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PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT 1.0 INTRODUCTION. The purpose of this Performance Work Statement (PWS) is to identify the requirements/deliverables of the contractor needed to perform services as the Catholic Parish Coordinator for religious activities on Garrison (RCKA). The Contractor shall provide support to the Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists, and Religious Support Office (RSO) Department of the Army (DA).The location(s) and time(s) specified in the PWS or modified in the contract by the Contracting Officer. 2.0 SCOPE OF WORK: 2.1 This is a Non-Personal Services Contract between the Fort Hood Religious Support Office (RSO) and an independent contractor to deliver specific requirements and deliverables to the Fort Hood Catholic Services at The Spirit of Fort Hood Chapel. This Performance Work Statement defines the requirements/deliverables of the contractor; ensuring the individual free exercise of religion for military personnel, family members, and authorized personnel; a statutory requirement under USC Title X. 2.2 This contract does not create an employer-employee relationship between the Government and Contractor, as well as any corporation, partnership, business association, other party or legal entity with which the Contractor may be associated. The Government assumes no responsibility for costs incurred for services performed by the contractor that are not included in this contract. There are no provisions for lodging, employee benefits, medical care, retirement or Workmen's Compensation Insurance. Payment shall be made monthly. 2.3 The Contractor shall provide support for those services for which no Fort Hood Unit Ministry Team (UMT) members (Chaplains and Religious Affairs Specialists), RSO Department of the Army (DA) Civilians and volunteers can provide. The contract cannot duplicate duties required or provided by these entities as contracted services are an exception to policy. 2.4 The Contractor shall serve the Congregation Community and the greater Fort Hood religious support community. 2.5 This contract is not a fulltime position with a standard 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday work environment. Workdays and hours will vary according to the approved Calendar of Events, tasks outlined in the services listed below, and the time of meetings. Many of the tasks will require evening and weekend hours. 2.6 No UMT member, military member, DA Civilian, fellow contractor or volunteer can supervise or direct the Contractor or control the method by which he/she performs the required tasks. Under no circumstances shall a work schedule be prepared for the Contractor or the impression be given that the Contractor is an employee of the Government. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to guard against any actions that are of the nature of personal services, give the impression of personal services or portray his/her position as that of an employee. 2.7 Under no circumstances shall a Contractor provide direction to a Religious Affairs Specialist (RAS), general military member, a DA Civilian, fellow contractor or volunteer, nor shall he/she represent in an official capacity of the Federal Government, U.S. Army or Air Force or the local congregation that the contract supports. 2.8 The Contractor shall adhere to all security and weather warnings and notifications. In the event that inclement weather causes the cancellation and/or postponement of an event, the Contractor will not be penalized. 3.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE. The contract shall be from 25 September 2021 through 24 September 2022. 4.0 REQUIREMENTS/PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. The Contractor shall perform the following: 4.1 Church Correspondence: The contractor will be responsible for all official correspondence with the Archdiocese for the Military Services and with other Dioceses and or parishes worldwide to obtain certificates, affidavits of sponsorship, and other ecclesiastical documents or decrees. The contractor will use correct Catholic Church protocol in such correspondence. The contractor will be responsible to coordinate between the Archdiocese for the Military Services and the parish the certification of Special Ministers of the Eucharist and for maintaining the parish correspondence file. 4.2 Publicity coordination: The contractor will be point of contact and public information officer for the Catholic Community with the installation and the local community in regard to information about the Catholic Community and parish programs. This will include serving as a liaison and communicating with the Garrison Chaplain’s Office as required. The contractor will serve as Catholic resource person within the Fort Hood Public Affairs Offices concerning the publication of Catholic issues and events. The contractor will also serve as resource person to the Archdiocese for the Military Services’ section in the national weekly newspaper, The Catholic Register and will coordinate and draft all public announcements and ads concerning the worship, educational, spiritual growth, and social events in the Catholic parish. 4.3 Parish Registration and Census: The contractor will be responsible for accurate identification and local registration of all Soldiers, civilians and family members of the military community who participate in parish life. This responsibility involves ongoing identification and registration into a data base of all newcomers and deletion from the data base of those leaving the Catholic Community. The contractor will update the registration of the Sacraments received by parishioners and training completed that leads toward certification as a Special Minister of the Eucharist in accordance with guidelines established by the Archdiocese for Military Services’. The contractor will organize and supervise a semi-annual registration drive and produce a semi-annual census report. The contractor will be knowledgeable of and observe all federal privacy act regulations in providing these services. 4.4 Reports: The contractor will attend scheduled and special sessions of the Catholic Parish Council and its executive board meetings serving as the council's primary resource person for information on attendance at all programs, and coordination for upcoming events or activities. Under the guidance of the chaplain, the contractor will prepare and publish a copy of an agenda for all scheduled Parish Council meetings and pass the agenda to the Parish Council Secretary for distribution 4.5 Manage Catholic Calendar: The contractor will maintain and update the parish calendar and will resolve conflicts based upon direct guidance from priest pastor, judgments governed by knowledge of Catholic priorities and parish common operating procedures. The contractor will coordinate for proper chapel or multiple chapel usages for Catholic worship on weekday Holy Days and for seasonal liturgical events throughout the year. The contractor will produce a monthly calendar of upcoming parish events and services and ensure that the calendar is approved by the priest pastor and made available to parishioners by posting it at chapels where Catholic services are conducted. This requirement includes ensuring that the main post Catholic Priest’s calendar reflects the parish requirements and is synched to support all parish and garrison activities. 4.6 Volunteer Coordination: 4.6.1 The contractor will participate in the background check processing of volunteers for Catholic events that are both ecclesiastical and social. The contractor will email background check packets to the volunteer applicants. The contractor will receive and review background check packets once received by applicant. The contract will contact applicant for signature once packet is completed. The contractor will send completed packets to DRE for final review and approval. 4.6.2 The contractor will document volunteer hours from each and every parish activity and will pass data to the Religious Affairs Specialist, post volunteer agency or others as directed by the pastor. As directed by pastor, the contractor will act as community representative and resource person to the post agencies involved with volunteerism and volunteer recognition. 4.7 The contractor will serve as the resource person within the Fort Hood Public Affairs Offices concerning the publication of chapel issues and events. The contractor will coordinate and draft all public announcements and ads concerning the worship, educational, spiritual growth, and social events in the parish. All publications must be approved by the Catholic senior chaplain. 4.8 Catholics Bulletin and Facebook Page: The Contractor will prepare and organize the input for a weekly bulletin for the community. The contractor will perform research necessary to answer specific religious questions and submit bulletins for review by the pastor. The contractor will be the point of contact for collecting and organizing all items for all parish activities, groups, or individuals that will be submitted for entry into the weekly bulletin and update the Catholics Fort Hood, Facebook page. All publications must be approved by the Catholic senior chaplain. 4.9 Special Events: Intensive administration requirements to include assimilation new families and children, marketing, and communication with the congregation. Special events include Volunteer Appreciation Event and Leadership Retreat/ Training. 4.10 Volunteer Training and Appreciation: The contractor will organize, advertise and prepare training meetings and appreciation luncheons/dinners for all volunteers. Have all volunteers hours be submitted in post volunteer database. Also submit paper work for volunteer recognition at post volunteer program. 4.11 Liturgical analysis and preparation: The contractor will prepare monthly a list of materials recommended for purchase that are essential for the liturgical life of the parish, that is, in decorati