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Oct. 4, 2022, 6:20 p.m.
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Multi-Vendor Glucometer Program-Area-Wide


The purpose of this contract is to provide a cost per reportable result (CPRR) reagent supply and Point of Care analyzer use/service/support contract at multiple facilities throughout the Great Plains Area (ND, SD, IA, and NE). The award of a contract will be a Firm Fixed Price type.


Contractor shall provide to the Great Plains Area Indian Health Service, hereafter referred to as the Government, with the services/items described in this statement of work, and the referenced quotes/terms & conditions provided by the contractor/vendor for the period, and at the location(s), specified. Additional Point of Care devices above what is leased free of charge with the re-agents / test kits, must be identified at a set cost to meet the facilities needs.

Placement, replacement and service specific Manufacturer’s Glucometer, Point of Care Analyzers, associated hardware items, and delivery of specified reagents, controls and other consumables to one or more of the following locations:

Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care Facility, Belcourt, ND

Standing Rock Hospital, Ft Yates, ND

McLaughlin Health Center, McLaughlin, SD

Woodrow Wilson Keeble Memorial Health Care Center, Sisseton, SD

Wagner Health Center, Wagner, SD

Wanblee Heath Center, Wanblee SD

Kyle Health Center, Kyle, SD

Lower Brule Health Center, Lower Brule, SD

Ft Thompson Health Center, Ft Thompson, SD

Cheyenne River Health Center, Eagle Butte, SD

A additional clause to purchase meters above the reagent count at a preset cost is to be included for each facility

Contract Performance Period:

The base performance period for this contract is for 1 year from contract issuance with 4 option years

Hours of Performance:

Unless otherwise stated, or negotiated, routine work shall be performed Monday through Friday, 8am to 5 pm excluding weekends and holidays.


Equipment, equipment replacements and additions (as/if needed) are as proposed:

Glucometers, Docking / charging Stations and associated software applications.


In the event that the Contractor determines that there is probable cause to believe that an operator or equipment user is abusing, neglecting, or mishandling an item of equipment, the Contractor shall be bound by the terms of this contract to notify, in writing, the Director, Division of Clinical Engineering, 115 4th Ave SE Room 309, Aberdeen, SD 57401 all facts or specifics of said abuse.

Any questions regarding the applicability of any or all determinations and/or findings that are subject to protest and/or disputes will be adjudicated by the Great Plains Area Indian Health Service Chief of the Contracting Office.


The Contractor is required to present the service tickets with the P.O. number of the service contract on them for each time a service is performed on the equipment. Lack of service tickets being presented will be cause for non-payment by the Government. One copy of the service ticket shall be left with the Department Supervisor and one copy shall be provided to the COR within one week of the service. Service tickets may be submitted via email to (note there is an underscore between abr and oeh (abr_oeh)). Notifications of service ticket availability for retrieval through iCenter is also acceptable.


All payments are due and payable upon receipt of complete and accurate invoices and in accordance with the Prompt Payment Act.

Invoices shall be submitted with all required information and supporting documentation:

Invoice Number

IHS Contract Number

Task Order Number

Itemized listing of items being billed

If required items are not on the invoice, it will be returned to the Contractor for resubmission.

The Prompt Payment Act Clause will be provided by the Contracting Officer at the time of award and will further clarify the requirements. Finance charges for late payment of charges due to problems not of the Contractor’s making shall be paid according to the regulations and amount determined by the Great Plains Area Indian Health Service Financial Management Branch.

If the Government fails to pay an amount when properly due, the Contractor has the option of suspending all services provided by this contract after providing a detailed explanation to the Contracting Officer. The Contracting Officer is responsible for assuring that direct patient care is not compromised by frivolous or unlawful suspension of services. Disputes will be handled according to the Disputes Clause and shall not violate any rule or regulation or law.


The contractor shall be properly insured, and shall provide evidence of insurance.

In no event shall the Government release the Contractor from liability arising from acts of omission, improper repair, negligence, or deliberate or non-deliberate acts that jeopardize the health and safety of patients and/or Government employees. The rules of law governing such incidents or actions shall prevail.


No information, findings, or determinations generated in pursuit of this contract may be released outside of the contractors’ immediate possession without the concurrence of the Contracting Officer.


All contractor labor shall be warranted


The contractor’s terms and conditions shall be incorporated into the contract by reference. Where conflicts arise, the Federal Acquisition Regulations, and other Federal Regulations, Laws and Rules shall take precedence.


“The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) mandates that U.S. federal agencies use the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). In November 2020, OMB issued memorandum M-21-07 "Completing the Transition to IPv6", which outlines the Federal government's strategic intent "to deliver its information services, operate its networks, and access the services of others using only IPv6". The IHS requires all new IT systems (hardware and software) to operate in a pure IPv6 network environment. This includes on-premises services or third-party hosted services that require network integration into the IHS network. The Offeror's solution shall comply with the IPv6 standards profile as defined by the NIST USGv6 Program:”