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July 16, 2021, 4:15 p.m.
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DESIGN/BUILD RFP STATEMENT OF WORK FOR Canopy Replacement B2200 FTQW 21-1010 EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE, ALASKA 21 JUNE 2021 STATEMENT OF WORK FTQW 21-1010: B2200 CANOPY REPAIR 21 JUNE 2021 PAGE 2 of 13 1.0 DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The purpose of this project is to design and construct replacement canopies adjacent to Building 2200 on Eielson Air Force Base. The foundation of the existing canopies have signs of structural deterioration. One of the side exit canopy has failed, the other three side exit canopies were removed to prevent an uncontrolled collapse. This Statement of Work (SOW) describes the Government’s requirement for the removal of foundations for previously demolished canopies, the removal of an existing front entry canopy, removal of a BBQ canopy, and the replacement of all exterior canopies. The Contractor shall provide a design and construction in accordance with the CLIN structure of this SOW. Once the design has been completed and accepted by the Government, the Contractor shall completely prepare the site for replacing the canopy structures including demolition and removal of the existing structures and furnish labor and materials to perform the work to repair the canopies adjacent to B2200. 1.1 BACKGROUND: An exterior weather canopy located at the north east corner of B2200 sustained a structural failure of the log columns supporting the canopy structure, and other one located at the south each corner of the building was heavily damaged. The purpose of these exterior canopies was to protect the building occupants from failing snow from an upper roof of the building. The intended purpose of this project is to replace the failed structures, and remove & replace other canopy structures with similar design details to the ones that failed. 2.0 GENERAL INFORMATION: The Contractor shall take all precautions to insure that his operations are conducted in a manner as to minimally interfere with the normal operations of the base and the safety and convenience of the base personnel. The contractor shall coordinate utility outages with the Civil Engineering Squadron (CE) service call and the user. If any power/equipment outages are required, they must be scheduled through the CE project manager 30 days in advance. The Contractor is responsible for verifying all dimension, quantities and square footages. All dimensions, quantities and square footages included are approximations. Construction and demolition shall be in strict accordance with Eielson AFB Design and Construction Standards. The information provided in this SOW and the provided specifications shall be determined to be the minimum standards required in this project. During construction, the contractor shall take care not to damage existing structures, etc. that will not be replaced as part of this contract. Contractor shall be responsible for the temporary support of all devices as required to perform work. Any demolition work that needs to be accomplished to complete the contract is the responsibility of the contractor. All material shall be installed per manufacturers’ recommendations. All items listed in the SOW are to be supplied and installed by the contractor unless otherwise noted. STATEMENT OF WORK FTQW 21-1010: B2200 CANOPY REPAIR 21 JUNE 2021 PAGE 3 of 13 2.1 CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION: The Eielson AFB Contracting Officer (CO) and Contracting Specialist are responsible for the administration of the contract. No change shall be made in the provisions of this contract without written authorization from the CO. The Base Civil Engineer (BCE) monitors the work and services furnished, and evaluates the performance of the A-E as the Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR). The COTR is not a CO and has no authority to contractually bind the Government or modify the contract. 2.2 GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTATION: The Contractor should expect to spend some time in Eielson's Civil Engineering drawing storage vault locating drawings that might be need. The Contractor should not expect Government personnel to perform a drawing search for them. "As-builts", shop drawings, and operation and maintenance manuals that the Government may have are not guaranteed to be either accurate or complete. It shall be the Contractor’s responsibility to verify any information or data that is given to them by the Government. 2.3 DAILY REPORTS: The contractor shall provide the government with an electronic copy of each dump receipt along with the daily report by 0800 the following workday. All daily reports will be submitted in RAKEN format and shall include pictures of work performed for each day; all work performed, material delivered, and trades personnel on site each day. 3.0 GENERAL PROJECT WORK REQUIREMENTS: The Contactor shall design and construct replacement canopies for the entry points and BBQ pavilion for B2200 in accordance with the contracted CLIN structure of this SOW. The contractor shall provide all management, tools, supplies, equipment, labor, and applicable licenses and permits necessary to complete the requirements within. All work shall be done in strict accordance with this Statement of Work and subject to the terms and conditions of the contract and in accordance with all applicable standards including but not limited to ones referenced with this Statement of Work. Prior to any demolition, the Contractor shall perform a destructive asbestos and lead survey in accordance with Eielson AFB Environmental Protection, HAZMAT, and permitting requirements. The Contractor shall prepare an electronic report and submit it to the Government. The electronic version shall be in Adobe pdf format. The report shall be submitted to the Government for their information prior to requesting abatement permit. The survey shall be used as estimated quantities for abatement. The Government does not anticipate asbestos or lead containing materials. STATEMENT OF WORK FTQW 21-1010: B2200 CANOPY REPAIR 21 JUNE 2021 PAGE 4 of 13 A pre-construction meeting will be held with Contractor and Government representatives. The Government representatives shall set up this meeting to be help on Eielson AFB, with the Contractor and Government representatives, to discuss all construction requirements and any other construction issues the Contractor may have to discuss. All material that could be discontinued shall be on site prior to the starting of the project. 3.1 CLIN 0001, DEMOLITION OF FRONT ENTRY CANOPY, SIDE ENTRY FOUNDATIONS, & DESIGN: 3.1.1 DESIGN REQUIREMENTS: The design work required for this proposed project includes the design services necessary to develop the construction documents to accomplish the work described with this SOW. The Contractor shall provide the Government with the design necessary to complete the demolition and replacement of the canopy structures at B2200 and following the CLIN structure of this SOW. The Contractor shall meet the following requirements as a minimum: • The Contractor shall provide a design and produce plans for the work to be performed on the replacement of the exterior canopies. The plans shall show the existing conditions and site layout, the limits of demolition, and the proposed changes the sidewalk configuration and canopy details. The dimensions/ site layout of the replacement canopies shall be the same or larger than the existing canopies as shown on the as-built drawings. • The Contractor shall provide design calculations and details that include canopy designs and foundations designs. A geotechnical analysis will not be required for this project, the design soil pressure from the existing plans shall be used for the design of the canopy. The canopy structures shall be designed in accordance with design loads from UFC 3-301-01, and impact loading from any possible impact load from higher roofs. The Contractor shall ensure column locations do not restrict egress from the building, and any modification to site shall be shown on the plans. • The Contractor shall provide any additional specification required to complete the construction phase of the Contract, and if required the additional specifications shall be submitted with the design calculations and plans to be reviewed and accepted by the Government. • The architectural appearance of the proposed canopy should match the surrounding features. It is anticipated that the Contractor will use a pre-engineered metal canopy for the structure utilizing a standing metal seam roof system, 4/12 pitch standard, square tube steel truss system and supports, and concrete foundations. The structure shall be painted in accordance with Eielson Base Architectural compatibility plan. However the Contactor may propose other structures types that are designed to meet or exceed the design load conditions. All materials, structures types, and colors shall be approved by the Government. • A project specific dispensation for not sampling soil associated with B2200 canopy and sidewalk replacement. The Contractor shall design the proposed canopy foundations and site work in accordance with the following: STATEMENT OF WORK FTQW 21-1010: B2200 CANOPY REPAIR 21 JUNE 2021 PAGE 5 of 13 o Minimal soil excavation will be conducted, and that soil will not be excavated deeper than 5 feet below grade, which should be above the seasonal high water table. o The Contractor shall replace soils back in to the excavations. o Any surplus soil will be placed in an on base area used for other PFAS-Impacted soils that are below ADEC soil CULS. • The G… Show All