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Snell Lock Concrete Diffusers Replacement

1. General Overview and Scope

1.1. Scope of Work Overview

This scope of work shall provide all design and construction services required to complete the
replacement of diffuser structures (diffusers) at Snell Lock located in Massena, New York. The
Great Lakes St. Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (GLS) intends to replace six (6)
concrete diffusers (water manifolds) below the downstream sill at Snell Lock over two winter
seasons. The GLS is soliciting the project requirements in a two-phase design-build solicitation.

The diffusers are geometrically complex reinforced concrete hydraulic structures which are a
critical part of the lock structure as they are required to dissipate large forces from the release of
lock chamber water and reduce downstream turbulence which is needed for vessel navigation
safety. These structures are original to the construction of the lock and after over sixty years of
operation are near the end of their service life. Replacement of these structures will require a
complex design. The design must entail specifics on how to demolish the existing diffusers
while protecting the integrity of the adjacent lock structures and install the replacement diffuser

Access to the work areas is restrictive in that the diffusers are about 50-feet below the adjacent
lock wall surfaces thus temporary access means will be required. The diffusers are normally
submerged in about 45-feet of water, and the work can only be done when the lock is out of
service and mostly dewatered which is during the annual winter shutdown period from early
January through early March. The work area cannot be completely dewatered by the GLS and
therefore the Contractor will need to address additional dewatering in areas where further
dewater is required, and to mitigate continuous leakage past GLS’s temporary water damming
structures (stop logs), all while in subfreezing temperatures during the completion of this scope
of work. The stop logs will be installed by the GLS.

The base requirement would be to complete three (3) diffusers in the first year’s winter
shutdown period and the other three (3) diffusers in the second year’s winter shutdown period.

Generally, the Contractor’s responsibilities shall include, but will not be limited to, the

a. Complete the design and construction of the Project in accordance with the

b. To furnish and provide all labor, materials and equipment, as necessary to complete the



1.2. General Overview of the Procurement Process

This is a two-phase design-build construction procurement. In Phase One, interested offerors
shall submit proposals, demonstrating their capability to successfully execute the design-build
construction contract resulting from this solicitation. The GLS will evaluate the Phase One
submittals in accordance with the criteria described herein and select the most highly qualified
offerors – no more than five – to compete for the design-build contract in Phase Two. In Phase
Two, the selected most highly qualified offerors from Phase One shall submit technical and cost
proposals in accordance with the criteria described herein. A more detailed description of the
scope of work and requirements will be provided the selected most highly qualified offerors
from Phase One in order for them to provide the required Phase Two technical and cost

2. Submittal Requirements for Phase One

Submittals will be evaluated in Phase One to determine up to five of the most highly qualified
offerors. Each proposal will undergo an evaluation utilizing the factors defined below. Phase
One does NOT involve a pricing submission or evaluation of price.

a. Factor 1 – Technical Approach
b. Factor 2 – Technical Qualifications
c. Factor 3 – Past Performance

2.1. Factor 1 – Technical Approach

The Technical Approach shall describe the offeror’s approach to the design and construction
of the Project. As a minimum, it shall include the following:

Collaborative Approach for Design-Build

a. Describe interactions within the offeror’s team and with GLS during the design.

Specifically describe a plan to meet submittal requirements, changes, and quality

b. Describe the construction team management and quality control plan for the

c. Describe the role and interaction of the design team with the construction team


during construction.

Planning and Scheduling

a. Describe the offeror’s time control capabilities and systems to be used to develop and

manage the schedule for the design and construction of the project.

b. Provide information on how you will handle schedule progress reviews, updates,

changes, and documentation.

Quality Control

a. Describe the offeror’s quality control capabilities and systems to be used to
maintain quality control for the design and construction of the project.

b. Provide information on how you will handle internal and external requests for
information, shop drawings, submittal reviews, progress meetings, site visits,
contract completion, closeout, as-builts, and completion documentation.

Conceptual Design

Offerors shall submit a conceptual design to include general materials and construction
methods. The offeror shall explain the benefits of the conceptual design. The conceptual
design shall not be a detailed design. The attached reference drawings (327-C-20/1, 327-C-
20/25 and 327-C-20/26) show the general layout and elevations of the diffusers. These
should be used as reference to gain familiarity of the structures when developing the
conceptual design.

2.2. Factor 2 – Technical Qualifications

The Technical Qualifications shall include an organizational chart including a description of the
firm(s) involved, their relative roles and responsibilities, and any contractual arrangements (i.e.
joint ventures) that will be established to constitute the offeror’s design-build team. As a
minimum, it shall also include the following:

Key Project Personnel Capabilities and Experience

Key project personnel capabilities and experience information shall be submitted for the key
personnel identified below (minimum qualifications listed):

a. Project Manager – two (2) years of substantial documented experience in design-

b. Construction Manager – two (2) years of substantial documented experience in

c. Engineer of Record (EOR) – licensed professional engineer in the State of New

build services.

design-build services.


For other key project personnel, provide a consolidated list with name, position, title,
description of project responsibility, and any applicable professional qualifications.

2.3. Past Performance

The offeror shall have completed at least two (2) projects of similar scope and complexity
within the past ten (10) years. References shall be provided. Each reference shall include
the name and address of the client, a brief but detailed description of the work performed
and a contact person with valid contact information (phone number and email).

3. Submittal Requirements for Phase Two

After the GLS has evaluated the Phase One submittals and GLS selects up to five of the most
highly qualified offerors, those offerors will be invited to compete for the design-build
contract by completing the Phase Two submittals. A more detailed description of the design-
build scope of work and requirements will be provided to the selected offerors in order for
them to provide the required Phase Two technical and cost submittals. Offerors providing
Phase One submittals shall not provide Phase Two submittals with their Phase One submittals.

The following description of the Phase Two submittal requirements is for “informational
purposes only” during Phase One of this solicitation.

3.1. Technical Proposal Requirements

Technical Proposals shall include sufficient information so that a proper evaluation can
be made with respect to the requirements outlined in the scope of work. As a minimum,
Technical Proposals shall include the following:

a. Discussion of the understanding of the scope of work.
b. Detailed discussion of project approach and steps to be taken to accomplish the

c. Detailed Work Plan including scheduled sequencing of key activities and project



3.2. Cost Proposal Requirements

Cost Proposals shall be detailed and include all costs to complete the scope of work. All travel
and meals shall be reimbursed per the requirements of the Government Travel Regulations. The
GLS intends to evaluate offers and award a contract without discussions with offerors. Therefore,
the offeror’s initial offer should contain the offeror’s best terms from a cost and technical
perspective. However, the GLS reserves the right to conduct discussions with offerors if deemed
necessary by the Contracting Officer.

3.3. Evaluation of Proposals

The GLS will make the Phase Two award to the responsible offeror whose offer conforms to the
requirements and on the evaluation factors listed below:

a. Technical Proposal
b. Cost Proposal
c. Past Performance

4. Overall Projected Project Schedule

The overall project schedule is as follows

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