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PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS) Liburdi Dimetrics Corp. Mechanized Welding Units Preventive Maintenance and Repair for Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility (PHNSY & IMF) 1.0 BACKGROUND 1.1 The primary mission of PHNSY & IMF is to deliver regional maintenance, at the depot and intermediate levels, to keep the surface ships and submarines of our nation's navy "Fit to Fight." As Hawaii’s regional maintenance center, capabilities include excellence in overhauling, repairing, converting, alteration, refurbishing, and decommissioning of Navy vessels. 2.0 OBJECTIVE & SCOPE 2.1 PHNSY & IMF seeks a contractor to provide repairs for two (2) Liburdi Dimetrics Corporation Mechanized Welding units, model M600 Weld Heads, serial #LAM5085-5 and serial #LAM5085-7. Upon completion of the repair services, both units will be in full operational condition in accordance with the OEM guidelines and upgraded to be the same or equivalent to the latest version available. 3.0 PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS 3.1 The contractor shall provide preventive maintenance and repair services to two (2) M600 Weld Head units, serial #LAM5085-5 and serial #LAM5085-7 in accordance with current OEM guidelines. In addition, the contractor shall provide a service report for each unit serviced. The contractor shall be responsible for insuring all services under this contract are in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined herein and conform to the specifications within this Performance Work Statement (PWS). 3.2 Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services The contractor shall provide the following preventive maintenance and repair services:  Reviewing each unit and the documentation of problem(s) experienced by the government.  Inspect the operating function of each unit to determine the current condition.  Disassemble and clean the unit’s exterior and interior housing.  Removing, inspecting, cleaning and repairing the following as needed. o Motor and associated components (Motor Bracket, Motor Spacer) o Helical Gear o Gear Mount o Shaft Bearing Mount o Ball Bearing o Key o Inductor o Dovetail Plate o XY Stage o Nozzle and associated components (Bracket, Tube, Holder, Tip 0.035” )  Clean and checking functions of all accessories sent with each unit as applicable. Repair and replace as needed.  Upgraded each unit to be the same or equivalent to the latest version available. 3.3 Parts All parts that are replaced during preventive maintenance and repair services shall be new and not refurbished or reconditioned materials. All parts shall be OEM parts or specified in the service report when non-OEM parts are being used. All parts shall meet manufacturer specifications. 3.4 Service Reports The contractor shall provide the government a service report no later than 1 week (seven days) after completion of service. The report shall detail the nature of the work performed, problems identified during preventive maintenance and repair actions, and parts or materials replaced. Service report shall include part numbers and prices, OEM or non-OEM origin, name of technician, date of performed service and unit identification. 3.5 Warranties The contractor shall provide the government warranties consistent with industry standards and practices on all parts and workmanship provided in this service contract. 3.6 Shipping To/From a) Two (2) M600 Weld Head units, serial #LAM5085-5 and serial #LAM5085-7 unit(s) will be shipped by PHNSY & IMF to the contractor. Unit(s) will be individually tracked with individual part numbers and RMA numbers. Approximate Parcel Dimensions and Weight per unit: 27” w x 20” h x 20” L / 50-60 lbs. b) The contractor shall return ship the serviced M600 Weld Head units in the same shipping container as was received. The contractor will notify the government TPOC when a shipment is sent out and supply the government TPOC with an estimated time of arrival and a tracking number for the parcel. The contractor shall be responsible for associated costs in returning the serviced equipment to the government. c) Contractor shall contact PHNSY & IMF Contracting Officer’s Representative for an eight character “Document Number”, to be prominently displayed on the package, to allow PHNSY&IMFs material receiving department to process incoming material. Packages without the “Document Number”, may not arrive at the destination point. RETURN SHIPPING: Code 920 Attn Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard & IMF 667 Safeguard Street, Suite 100 JBPHH, Hawaii 96860-5033 3.7 Service Delivery Summary Performance Requirement PWS Paragraph Performance Threshold 1. Provide repairs for two (2) M600 units 2.1. 100% delivery and compliance 2. Perform preventive maintenance and repair services in accordance to OEM guidelines 3.1. 100% delivery and compliance 3. Perform inspecting, cleaning and repairing 3.2. 100% delivery and compliance 4. Provide parts 3.3. 100% delivery and compliance 5. Provide service reports 3.4. 100% delivery and compliance 6. Provide return shipping 3.6 100% delivery and compliance 4.0 QUALITY ASSURANCE 4.1 The contractor shall develop a Quality Control Plan (QCP) and maintain an effective quality control program to ensure services are performed in accordance with this PWS. The contractor shall develop and implement procedures to identify, prevent, and ensure non-recurrence of defective services. The contractor's QCP is the means by which the contractor assures that work complies with the requirement of the contract. 4.2 The contractor shall maintain records of reviews and actions taken per the QCP, and shall make such records available to the government upon request. 5.0 GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY 5.1 Two (2) M600 Weld Head units, which are classified as Government Furnished Property (GFP), will be tracked with individual serial numbers and RMA numbers during transit to and from the contactor. Line Item # Item Name Item Description NSN MFR’s Cage Code Part # Model # 1 M600 Weld Head Liburdi Dimetrics M600 n/a 48C18 LAM5085-5 M600 2 M600 Weld Head Liburdi Dimetrics M600 n/a 48C18 LAM5085-7 M600 6.0 LIABILITY 6.1 The contractor shall replace or repair any damage done to government property as a result of the work performed by the contractor. The contractor shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay due to any cause beyond their reasonable control including but not limited to, acts of government strikes and or lockouts, fire, explosion, theft, riot, civil unrest, war, malicious mischief or acts of God. 7.0 CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS 7.1 In accordance with current Department of Defense and Homeland Security requirements, performance of all work under this contract is restricted to U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals only. The contractor shall provide proof of this requirement upon request by the government. The contractor shall be an authorized, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) trained, certified technician, and not a sub-contract technician, to troubleshoot, repair and perform preventive maintenance services on Liburdi Diametrics Corporation mechanized welding units. 7.2 The contractor shall establish clear organizational lines of authority and responsibility to ensure effective management. The contractor must maintain continuity between the TPOC and the COR. The contractor shall provide a project manager who shall be responsible for the performance and quality of meeting the requirements of this PWS. The project manager or alternate shall have full authority to act on behalf of the contractor on all contract matters relating to operations of this contract. 7.3 The contractor shall have a single point of contact between themselves and the government TPOCs to support and meet the requirements of the PWS. 8.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE 8.1 All work to be completed within 30 days after receiving of the units. 9.0 PERFORMANCE ASSESMENT 9.1 The contractor shall be aware that the absence of any contract requirement from the PWS does not detract from its enforceability nor limit the rights or remedies of the government under any other provision of the contract. The contractor shall ensure the PWS requirements are accomplished. 10.0 ATTACHMENTS 10.1 Attachment A – Government Furnished Property (GFP).