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April 6, 2022, 11:49 a.m.
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CZQZ 14-0068


Air Force Special Operations Command

27th Special Operations Wing

Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico

27th Special Operations Civil Engineer Squadron

15 October 2021


Table of Contents

Division 01 – General Requirements

Part 1 – General

Part 2 – Technical Description of Project

Part 3 – Submittals/Deliverables

Part 4 – Close-Out

Part 5 – References

Appendix A – Drawings and Photos

Appendix B – Specifications

Appendix C – Forms

Appendix D – Guides and Standards



1.0 Description of Proposed Work: The scope of work includes a renovation of the Chapel
kitchen to increase the overall area. Work includes but is not limited to asbestos abatement
as well as demolition and disposal of the following: existing ceilings, tile, cabinetry,
countertop shutters, HVAC equipment, and a select non-load bearing wall. Walls shall be
patched appropriately and painted, new cabinetry and countertops shall be installed, new
ceiling grid and tile shall be installed throughout, and minor electrical work shall be
performed to relocate an electrical panel and provide additional outlets.

1.1 Period of Performance: The Period of Performance (POP) duration is not to exceed 60

days after Notice to Proceed (NTP) is issued per paragraph 1.4.4.

1.2 General Requirements: The Contractor shall perform all the tasks necessary to deliver the

requirement in compliance with this Statement of Work (SOW), Specifications, and
Drawings attached to the contract. The Contractor shall supply all labor, materials,
transportation, equipment, and supervision to provide a complete, finished, functional
product meeting the specifications provided. Refer to UFGS Section 01 14 00 Work
Restrictions for this project.

1.3 Administrative Requirements: The Contractor shall identify a lead Program Manager who

shall perform all program management functions and tasks necessary to satisfy the
requirements consistent with operational quality, safety, security, and environmental
standards as required in the Specifications listed: UFGS 01 30 00 Administrative
Requirements, UFGS 01 35 26 Government Safety Requirements, and UFGS 01 45 00.00 10
20 Quality Control for Minor Construction. The program management function of this
contract shall provide insight to the Government for all technical and programmatic
activities performed under this contract.

1.3.1 On-Site Supervision: The Contractor shall provide the manpower, equipment, materials,

services, and transportation necessary to ensure oversight services throughout
accomplishment of this contract. It is the responsibility of the Contractor to establish and
maintain open communications with the CO and COR associated with accomplishment of
this contract and as required in the specifications listed above in Administrative

1.3.2 Staffing and Resources: The Contractor shall provide the manpower, equipment,

materials, services, and transportation necessary to execute the project requirements in
accordance with contract documents and within the period of performance.

Qualified Personnel: The Contractor shall ensure that only qualified, competent
personnel carry out the tasks outlined in UFGS 01 35 26, Governmental Safety

Requirements. Competent is defined as registered professional or, where registration
is not applicable, trained and/or certified in their respective field. If a key personnel
position is vacated, the contractor shall refill the position within 48 hours. Key
personnel are as follows: Project Manager, Site Superintendent, Site Safety and
Health Officer, and the Quality Control Manager. The employee filling each of these
positions shall meet the minimum experience requirements of UFGS 01 30 00,
Administrative Requirements, UFGS 01 35 26 Governmental Safety Requirements, and UFGS 01 45 00.00 10 20 Quality Control for Minor Construction. The
contractor shall submit the qualifications of the employee(s) who will be assigned to
each role.

1.4 Execution:
1.4.1 Designs: The Government will provide the Contractor access to the Conceptual Design

Drawings and any available existing engineering plans, as-built drawings, diagrams,
aerial photographs, digitized map files, etc. to facilitate evaluation of the site/building, as
needed. Use of any such available existing engineering plans, as-built drawings,
diagrams and other data provided by the USAF does not relieve the Contractor of his/her
responsibility for field measurement verification, utility locates, and validation of existing
conditions in the effort of developing their own necessary design/construction drawings
for this project.

1.4.2 Contractor Operation Hours: The Contractor shall establish a work schedule, which

requires work to be performed from 7:00AM to 4:00PM, Monday through Friday. The
Contractor shall provide to the CO or COR in writing any request to work additional
hours or weekends (overtime), a minimum of 7 days prior to the requested time interval.
The contractor shall receive written approval from the CO prior to any overtime being
worked. Refer to paragraphs 1.5.5 and 1.5.6 for additional information.

1.4.3 Award, Pre-Construction Conference and Notice to Proceed (NTP): The Contractor shall

schedule a pre-construction conference within two (2) weeks after contract award. The
pre-construction conference will be held in the 27 SOCONS conference room or via
teleconference, for coordination with appropriate base organizations and the requiring
agency. The meeting shall be led by the CO and COR and will discuss all aspects of the
required work. At a minimum, there should be a review of all material submittals,
drawings, statement of work, schedule, safety and accident protection, coordination’s
required (i.e. power outages, work permits), HAZMAT and waste storage/disposal,
administrative issues, traffic control, as-built criteria, performance requirements, security
procedures, and any questions the contractor may have. The pre-construction conference
shall be held prior to issuing NTP on any project by the CO.

1.4.4 Pre-Construction Site Survey: Prior to the start of any on-site construction activities, the

Contractor shall: conduct a project site condition survey with the 27 SOCES
Construction Manager (CM) and COR. The Contractor shall note the condition of trees,

shrubs, grassed areas, concrete, asphalt, and any structural damage that may exist
immediately within or adjacent to the work site. Existing infrastructure that is not part of
the project shall be maintained in working order. If damage occurs, it is the
responsibility of the Contractor to restore the infrastructure to equal or better condition
than it was prior to the damage. If the Contractor fails to note conditions, the government
shall direct the Contractor’s repairs and may require a full removal and replacement of
the damaged infrastructure by qualified personnel.

Verification of Existing Conditions: Use of existing condition data provided by the
USAF conveys acceptance and as such does not relieve the Contractor of liability
associated with performance as the Engineer of Record. The Contractor shall be
solely responsible for verification and validation of existing conditions, coordination
of existing conditions in parallel with proposed requirements, and above and below-
grade condition assessments. The Contractor shall visit the premises and take into
consideration all conditions which might affect the work. The Contractor shall field
verify all dimensions or examine covered connections before ordering materials or
performing any work. Unless there are unforeseen site conditions which the
contractor could not have been aware of prior to the commencement of the project, no
consideration will be given to any claims based on lack of knowledge of existing

1.4.5 Construction: Upon the approval of CO, completion of the pre-construction survey per
paragraph 1.4.5, and written NTP, the Contractor may commence the material approval
submittal process. Upon signature and approval of AF Form 103, Work Clearance
Request per paragraph 1.5.1, on-site construction activities may commence.

1.4.6 Safety: The Contractor shall comply with UFGS 01 35 26, Governmental Safety

Requirements, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, the
current U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, “Safety and Health Requirements Manual”, EM

Temporary Fence: Job site fencing/barriers are required. The Contractor shall
provide temporary fencing around the site perimeter and site signage as determined
by COR and the CO, in accordance with specification UFGS 01 50 00 Temporary
Construction Facilities and Controls.

Construction materials and equipment shall not block facility egress points and
emergency vehicle access in accordance with specification UFGS 01 50 00
Temporary Construction Facilities and Controls.

1.4.7 Use of Utilities: The Contractor shall provide sanitary facilities, telephone service for
their own use. Water will be supplied without charge via base fill station. The
Contractor shall be responsible for providing all materials and operations necessary to

make connections and/or hookups to these hydrants. Hydrant connections shall include
backflow preventers provided by the Contractor. Prior to use, the backflow preventer
must be routed through the COR to be approved by the Water and Fuel Systems
Maintenance (WFSM) shop.

1.5 Work Planning/Coordination
1.5.1 Work Permit/Utility Coordination: The Contractor shall submit the standard AF Form
103 Work