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Aviano Air Base
16 May 2022 Rev.2

1. GENERAL. The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, vehicles tools, materials,
supervision, and any other item and services necessary to perform a Commercial Shuttle Service
with driver at Aviano Air Base Italy in accordance with (IAW) this Performance Work Statement
(PWS). All work shall be performed IAW Italian Legislative Decree (D.Lgs.) n.285, 30 April
1992, and subsequent modifications (s.m.), Italian D.P.R. n.495, 16 December 1992 s.m., the
following main Italian regulations

a. Transportation of more than 9 people, driver included: Italian D.lgs. n.395, 22 December
2000 s.m.; Italian Ministerial Decree n.161, 28 April 2005 s.m.; Italian Law n.218, 11
August 2003 s.m.; Friuli Venezia Giulia Law n.22, 18 August 2005 s.m.;

b. Transportation up to 9 people, driver included: Italian Law n.21, 15 January 1992 s.m.;
Italian Law n.12, 11 February 2019 s.m.; Friuli Venezia Giulia Law n.27, 5 August 1996

and any additional and applicable National, Regional, Local, Laws/Codes, and safety standards
dictated by most current Italian/European laws and directives.

2. DESCRIPTION OF WORK. Contractor(s) is to provide commercial 8 passenger minivans
with driver, 15 passenger minibuses with driver, and 52 passenger buses with driver to transport
visitors to/from the customer’s location from/to Venice/Marco Polo airport, Italy. The typical
Aviano Base customer’s arrival/departure locations are on Base (Area F), at Temporary Lodging
Facilities (TLF) and Mountain View Lodge, or within a range of 10km far from such locations.
For customer’s arrival/departure locations falling in between the 10km - 30km range far from the
aforementioned locations a surcharge will apply. The shuttle requirement will be on as needed
basis and upon call placed by authorized ITT personnel only, and may require a combination of
vehicle types (minivans, minibuses, or buses) to accommodate. Shuttle vehicle shall arrive at
points of pick up at least 15 minutes prior to the departure time requested. See below for trip
requirements. Pricing shall be quoted as a per trip figure and shall include all associated costs
such as but not limited to, fuel, autostrada fee, parking fee, travel, tickets for any traffic or Law
violation caused by the drivers or inadequate bus condition and or missing vehicle
documentation. The Contractor shall provide a separate price surcharge for pick ups and
deliveries above 10km and within 30km from Aviano Air Base. The Contractor shall provide a
separate pricing for customer delays that exceed 30 minutes from scheduled pick up time.

US Government required shuttle sizes:

a. Vehicle capable of transporting up to 9 people (driver included)
b. Vehicle capable of transporting up to 15 people (driver included)
c. 52 passenger bus (driver included)

Customers (i.e. families) will have their own shuttle (no shuttle sharing) unless prior
authorization is provided by the ITT Office.

Contractor and drivers must coordinate with ITT personnel, via e-mail, WhatsApp (and/or
similar App), and telephone, to check reservation requests frequently (at least twice per day) to
verify pickups, read applicable notes, and identify any last minute changes notified by ITT
personnel. The Contractor and drivers must not accept any additional customers that were not
reserved through the ITT Office. Contractor may be required to operate shuttle service to/from

Venice/Marco Polo airport up to 2-3 times per day when required. Estimated quantities are
included in the Price List.


a. All vehicles must have operational air conditioning and heaters for passengers.

b. All vehicles transporting personnel shall be operated and maintained in a safe

c. If 52 passenger buses are used, they shall have two (2) passenger doors for


easy ingress/egress.

d. Use only fully enclosed vehicles with seats and seatbelts for operators and

passengers to transport personnel.

e. Any vehicle (minivan, minibus, and bus) used must show a manufacture

year not older than 2014

f. Any vehicle (minivan, minibus, and bus) used must have the specifications as
per Art. 12, paragraph 7, Italian Law n.21 15 Jan 1992 and as minimum in
conformity with environmental directive CE96/1 – EURO 5 & 6 anti-
pollutions specifications.

g. Any vehicle (minivan, minibus, and bus) used must be regularly and
periodically maintained and current with the Italian Safety Inspection
“Collaudo” and must have R.C.A. insurance policy with a minimum maximal
of € 32,000,000.00 (thirty two million of euro) for each accident. Before the
trip departure, the Government reserves the right to verify that subject
documents are valid and current for the entire performance period.

h. Drivers shall possess a current valid Commercial Drivers’ License (CDL), as
well as the required “certificato di abilitazione professionale per la guida dei
veicoli destinati al trasporto di persone ed attestato di idoneita’ professionale”
issued by the competent “Motorizzazione Civile e dei Trasporti in
Concessione (M.C.T.C.) Office” as required by Italian D.Lgs. n.285, 30 April
1992 s.m., and Italian D.P.R. n.495, 16 December 1992 s.m.. Before the start
of the performance period, the Government reserves the right to verify that
subject documents are valid and current for the entire performance period.

i. Vehicles shall be kept clean by the contractor. Accidental spills of liquids will be cleaned
as soon as possible. Vehicles will be free of pet hair/dander. Vehicles must be smoke

j. Each of the contracted vehicle(s) shall have at least, but not limited to, a jack, tools, spare
tire, fire extinguishers, emergency reflective triangle and reflective safety vest in them at
the time of delivery.

k. In case of Contractor’s late arrival (30 minutes or more than the scheduled timing), a

penalty of 50 Euro will be charged. In case of no show, the full trip cost will be charged
as a penalty. Late arrivals or no show cases will be promptly notified (within one or two
working days) to the Contractor who, in turn, will calculate the corresponding deduction
in the next available invoice.

4. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE & PRICE LIST. This Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA)
shall be in place for a period of 5 (five) years. The US Government is only obligated to the extent
of authorized calls placed under this BPA. The price list submitted with the Quotation will be
valid for one (1) year from the BPA Award date. The contractor shall submit new price list, in
writing, for approval by the Contracting Officer (CO) at least fifteen (15) days prior to expiration
of the current approved price list.

5. INDIVIDUAL AUTHORIZED TO PLACE CALLS. Calls to submit reservations will be
placed only by authorized personnel, acting within the order limitation of the ordering
delegation, not less than twenty-four (24) hours before shuttle date and time schedule.
Cancellation of calls must be executed by 17:00 the day before the transportation service is
scheduled. The Contracting Officer, will send to the contractor the Ordering Individuals Letter
with the maximum call monetary limitation amount authorized for each individual. These
individuals, will also oversee contractor performance, monitor each requirement and report to the
Contractor, Contracting Administrator and or Contracting Officer, on any issues that are of


7. GOVERNMENT’S RESPONSIBILITIES. ITT Travel provides the website where
customers request their shuttle service.


a. IDENTIFICATION OF CONTRACTOR EMPLOYEES. While performing services, the
contractor personnel, driver included, shall wear clothing and/or badges that clearly
identify them as such. Shuttle drivers will be neat and clean in appearance. They must be
friendly and capable of interacting with the passengers. The Contractor shall place a
magnetic “Patriot Shuttle” on the vehicle for easy identification to customers. The
magnets will be provided by the NAFI.

b. ENGLISH LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS. The Contractor’s Contract Manager, Call
Reception Personnel, as well as the Driver assigned to the trip shall have good command
of English Language in order to properly coordinate the services and communicate with
United States personnel, and shuttle passengers. All written correspondence from
contractor shall be in English.

c. CONTRACTOR COMMUNICATION. To facilitate communication between the

Government and the Contractor; the Contractor must designate and maintain an e-mail
account(s) and contact telephone number(s) for the life of the contract.

d. LIABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. The Contractor shall be responsible for all
damages to persons or property that occurs during the performance of this service as
result of the Contractor’s fault or negligence.

e. Enrollment in the “Registro delle Imprese della competente Camera di Commercio,
Industria Artigianato e Agricoltura” providing the authority to operate in the specific
business sector of the instant solicitation.

9. SAFETY. The contractor shall ensure all personnel engaged in the performance of this
contract, observe all Air Force and host country laws and regulations concerning safety. Strict
adherence to COVID/influenza type disease decrees/rules are mandatory. The contractor is
responsible for knowing the most up to date decree/rules. The US Government is not liable for
fines levied upon contractor for not adhering to decrees/rules. Safety or personal protective
equipment violations shall result in suspension of work until violation(s) are corrected, at no cost
to the US Government. The c