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USACE NASHVILLE DISTRICTBlanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) for Key ControlPerformance Work Statement


1. Description of Agreement: This Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is established to provide equipment and hardware replacement, repairs, and organization for key control, as needed for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, on an “as-needed basis” when requested by the authorized callers.

2. Extent of Obligation: The Government is obligated only to the extent of an authorized call and placed against this Blanket Purchase Agreement.

3. Maximum Discounts: The prices to the Government will be as low as or lower than those charged your most favored customer, in addition to any discounts for prompt payment.

4. Purchase Limitations: A maximum limit is set for a BPA Agreement will be $250,000. Each BPA Call Order has a maximum limit of $75,000 by a Contracting Officer.

5. Individuals Authorized: To Purchase under the BPA: All Contracting Officers of the Nashville District’s Contracting Division are authorized to purchase under the BPA.

6. Delivery Tickets: All deliveries made under this agreement will be accompanied by delivery tickets or sales slips, in duplicate, and will show the following: Name of Supplier, Number of this Agreement, Date of Call, Itemized List of Supplies or Services Furnished, Quantity, Unit Price, and Extension of each less applicable discounts, and Date of Delivery or Shipment. The delivery ticket must be signed by the Government employee to whom delivery is made.

7. Invoices: An itemized invoice shall be submitted for all deliveries made. Invoices need not be supported by copies of delivery tickets. Contractor will be paid for actual usage only.

8. Payment: Method of payment for services will be VISA or USACE Finance Center.

9. Request for Quote: Requests will be made orally or via email.

10. Cancellations/terminations: This Agreement may be cancelled/terminated in its entirety at no cost to either party. The party desiring to cancel/terminate this Agreement shall serve to the other party a written notice of such intent at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the effective date of the cancellation/termination. The parties agree that the cancellation shall have no effect on any Call not completed by the effective date of the cancellation/termination. The Contractor shall complete such Calls under the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

11. Applicability: The terms and conditions of this Agreement shall be applicable to all BPA Calls issued citing this document.

12. Binding contract: Upon issuance of a BPA Call by an authorized individual, a binding contract shall be established between the Contractor and the Contracting Activity/Government. All vendors are cautioned that they are not to accept BPA Calls against the BPA from any individual that is not a Contracting or Ordering Officer with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District.

13. Non-Payment for Quotes: The Government shall not be liable for reimbursement of any Contractor quote preparation costs for this RFQ, or any Call request issued for a BPA Call proposal under this Agreement, whether the request is funded or is issued under advance call request authority given to the Contracting Office.

14. BPA call order process: Upon identification of a requirement within the scope of this BPA, the Contracting Activity shall send a Request for Quote (RFQ) to the BPA holder. The RFQ will include Technical Specifications/Performance Work Statement (PWS) which will detail what is required, and when and where it is to be delivered. The BPA Holder (s) will respond to that RFQ. The basis for award will be included in each RFQ. Calls may be evaluated on price only or price and other factors in order to obtain the best value for the Government.

Individual call orders will also include Service Contract Wage Determinations and security requirements for the area where the service is to be performed.

15. Contracting Points of Contacts:

Ray Kendrick, Contract Specialist, (615) 736-7932,

Subject: Equipment and hardware replacement, repairs, and organization for key control.

General: The contractor shall provide all labor, material, supervision, and quality control necessary to perform the work specified below. The purpose of this Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) is to update the projects for compliance with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) key control standards. All work shall be accomplished in strict accordance with industry and safety standards.

All work shall be in accordance with the current rules and requirements as stated in these specifications:

AR 190-51, Appendix D, 27 June 2019 “Security of Unclassified Army Resources (Sensitive and Non-Sensitive)”

US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual, EM 385-1-1 (30 November 2014)

ABA standards 

ADA standards

List of equipment and hardware to be replaced or furnished:

Keys and Cores. Key and core systems to include serial numbering. Interchangeable cores must be stamped with core number and keys must be stamped with the same core number the key fits with addition unique number. Example. Core number 3860, Key number 3860-1, 3860-2 & so on. Blank keys, cores and key cutters shall match the key and core system.

Doorknobs, Deadbolts and Mortise Locks. All doorknobs and deadbolts shall be a satin chrome finish. Cylindrical medium duty doorknobs shall range from 2 3/8”-2 ¾” backset and 1 3/8”-1 ¾” door thickness to include ADA compliant keyed entry Office and Classroom doorknobs compatible with interchangeable cores. Dead bolts shall range from 2 3/8”-2 ¾” backset and 1 3/8”-1 ¾” door thickness and compatible with interchangeable cores. When the bolt is extended (locked), the dead bolt projects into the doorframe at least 1 inch, and it cannot be forced back (unlocked) by applying pressure to the end of the bolt. In situations where there is a window in or adjacent to the door, a double-cylinder dead bolt lock (one that requires a key to open from either side) should be used. 2 ½”-3” Mortise Locks shall range from 1 1/4”-2 ¾” backset, 1 3/8”- 1 ¾” door thickness, and 2 ½”- 3” case depth.

Padlocks. Padlocks must be key-retaining and be stamped with "US," or "US Set" if a padlock set. Key-retaining means the key must be captive (unmovable) in the cylinder when the padlock is un-locked.

Security doors. Doors shall range from 32"-36" Wide x 79"-91" Height x 1.75" Thick, and meet 2-minute resistant, non-tested specification when required to establish the 2-minute, non-tested forced entry resistant personnel barrier perimeter. Doors shall be primed and painted to color identified in call order.

Hardware. Push plates, Pull plates, Foot plates, Hinges and Door closers shall be a satin chrome finish. Industry standard to allow safe ingress and egress through high-traffic areas and maintain security. Hinges shall range from 3 ½” – 4 ½” and have square, ¼” or 5/8” radius corners. Hinges shall not be removable from the outside. Life and fire safety codes often direct that doors swing outward, which then places the hinge pins outside. Security hinges are preferred in those cases. If conventional hinges are used, hinge pins must be spot-welded, peened, covered, or otherwise secured to prevent removal. Door closers shall be medium duty and ADA Compliant.

Key depository. A lockable container, such as a safe or filing cabinet, or a key depository (made of at least 26–gauge steel, equipped with a tumbler–type or keyed locking device and permanently affixed to a wall) will be used to secure keys. The location of the key depository will be in a room where it is kept under 24–hour surveillance or in a room that is locked when unoccupied. An electronically-controlled key depository may be used if it is constructed of at least 26–gauge steel, can be affixed to a wall, and produces an inventory report with information equivalent to that contained in the DA Form 5513. If the key depository is designed as a drawer-style system that is positioned on the floor, the system will be secured to an immovable object such as to the floor or to a building support beam unless the empty weight exceeds 500 pounds and is not mounted on rollers.

Services. The Contractor shall provide all qualified personnel, materials, supplies, tools, parts, equipment, vehicles and transportation to perform work in accordance with industry standards and references above.

Inventory: Following installation, the Contractor shall provide a list of keys and cores to the project key custodian. Keys shall be labeled to designate the location of the lock to which it belongs.

Locations: Work will be performed at the location(s) specified in each call order. Individual Call Orders may be for any of the following Corps of Engineers facilities listed below and associated recreation areas:

Area Offices

Nashville Area Office

1188 Cinder Road

Old Hickory, TN 37138

Eastern Kentucky Area Office

855 Boat Dock Road

Somerset, KY 42501

Western Kentucky Area

PO Box 218

Grand Rivers, KY 42045

Mid-Cumberland Area Office

71 Corps Lane

Carthage, TN 37030

East Tennessee River Area Office

6699 Highway 321 South

Lenoir City, TN 37772

Mid-Tennessee River Area Office

704 South Wilson Dam Road

Florence, AL 35630

Tennessee River Area Office

5400 Lake Resort Drive

Chattanooga, TN 373443

Communications Offices

Electronic Service Unit

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