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Contract Opportunity
May 12, 2021



National Medical Transport and Support Services Contract Industry Day Webinar
May 5, 2021

Response Directorate

Operations Division

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Opening Remarks

Mr. Damon Penn Assistant Administrator for Response
NMTS Contract Overview

Timothy D. Smith Branch Chief
Cassandra Ward Program Manager
The contents within the presentation are notional and subject to change at the discretion of the Contracting Officer.
FEMA & Response Directorate Mission Statements
FEMA Mission Statement
Helping people before, during and after disasters.

Response Directorate Mission Statement
Leading and coordinating efforts to maintain capabilities necessary to respond to and stabilize effects of incidents, regardless of hazard.
What We Do
We provide the core, coordinated federaloperational response capability needed to save and sustain lives,minimize suffering and protect property in a timely and effective manner in communities that become overwhelmed by natural disasters, acts of terrorism or other emergencies. Our activities encompass the coordination of all federal emergency management response operations, response planning and integration of federal, state, tribal, territorial and local disaster programs. This coordination ensures efficient and effective delivery of immediate emergency assistance to individuals and communities impacted and overwhelmed by disasters, emergencies or acts of terrorism.
National Medical Transport and Support Services Contract (National EMS Contract) Ground Ambulance /Air/ Paratransit/Medical Support Personnel
Contract Overview
Maximum resources for a one zone deployment:
Medical Transportation
300 ground ambulances 70% Advanced Life Support (ALS) and 30% Basic Life Support (BLS)
25 air ambulances (rotary and fixed wing)
3,500 para-transit vehicle seats (max 25% wheelchair capable vehicles)
Medical Personnel
Certified and trained staff for medical air and ground transportation
150 fixed location medical support personnel (EMTs/Paramedics)
Operations Support Team (to support vendor)
National Command (NATCOM)
Forward Operations Base (FOB)

Contract Overview
Additional contracted resources:
Communications Support Teams (to support vendor operations)
Planning and Exercise Support Services
Support of planning medical response and exercises at state and federal level
Approved by Program Office on a task-by-task basis

Air Ambulance Capabilities

Provides emergency medical care, evacuation, and transportation services critical care/neonatal intensive care/ unique specialty care support
Transport to medical facilities outside disaster area
Fixed or rotary wing aircraft small or large depending on need

Paratransit Capabilities

One-way distance < 250 miles or 6 hrs.
Multiple trips expected
No medical staff on vehicles
Caregiver must accompany patient if medical care is required
Use mandated by patient condition
Non-ambulatory, wheelchair bound
Ambulatory with assistance
Ambulatory & no assistance needed

Examples of 6 Paratransit Vehicle Types
Contract Administration Roles and Responsibilities
Federal/National Program Office
Regional/State, Tribe, Territory
NMTS Contractor
Types of Responses
State Sponsored similar to normal use of ambulances
Federal Patient Movement increased coordination and much larger response that includes the Department of Health and Human Services/National Disaster Medical System, the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, FEMA and the affected State
Sample Timeline: Activation and Response (NMTS aka National EMS Contract)
Program Management and Oversight (National EMS Contract)
Administered by the Headquarters (HQ) Response Directorate Operations Division
Cassandra Ward Program Manager
Alvin Boardley Primary Contracting Officer Representative (COR)
Allen Meadows II Alternate COR
Kimberly Coakley Contracting Officer for the Response Directorate
Contractual Information
Kimberly Coakley
Contracting Officer

The award is expected to include a 12-month base period plus four 12-month option periods for a total performance period of five years.
Requirement will be synopsized for 15 days via prior to the solicitation posting.
Solicitation will be posted on as a full and open requirement.
Offerors may propose for all services for one or more zones.
Large Businesses are required to provide a Small Business Plan. Details will be provided in the solicitation.

Important Considerations
Doing Business with FEMA
Contact Us
FEMAs Small Business Program

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30 Minute Break
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Closing Remarks
Thank you for your participation!
The contents within the presentation are notional and subject to change at the discretion of the Contracting Officer.
FEMAs mission:
Helping people before, during, and after disasters.