new insulation. The contractor is responsible for field verifying all

E. The contractor shall remove approximately 80 Ft of gutter and downspouts and replace with new
5” gutter and down spouts. The contractor is responsible for field verifying all quantities.

F. The contractor shall install 2 rows of snow bars/stops on the new section of the standing seam
metal roof and also on the existing section of standing seam metal roof. Approximately 100 Ft.
The contractor is responsible for field verifying all quantities.

G. The contractor is responsible for ensuring minimum slope of ½:12. The contractor shall ensure
proper saddles, curbs, flashing, and sealants necessary to provide positive drainage from roof
penetrations and roof-wall junctures as a minimum requirement for a new roof. Ponding water
will not be accepted.

H. The contractor shall raise all mechanical equipment, area dividers, pipe penetrations, curbed
units, etc. to allow for minimum 8” of flashing heights above finished roof. All vents through roof
shall be extended to 18” minimum above finished roof.

The contractor shall scope all drains. Blocked drains will be repaired by installing contractor
should it be required. Provide new drain bowls, rings and strainers at each existing roof drain
location. Drains that do not have the proper bolts or attachments shall be replaced and or

J. The new roofing system shall include, but not limited to the replacement of all flashings/counter
flashings, expansion joints, coping metal, cover blocking, strainers, baskets, stops, scuppers,
cant strip, wood nailers, gutters, downspouts and associated sealants. All metal color shall be
Dakota Brown.

K. The contractor shall be responsible for lifting and re-setting equipment as necessary to ensure
proper roof installation. All mechanical and electrical disconnects and reconnects are installing
contractor responsibility.

L. The roofing contractor shall be responsible to maintain water tightness and provide protection at
any/all openings in the roof left at the end of each construction day. Any damage to the interior
of the building, building components or equipment will be the responsibility of the contractor to
repair, replace and restore back to its original condition.

M. The contractor shall comply with OSHA 1926.501 for safety/fall protection for all roof work.

N. The contractor shall provide all supervision, labor, materials, equipment, and transportation to
accomplish efforts associated with this Statement of Work (SOW), project drawings
specifications, and Request for Proposal (RFP) in order to provide a complete and usable
warranted product.

O. The contractor shall follow all requirements and specifications as outlined in Government SOW,

codes, regulations, AFI, UFC, and UFGS specs.

5. SBS Modified Bitumen

A. Wind