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March 14, 2022, 1:57 p.m.
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Federal Aviation Administration


Aircraft Video Downlink (AVDL) Equipment

Acquisition, Repair and Engineering Support

PREPARATION DATE: December 15, 2020


1.0 Background

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has comprehensive multi-year plans to secure America’s

borders and reduce illegal immigration. The Federal Aviation Administration Logistics Center (FAALC)

has been designated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) as the Servicing Agency and independent

government entity with Primary Inventory Control Activity (PICA) responsibility (with depot-level

authority) throughout the life-cycle of the CBP's border security programs. The FAALC will provide

engineering, technical and logistical services to support CBP in the areas of Integrated Logistics

Support, management consulting, primary inventory control point, provisioning and repair of CBP

FAALC will develop, award and administer a contractual agreement on behalf of CBP to establish a

maintenance and sustainability capability that supports this effort.

The FAALC requires repair and acquisition services as applicable for Aircraft Video Downlink

(AVDL) equipment referenced in Section 3 of this Statement of Work (SOW) including but not limited

to, procurement of materials, repair and replacement coordination with the equipment Original

Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), specialized logistics and technical support, maintenance support, and

decommissioning and/or disposal. In addition, the contractor must provide Engineering Services

consisting of Factory Service Engineering, Field Service Support as well as new site stand up support as


2.0 Purpose


3.0 Scope of Work

The expected period of performance (PoP) will be one (1) base year with four (4) option years. Location

of work will vary including the Contractor’s facility and the FAALC, but also at AVDL sites within the

Continental US, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

3.1.1 See Appendix A for list of Line Replaceable Units (LRU)

During the performance of this contract, the FAALC may have a requirement to procure Line

Replaceable Units (LRU), extended warranties and/or other related support and installation

3.2 Purchase


3.3 Repair Services

The Contractor must provide repair services for the LRUs and their subcomponents as specified

in Appendix A. Repair services include testing, repairing, trend analysis and reporting all work


3.3.1 Return Material Authorization (RMA)

The Contractor must assist the Government with Return Material Authorization (RMA)

support to facilitate timely repairs, and quick returns to service.

3.3.2 Repairs of the assets identified in Appendix A will be accomplished to ensure assets meet current

specifications. Upon completion of the evaluation by the Contractor and approval by the

Contracting Officer (CO) or other authorized user delegated by the Contracting Officer, the

assets will be repaired to ensure assets meet current specifications. The serviceable component

will be returned within the timelines specified in this paragraph. Upon occasion, the Government

may request shipment to a different location. This information will be relayed via the CO or

Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR). Repair Support

The contractor must perform an incoming evaluation and provide results in accordance with

section 6.2 of this SOW. Once approved, the contractor must complete repairs, any service

bulletins required, and final operational testing. Repair Levels

• Evaluation: The contractor will evaluate each asset within five (5) business

days and determine the appropriate level of repair required to return the asset

to a fully-operational status.

• Tier 1 – Minor Repair: Minor level component swap/repair; e.g., easily

accessible, simple single component swap, general equipment maintenance.

Minor repairs must be completed within fifteen (15) business days after

receipt of the product (includes the evaluation period).

• Tier 2 – Medium Repair: Medium level component swap/repair; e.g., more

complex with increased difficulty to access component swaps or wiring. Medium

level repairs must be completed within thirty (30) business days after receipt

of the product (includes the evaluation period).

• Tier 3 – Major Repair: Major component swap/repair; e.g., multiple component

swaps, wiring, or replacements due to extensive damage. Major level repairs

must be completed within forty-five (45) business days after receipt of the

product (includes the evaluation period).

• Tier 4 – Warrantied Repair: Repairs which are under warranty Beyond Economical Repair (BER):

Cost to repair the item exceeds 75% of the Acquisition/Replacement Price. The

Contractor must notify the FAA Contracting Officer of the BER finding and must

send the Evaluation Report to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR)

within fifteen (15) calendar days of the receipt of the asset and the approved

Delivery/Task Order. No Fault Found (NFF):

The asset is free of defect. The Contractor will notify the FAA Contracting

Officer of the NFF finding within fifteen (15) calendar days of the receipt of the

asset and the approved Delivery/Task Order. The Contractor must return the

asset within ten (10) calendar days of NFF finding. Repair Turn-Around Time

Repair turn-around time must not exceed 45 calendar days. Repair time will start

when repairable asset is delivered to Contractor’s repair facility. Temporary use Assets

The Contractor must provide rental units for temporary use if spares are not

available while the governments units are in for repair

3.3.3 Shipping and Receiving

The Contractor must be responsible for recording and documenting equipment received from and

shipped to the government. The contractor must have sufficient warehousing space and support to

facilitate the rotation of AVDL equipment to and from the field.

3.4 Engineering

The Contractor must provide Engineering Services including new equipment support, factory

engineering services, and field engineering services

3.4.1 New Equipment Support:

The Contractor must support requests from the Government to design, test and produce

new equipment when directed by the Contracting Officer.

3.3.2 Factory Service Engineering

The Contractor must support requests to assist troubleshooting problems over the phone

at sites or at the test bed maintained by the FAA Logistics Center (FAALC). Assistance

must include isolation of system faults to repairable units or components in units. As well

as diagnose, repair and test failed units returned for evaluation/ repair. All dispositions

must be documented and included in the Monthly Report as described in section 6.1 of

this SOW.

3.3.3 Field Service Engineering

The Contractor must supply personnel to include tower climbing, on site to facilitate the

troubleshooting and fault isolation or the end to end system and LRU problems with field

technicians They must isolate system and LRU faults to repairable units, install configure and

test replacement LRUs. Field service personnel must also perform authorized system field

repairs to non-LRUs such as cables, etc. All work performed must be documented in the

Monthly Report due to the Government as described in section 6.1 of this SOW.

3.3.4 Engineering Support for New Sites

The Contractor must support government requests for new site selection, preparation and

stand up. These activities must include, but are not limited to, leading site surveys and or studies

for new ground station locations. Develop new system designs, RF coverage maps and

comprehensive Bills of Material (BOMs), as well as leading installation and test activities.

3.5 Training

The FAA Academy has the responsibility for providing technical and operational training to US

Customs and Border Protection personnel. The Contractor must provide technical content for

AVDL systems intended for inclusion in FAA developed training. Content must include, but not

limited to, operational procedures, system descriptions, theory of operation, and maintenance

practices, wiring diagrams and system schematics.

3.6 Program Management Reviews

, Contractor participation may be required during Program Management Reviews (PMRs)

conducted by the Program Office. The Contractor may be required to participate in data calls in

order to brief repair status of assets repaired and/or replaced. PMR dates will be coordinated

with the Contracting Officer (CO) or COR. Data requested for the PMRs must be submitted

within ten (10) business days after the CO or COR request.

4.0 Shipment

The FAALC will be responsible for coordinating and paying for shipments of reparable LRUs to the

Contractor’s repair facility. The Contractor will be responsible for coordinating and paying for shipping

assets back to the field, unless otherwise directed and approved by the CO/COR. Upon occasion, the

Government may request priority processing and shipping faster than the standard seven (7) to ten (10)

calendar day shipping interval (for shipment from the Contractor’s facility to the Government). The

Contractor will provide this as an over and above effort outlined in the Statement of Work. Priority

shipping must be approved in advance by the CO/COR.

5.0 Travel

The Contractor may be required to travel to support this contract. Travel must be authorized by the CO.

Government reimbursement for claimed travel costs, including per diem, will be made in accordance

with (IAW) the Federal Travel Regulations (FTR), as amended, issued by the General Services

Administration and relevant contract travel clau