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July 25, 2022, 2:33 p.m.
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20 JULY 2022

1. DESCRIPTION OF MAINTENANCE. CEs 2011 / E-ONE / P-33, Firetruck 11C00443/
4EN6AAA84C1006920 (VIN) requires maintenance. The firetruck is currently leaking oil and
coolant from the head. The maintenance required includes removing, repairing or replacing
AFM gaskets, exhaust gaskets, upper engine gaskets, thermostat, fracture resistance screw, fuel
injector supply connector, oil filter, fuel filter and assorted O-rings. In addition the vehicle will
need to have the engine oil replaced as well as have the engine checked for codes after the
maintenance is performed to ensure all is in good working condition. After the contract is
approved and awarded we would like to have the vehicle down for maintenance no longer than a

2. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. The contractor shall own/operate a maintenance facility,
provide all personnel, equipment, tools, diagnostic testing/equipment, parts, materials, and other
items and/or services necessary to perform maintenance on Dover AFB firetruck 11C00443.
Additionally, contractor must be located within 150 miles of Dover Air Force Base.

2.1. Specific Functions: Perform necessary maintenance on firetruck 11C00443.

3. QUALITY CONTROL: The contractor shall develop and maintain a quality control program
to ensure any parts that are replaced are in accordance with established commercial standards,
local, state and federal guidelines, Air Force standards outlined in TO 36-1-191.

4. CONTRACTOR-FURNISHED ITEMS AND SERVICES: The contractor shall furnish
everything needed to perform this contract according to all its terms. Supplies and service
furnished by the contractor shall include.

4.1. Perform required maintenance of the firetruck 11C00443

4.2. Replace required parts, when necessary

4.2.1. Contractor must ensure parts, rebuilt or after-market, meet or exceed original
equipment manufacturer specifications before ordering.

5. FIRETRUCK MAINTENANCE: The contractor understands that when performing work
on the firetruck, they will provide a detailed list of all work that was accomplished and provide a
written guarantee on replacement parts and any other necessary work that was performed.

At the close of each work period, government facilities, equipment and materials shall be


The contractor understands that when creating, handling and maintaining records for the Air
Force, either electronic or paper, they must meet the requirements established in AFRIMS
Records Disposition Schedule (RDS), AFI 33-322, Records Manage Program, AFI 33-364,
Records Disposition Procedures and Responsibilities, and AFM 33-363, Management of
Records. In order to meet the requirement established IAW the above mentioned regulations
contact the File Managers Office (436 CS/SCOSK, Bldg. 310) at extension 302-677-3642 for
guidance and training.


7.1 All personnel employed by the contractor in the performance of this contract, or any
representative of the contractor entering the governmental installation shall abide by all security
instructions and directives of Dover AFB. Employees are responsible for safeguarding all
government property provided for contractor use.
secured, lights and water turned off and all doors and windows secured if applicable.
The contractor and, as applicable, subcontractor shall not employ persons for work on
this contract if such employee is identified as a potential threat to the health, safety, security,
general well-being or operational mission of the installation and its population, nor shall the
contractor or subcontractor employ persons under this contract who have an outstanding criminal
warrant as identified during the Criminal Background Check (CBI).
proper credentials allowing them to work in the United States. Employees and subcontractors
later found to be undocumented or illegal aliens will be remanded to the proper authorities.
The contractor shall not be entitled to any compensation for delays or expenses
associated with complying with the provisions of this requirement. Furthermore, nothing in this
requirement shall excuse the contractor from proceeding with the contract as required.
All contractors and subcontractors when working in a Controlled, Restricted or other
sensitive areas must be escorted at all times. The military agency or unit responsible for the
project or work is responsible for providing the escorts. The Contractor shall follow existing
procedures and instructions for obtaining entrance to restricted or controlled areas.


8.1 Requests for contractor badges will be submitted through the Base Contracting Squadron
Office and/or the requesting agencies base point of contact. The Contracting Squadron Office or
base point of contact will then fill out an Operational Risk Management Assessment Form
(ORM) for the requesting agency and submit it to the Pass and Registrations section for approval

The contractor shall ensure their employees and those of their subcontracts have the

IAW DAFBI 13-202. As a minimum the ORM will be submitted 72-hours prior to the requested
date of employment.

8.2 All contractor employees who'll be granted unescorted access to the installation are required
to consent to a Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) prior to being granted entry to the
installation. Continued employment is contingent upon successful completion and favorable
reporting of the criminal background check.
8.3 Contractor badges will be issued for a maximum period of one year. Prior to reissuing new
badges, all old badges must be returned to Pass and Registration for destruction. Also before a
new badge will be issued an ORM must be resubmitted to the Pass and Registration section for
approval again. In the event a badge is lost or stolen, the badge holder must accomplish the
Loss/Theft of identification Worksheet and provide it to his/her supervisor. The supervisor of
the contractor will investigate the loss and report in writing the circumstances in which the badge
was lost to the 436th Contracting Squadron and 436th Security Forces Squadron and submit a
new request for badge renewal per paragraph before a new badge can be reissued.

8.4 Base Contracting Office or base point of contact will immediately notify Security Forces,
Pass and Registration when a contractor's employment has been terminated. The Agency Chief
or Site Supervisors are responsible for notifying and returning the contractor's badge to Pass and
Registration when this occurs. At no time will a contractor contact Security Forces directly
regarding badge denial; they need to contact the Contracting Squadron.


9.1 The contractor shall obtain personal contractor identification badge for all employees and
vehicle passes for all contractor and personal vehicles requiring entry onto Dover AFB from Pass
and Registration, for the duration of the contract. Employees are only permitted to enter the
installation during the date and time periods indicted on their contractor badge.

9.2 Vehicle registration, proof of insurance and a valid driver's license must be presented for all
vehicles while operating on the installation. All vehicles entering the installation or sensitive
areas are subject to search. Any refusal or non-consent by an employee will result in termination
of their base access and immediate confiscation of this access badge.

9.3 During Force Protection Condition (FPCON) Normal and Alpha, personnel without base
issued badges must be sponsored onto the installation.

9.4 During FPCON Bravo, Charlie and Delta, personnel without base issued identification shall
be physically escorted onto the installation.

9.5 During Higher FPCONs (Charlie and Delta) the base will curtail non-essential
operations/functions; access by Non-Essential Contractors will be suspended as the direction of
the Installation Commander.